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So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk

1 rating: 3.0
A movie

The reality show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE gave some up-and-coming dancers the opportunity to show their stuff to a television audience. Now, in this fitness program, the program's most popular dancers use their dance moves to help viewers cardio-blast … see full wiki

MPAA Rating: G
1 review about So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio...

So you think you can dance? Cardio Funk will challenge even seasoned dancers!

  • Aug 9, 2009
Pros: I "know" all the instructors, challenging, fun, lots of options, real dances, long workouts

Cons: Music is generic, lots of repetition until you get to the full dances

The Bottom Line: I love the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and this DVD lives up to it as far as energy, instruction, and FUN! Very challenging routines.

If the letters SYTYCD mean anything to you, you will like this workout DVD. Led by three "So You Think You Can Dance" popular contestants, along with three others who are on hand for the warm up, cool down, and final dances, this workout is HARD but feels so familiar to those of us who watch the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and "know" the instructors from when they were actively competing for America's favorite dancer.

So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk

The set is similar to a TV studio with cameras around and a big "So You Think You Can Dance" graphic lit up on the back wall.

The workouts feature Lauren teaching a hip hop routine, Travis teaching a contemporary routine, and Courtney teaching a disco routine. On hand are Dimitri, Twitch, and Katee who help with the warm up and cool down and do the final dances with the three main instructors. Those three are the main instructors on the SYTYCD Tone & Groove DVD which I also have (and like).

You can choose to do the whole DVD or just one routine. You can choose the routines with or without instruction and you can also choose the bonus routine done by the whole group with or without instruction. I strongly suggest that you do the whole DVD with instruction several times before launching into no instruction land.

The Warm Up  

The whole group takes turns warming up various body parts. I knew I was going to be challenged when I found the warm up challenging. These "kids" really know their stuff. They're not celebrities who learned a dance from a trainer, they're trained dancers who have been doing this all their lives and it shows. I didn't think such young people could instruct so well but they are better instructors than many others who are more seasoned at the workout DVD genre.  

Once the warm up is over, you will launch into the first dance routine.

Hip Hop with Lauren

Lauren's sweet and she definitely knows this genre of dance. The moves are shown slowly and practiced, built on and practiced, and keep building until you're ready to put the whole dance together. At that point you try it all and then the other two instructors join in and you do it faster. Finally, all six dancers join in to do a SUPER fast version of the dance a few times over.

I was so lost at first. I thought hip hop would be easy for me since I do a lot of hip hop exercise DVDs but it so wasn't. Lauren is a great instructor but the moves were new to me and, when the dance is put together, it's amazingly fast paced. But I liked it! I liked building onto steps I learned and eventually actually doing a funky routine with the dancers. It got me sweating, that's for sure!

Contemporary with Travis

Travis is such a cutie. His style is so easy and so comforting. He seems like he would never get frustrated if you didn't get the steps right - which I didn't. His routine is a lot of fun and works the arms, chest, waist and legs amazingly well. Again, steps are taught, repeated, and then more are added, repeated, until we're ready to do the dance at a slow pace. Once we get there, the other two instructors come in and do the dance with us and finally, all the dancers come in and crank up the pace again.

For those who think contemporary dance is slow and easy, think again. This routine is killer fast but so much fun. This is my favorite routine of the three, partially because Travis is so encouraging. He knows it's hard to learn new moves and acknowledges it. He also says, "Yah?" a lot. Like, "Now, we'll do it a little faster, yah?"  Cute.

You won't get the steps perfectly the first go round on any of these routines. Just do your best and practice each time you do the workout. It does get easier.  

Disco with Courtney

This routine is really fun and one of the easier ones for me to pick up because I was actually alive during the disco era and know some of the moves. But when it's all put together, it's mega fast paced and will leave anyone sweating. Courtney is a good instructor even with her constant "you guys" comments. She loves to call us "You guys".

