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Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 4

1 rating: 5.0
A movie

This collection of episodes from the science fiction series STARGATE SG-1 is the fourth of five volumes from the program's first season. A small crew of mismatched adventurers ride in and out of the galaxy attempting to restore justice and peace … see full wiki

Release Date: 1997-1998
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Stargate SG-1 - Season 1: Volume 4

Welcome to Earth everyone...

  • May 3, 2007
Pros: Good stuff.

Cons: Um, I got nothin'.

The Bottom Line: Don't go through the gate with the Iris up. Ouchie (though technically you wouldn't feel a thing).

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

I figured I’d just keep on going with the Stargate SG-1 thing and finish up the rest of the first season though I’ve seen all of it – or at least, that’s what I keep saying until I bump into an episode I’ve missed the first 5-10 minutes of.

For those of you who may be moseying around, checking out random Stargate goodies, you might want to start at the beginning. While many episodes don’t necessarily require you to go in any order, there are some that are better off if you do. For these episodes, it doesn’t really matter at all which ones you watch first and which ones you save for last, but here’s the SG-1 basics:

After we killed Ra from the original Stargate movie, the Goa’uld (snakey aliens that burrow into your spinal area and do the whole body-snatching bit) are keen on taking us out, or at least taking over – especially since we started ticking off the powerful Goa’uld Lord Apothis. Maybe if he’d never stepped through our gate and done some killing and kidnapping, we wouldn’t be in this position. But we are, and now the Stargate Program is in full swing with the lead team of Colonel O’Neill, Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson, and Teal’c (ex-Jaffa First Prime to Apothis) doing a lot of Goa’uld pissing off and getting into a lot of firefights/tense situations/adventures/funny moments/exploration. Sweet.

Episode 14: The Cor-ai Another day, another mission. It seems pretty regular, except Teal’c is recognized as who he used to be – First Prime to Apothis. He used to do some pretty mean things when he was in that line of work, but he does not deny any of it and allows himself to become a prisoner and put on trial. SG-1 must convince the people, and most importantly, the man whose father was killed by Teal’c, that he should not be put to death.

Episode 15: Singularity SG-1 finds a ruined village. Everyone was killed but one single girl named Cassandra. Carter takes Cassandra under her wing, but soon realizes Cassandra was left alive for a reason; she’s a time bomb waiting to go off to destroy earth. Is there any way to save both Cassandra and the planet?

Er, what’s with the road sign? Reminds me of Aliens, actually. Everyone’s dead. Comatose little girl. Woman trying to get through her. Might pull at your heartstrings, might not. One thing that’s always tugged at me though; at the end Sam says she knew. Um, if she did, then why was she crying? Was she not 100% certain? Just curious.

Episode 16: Enigma The Tollan people have returned through the Stargate with SG-1 as their planet isn’t exactly stable anymore. But naturally certain members of our government want Tollan technology and they aren’t too keen on sharing. Will the Tollan forever be stuck in cells or can SG-1 find them a new place to live (and get them there without getting in big trouble)?

For the longest time I’ve been wondering, “What’s with that one snowy planet they go to in the opening credits?” Well, with my tendency to always miss out on the first few minutes of a show, this is the one. Except it’s not snow – it’s ash. Good to know. What I don’t like is the annoying political crap, even though it’s necessary for this episode to have any kind of length. At least the little crush on Sam from one of the Tollan sort of makes up for it. Cute. And I like that guy – I’ve seen him somewhere before...

Episode 17: Tin Man After a surprise zap, SG-1 wakes up in new clothes, smarter, faster, stronger – better. At least, the single alien being Harlan claims he’s made them better. A more accurate description would be he made them androids…

Ouch. What a thing to find out you’re an android. Teal’c wacking out was a little interesting. Some of you may be wondering, will you ever see these androids again? Well, Jack never was good at following orders... By the way, was it by rule of Aliens that all androids have milky-colored blood?

Episode 18: Solitudes A nasty scrap on one planet means the team has to go leaping back through the gate as it gets an extra dose of energy, causing a wormhole hiccup and throwing Jack and Sam into an ice cave instead of Stargate Command. Jack’s in bad shape and Carter can’t get the DHD to work. It’s up to Daniel and Teal’c to keep enough resolve to find them before they freeze to death.

Yayness! I like this episode. Then I always remember the outtake when Amanda Tapping yells at Richard Dean Anderson about making something since he used to be MacGuyver. Haha. I don’t get why Sam didn’t try a different address though. Like when a channel on your TV goes out – you don’t just turn the TV on and off do you? Heck no, you check to see if the other channels are out too. Yeah, yeah, I know, then it wouldn’t be dramatic and there wouldn’t be an episode. Leave me alone, I like to think too much. Hehe.

As usual, we have plenty of good music, sets, makeup, and costuming to go around. You’ll grow to love the characters the most. Spot on casting, something I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before already. It’s a really enjoyable show and I’ll watch episodes again even when I know I’ve seen them just because they entertain me. I’d hate to get bored with the show, but I haven’t yet. There’s always something new; a new planet to visit, new people to meet, new challenges to deal with, new character focuses, plenty of good things. A little something for everyone. The guys can dig on Carter and Fraiser, and my mom has dibs on Daniel (and Mitchell from future seasons – but that’s okay because I get Ronon and Dr. Beckett from Atlantis. Ha!).

Seriously – get it. Watch it. Enjoy it. It’s tasty. =P


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Viewing Format: DVD
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