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The film tells the story of three young Mossad agents on a secret mission to capture and kill a notorious Nazi war criminal  in 1965. The story opens to the book launch of Rachel's daughter in the year 1997. Rachel was apart of a trio Israeli spy team sent to find and capture a Nazi Dr. and the book was about their suceess in finding him and the Dr's supposed failed escape and death when Rachel shoots him as was seen from the playing out of the excript that Rachel was reading. However as the story continues, it seems that they didn't tell the entire story. Stefan commits suicide by getting hit by a bus and Rachel and David are cold and distant to each other during the book launch. Thirty years later, a man claiming to be the Nazi surfaces in Ukraine, and one of the former agents must go back undercover to seek out the truth, and stop the story from being published in a magazine.
The time flashes to Berlin 1965 Rachel is the only female of the three and is very beautiful, which goes noticed by both Stefan and David and leads to a love triangle in the movie. David has his 29th birthday on the mission making the team very young yet experienced. All three agents are undercover in Berlin as they received information about the much sought after Nazi Dr. who went into hiding after the war and was accused of experimenting on Jews during WWII. Rachel and David must pretend they are married which creates a tention between the two as they resist the chemistry between each other, especially because David is so distant. Rachel pretends to be a married woman trying to conceive a child in order to take pictures to confirm the identity of the Dr. Rachel and Stefan sleep together after David distances himself from Rachel when they nearly kiss. She becomes pregnant with her daughter.
She returns to the Dr. and after a struggle she injects a fluid into him rendering him unconcious. She fakes that he had a heart attack and David and Stefan impersonate EMS workers and take the Dr. away. They head to the train tracks to transport, but meet trouble along the way. The Dr. awoke and hoked the horn of the van alerting the soldiers patrolling the station.
They take the Dr. into captivity and keep him alive. They have no idea that he speaks english and reveal their plans to him by mistake. They take shifts in caring for him and both David and Rachel are affected by his words. He reveals her pregnancy to Rachel and David hurting both in the process. David almost kills the Dr. when he starts beating him with a plate. Stefan pulls him off and Rachel is left to clean up the mess. The Dr. was able to grab a piece of ceramic and cut his way through the ropes that tied him. As Rachel cleans and lays pots to catch the rain leaking through the roof she is attacked by the Dr. and is cut on the face. After a fight she is knocked unconcious and the Dr. gets away, a definite variation to the story she told for the past 30 years.
The story cuts back to Rachel 30 years later living off of the glory of what people think she had done and is terrified of the truth resurfacing. David gave her the information that the story may be published by a Ukraine writer. David was stuck in a wheel chair and Stefan died, so Rachel was the only one capable of confirming whether or not the Dr. was real. Before Rachel leaves, David hands her a package. Rachel makes the trip to kill the man if he is really the Dr.. When she gets to the Ukraine, she goes to the writer's office to find out where the mental hospital is where the supposed Dr. is being held. On the way she is almost caught sneaking in by a frisky couple of the secretary and a writer sneaking back into the office to take money for a club.
While digging through the things of the writer, she discovers a picture of herself and realizes that the writer knows what she looks like. She finds the address of the hospital and leaves. She calls David and lets him know the address and that the writer knows her looks. The next morning she goes to the hospital and signs in at the front desk where she is asked if she is the reporter (which is when she knows that he is visiting that morning) but she pretends to be the Dr.'s niece. She is told to sit in the waiting area because the visiting hours begin at 11am, she's 20 minutes too early. While sitting she sees the reporter enter and she sneaks off, but overhears that the Dr. is staying in room 414. She leaves not wanting to be seen and drives in her car looking for another way into the building, which she finds. She gets into elevators, climbs up stairs and eventually makes it to the room. She goes to the washroom and readies the siringe that David had given to her in the package.
When she enters the room, she sees a white haired man sitting in a chair, his back to her breathing heavily. She hesitates. She grabs his medical clip board, turns over a page and starts writing on the back of it. The man wakes up and asks her if she is the reporter. She lies and says that she is and he begins a tirade about him being the Dr.. She really takes a look at him and knows that it isn't really him especially because of his babbling. Then she turns and goes.
When on her way out, she sees an old man hurrying away, and decides to follow him. She reaches where he is and he mysteriously appears and scares her. He asks "Why did you come here?!" and she knows immediately that he is the real Dr.. He stabs her with a pair of scissors he was carrying and they struggle. After he stabs her again and begins to walk away he collapses in another hallway and the siringe is seen in his back. She lays there shivering and bleeding and picks herself up. She walks slumped down the hallway. While she walks the reporter is below, about to leave the room, when the note written by her catches his eye. He opens it and begins to read and it tells the truth of what really happened that night in Berlin 30 years ago.
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CastHelen Mirren, Sam Worthington, Tom Wilkinson
DirectorJohn Madden
Genre:  Drama
Release Date:  Dec. 29, 2010
MPAA Rating:  Unrated
Screen WriterMatthew Vaugn
Studio:  Miramax
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The Debt
The Debt
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