She put together a fun and effective routine that targets the whole body. As usual, you build until you're ready to dance and then the two other main instructors join in and do the dance at medium pace and then they all do the dance at a speed that almost kills me. But I can't stop smiling while I'm fumbling around.  

The Cool Down  

Led by all six of the instructors, the cool down is effective at stretching the muscles and lowering the heart rate. I enjoyed it after such intense work I did.  

Each routine with instruction is about 30 minutes, maybe more. I didn't realize this when I launched into the workouts. The whole DVD is over an hour and 40 minutes. Yikes!  

The  Cardio Funk Bonus Workout  

This workout can be done with or without instruction (as all the routines can be) and is all the best moves from the three routines combined in one supercharged dance that's crazy fast. All six of the dancers perform it and it's great fun but keeping up is almost impossible at first.  

The Music  

If you're looking for great music on this DVD, you'll be disappointed. The music is not very good. The disco music is decent but the other music is super generic. I think that was my one let down about this DVD. Still, that doesn't ruin the workouts by any means. You do get to hear the famous opening music and the low pitched "Dance, dance, dance" from the show several times if that helps any.  


There are interviews with Nigel Lythgoe, Lauren, Travis, and Courtney. The dancers talk about the workouts they put together and show us behind the scenes goofing around and practicing for the DVD. They're fun to watch a time or two.  

My Impression

I have been doing dance DVDs for years. I love some, hate some, and most land somewhere in the middle. So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk falls into the love category probably because I relate to the instructors. I watched them on the show and I rooted for them as they grew week to week and left their safety zones to expand to all areas of dance. These aren't some fitness instructors who decided to do a dance DVD. These are real dancers who work every day dancing. They know how to break dances down and they focus on the cardio and toning aspect of the routines as much as on the dancing aspect.  

I usually don't like routines where you do a move a few times, add a move, do that, add a move, etc. I get bored. But I really didn't get bored at all doing any of these routines. When I do, I'll switch to the workouts without instruction and just launch into the slow dance routines and build to the fast paced ones. I like that this DVD gives me options. I can do any routine I want, do them all, skip the instructions, do the bonus dance only if I feel super energetic or just do the whole DVD as I recently did.

Unlike many dance DVDs that toss 10 minute segments at you, So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk gives you full workouts with each routine. And trust me, you won't pick up the moves immediately so you have a lot of room to grow into the workouts. That's another thing I like. I don't want a DVD that is so easy to do that I get bored after a few workouts. I sense I'll be fine tuning my moves for these routines for a long time. These are real dances that I really want to perfect, darn it, and I will...eventually.

For me, this DVD is the perfect combination of dance, cardio, toning, and fun. It's also really challenging and fast paced but not frustrating. All three instructors implore you to take it at your own pace, go back and practice before moving on, and to just have fun. I'm pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of this DVD (as well as the Tone & Groove one). My only disappointment lies in the music choices. I suppose they couldn't get rights to "real" music but I think they could have done better with generic music. But really, I was working so hard, the music was the last thing on my mind at the time.

There are lots of options on this DVD for any level of exerciser and for those who have time constraints. It's one I'll do often along with So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone & Groove. If you like the show "So You Think You Can Dance", you'll probably really enjoy this DVD. If you've never seen the show, you'll still probably really enjoy this DVD! However, be warned that it is challenging and you do build step by step which some don't like.

Other than the music, my only other slight quibble with this DVD is that, after the supercharged dances, they just stop. My heart is flying and just stopping after the dances probably isn't the best idea so I march in time for a little while until the next routine or just launch into the cool down.


For under $11.00, you get almost two hours of dance instruction, exercise, fun, and fat burning cardio spiced up with very cool real dance moves. I like the show and I like the DVD. If the music were better, I would go so far as to give this DVD 5 stars. I will go with 4 and recommend it. It's tough, be warned, but if you just take your time and have fun, you will burn calories. No doubt about that!


Viewing Format: DVD

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So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Cardio Funk
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