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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Fifth Season

1 rating: 3.0
A movie

The third spin-off of the original STAR TREK series, STAR TREK: VOYAGER centers on the Federation starship USS Voyager as its crew bands together with a group of Maquis rebels to return home from the far-flung Delta Quadrant. Starring Kate Mulgrew as … see full wiki

Cast: Garrett Wang
Release Date: 1998-1999
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Fifth...

A solid set that was easily the best of the series.

  • Nov 10, 2004
Pros: Great FX and some good stories.

Cons: Some stories are uneven and contain plot holes.

The Bottom Line: A must for fans and collectors alike.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

The Fifth season of Star Trek Voyager has arrived in a very impressive
set from Paramount DVD.

Starring Kate Mulgrew as Commander Katherine Janeway, a career Starfleet
officer who is forced to overcome all manner of obstacles as she attempts
to get her ship and crew home from an unexplored region of space, 70 years
from their home.

The fifth season is one of the stronger Voyager years and benefited from the continued evolution of Jerri Ryan as 7 of 9, a former Borg who was removed from the Borg Collective.
The show easily slips back into the comfortable pattern that it established during the second season and while the 5th season lacks the tension of the early seasons, it does contain far more character development and imaginative shows than in any other season.
You also see the struggles some characters encounter when they attempt to do what is right even if it defies orders as was illustrated in the episode “The Ocean” and “Equinox” There are plenty of classic action moments and a return of the evil Borg to round out this collection.

The Season Five DVD set is a well crafted. The menu functions are well
designed and easy to navigate and highly detailed. Aside from the plethora
of behind the scenes, interviews and making of segments, the series
features all 26 episodes in sparking color and sound.

o Available subtitles: English
o Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
o 25 episodes on seven discs
o Braving the Unknown: Season 5
o Voyager Time Capsule: B'Elanna Torres
o Voyager Time Capsule: Tom Paris
o The Borg Queen Speaks
o Delta Quadrant Makeup Magic
o Photo gallery
o Number of discs: 7

Voyager enters a region of space where there are no stars. Discover a shortcut
owned by someone unwilling to share it.

When Seven and the Doctor are brought onto Voyager during an emergency beam in, Seven's Borg implants fuse with
the doctor's mobile emitter creating a 29th century 'super Borg'

Extreme Risk
After Tom Paris tests the new "Delta Flyer" it is revealed that Torres has been engaging very risky behavior.

In The Flesh
Voyager discovers a large space station with species 8472 on it. They have created a holographic recreation of
Starfleet Academy and are disguising themselves as humans. Janeway suspects that they may be planning an invasion

Once Upon a Time
after Ensign Wildman goes missing; Neelix helps comfort her daughter using a holographic recreation of Talaxian fairy tales.

15 years after Voyager crash landed on an ice planet killing all but two crewmembers, they steal a Borg technology that may
enable them to send a message back in time to warn about the cause of the crash.

Infinite Regress
Seven starts to take on the personalities of individuals whom she assimilated while she was a Borg drone.

Nothing Human
after Torres is attacked by an alien parasite, she must rely on the mind of one of her enemies to help remove the parasite from her body.

Thirty Days
While confined to the Brig for a month the recently demoted Tom Paris creates a retrospective journal of the
events leading to his punishment

Voyager is stopped after entering spaced owned by a xenophobic alien race.

Latent Image
The doctor suspects that someone may have deleted part his short-term memory.

Bride of Chaotica!
An alien attacks the ship believing a holodeck battle simulation to be real. Janeway then creates a character for herself to fix the problem

When Paris and Tuvok send a distress signal to Voyager after crash landing on a planet, gravity well prevents the
message from reaching its destination.

Voyager discovers a wormhole they believe is leading to Earth, but Seven suspects that it is an elaborate trap and no one believes her.

Dark Frontier Part I
Janeway comes up with a plan to steal a transwarp node from a Borg vessel. During the mission, Seven is lured into staying behind.

Dark Frontier part II
Janeway attempts to rescue Seven from the Borg.

The Disease
After violating Starfleet's interspecies protocol by having sex with a member of the Varro species, Kim becomes infected
with an alien venereal disease.

Course: Oblivion
After several crewmembers start dying they discover that they are all duplicates of Voyager and its crew

The Fight
Chakotay begins receiving telepathic communications from an alien that uses the sport of boxing as a metaphor.

Think Tank
An alien offers to help Voyager's crew solve some problems but afterwards the price is way too steep.

Voyager's crew struggle to stop an alien ship carrying toxic waste from exploding.

Someone to Watch Over Me
The Doctor encourages Seven to start socializing with the crew more and offers to be her tutor.

Janeway reminisces about two of her ancestors who attempted stop a town from being bulldozed to build a biosphere.

Seven is given a covert mission in Voyager's past by captain Braxton to discover who planted a temporal
weapon that would destroy Voyager in the near future.

After Voyager's crew discover a device on a planet and bring it aboard, an attempt to repair it reveals that it is a weapon.
It then arms itself and takes control of the ship.

Equinox part I
Voyager receives a distress call from a nearby ship, which to their shock is the USS Equinox from the Federation.
The ship's captain reveals that they were pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the caretaker just like Voyager was. They then try to stop the aliens, which are now attacking both of their ships.


Viewing Format: DVD
Video Occasion: Good for a Rainy Day
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 9 - 12

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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Fifth Season
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