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LIMITED EDITION BOX SET CONTAINS: • Vol. 1: First Move; Vol. 2: Positional Play; Vol. 3: Discovered Attack; Vol. 4: Breakthrough; Vol. 5: Grand Stream; Vol. 6: Queen Delphine; Vol. 7: Sealed Move – IN A COLLECTOR'S BOX! • Limited edition mouse pad (OUTSIDE THE BOX) • Limited edition figurine (OUTSIDE THE BOX)

Set consists of the following titles:


Japan's top anime creators bring a richly romantic action/adventure fantasy in an imaginary planet where retro-futuristic sky vehicles permeate the skies. Against this lavish background are the lives of young and heroic van ship sky porters – Claus and Lavie – who are forced to take on the mission to deliver a mysterious girl, Alvis, to the battle ship Silvana. Before they know it, they become entangled in an aerial adventure between two countries griped in an eternal war of magnificent air battleships. DVD EXTRAS:  Non-Credit Opening  Original Japanese Opening  Promotion Trailer  Staff Interview (Mahiro Maeda)  Art Gallery  Pioneer Previews
LAST EXILE: POSITIONAL PLAY: VOL. 2 Claus and Lavie deliver Alvis to the airship Silvana's captain, Alex Row. But much to Claus' anger, Alex Row accepts Alvis inhumanely into the Silvana and leaves the duo and their damaged ship behind. Claus and Lavie fly to the Silvana to retrieve Alvis, but the airship is savagely attacked by Guild-controlled, star-shaped vessels. Claus and Lavie are forced to take on the attackers with a borrowed Silvana vanship. The Silvana is severely damaged. Dio Eraclea of the Guild flagship notices Claus' unusual flying talents and vows to have a duel with him. More than ever, Claus and Lavie realize they are wrapped up in the mysterious conspiracies of war controlled by the omnipotent Guild. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:  Non-Credit Ending  Original Japanese Ending  Commercial Collections  Art Gallery  Geneon Animation Previews
LAST EXILE: DISCOVERED ATTACK: VOL. 3 Claus and Lavie participate in an eight-hour endurance vanship race, and are joined by Dio Eraclea who tries to befriend Claus. Tatiana also participates in the race, but she is actually on a secret mission under Alex Row's direction. In the meantime, Alex row bids for the mysterious "Exile Dorr" at a black market auction, but he is forced to withdraw from the bidding by the Guild. The Exile Door ends up in the hands of Delphine, the supreme leader of the Guild. And it becomes increasingly apparent that Alvis Hamilton is the key to the Exile. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:  LAST EXILE Exhibition in Tokyo, Art Gallery and Geneon Animation Previews
LAST EXILE: BREAKTHROUGH: VOL. 4 Claus and Tatiana are thrown together to fly a vanship to defend Silvana from a massive attack orchestrated by Anatoray, and Tatiana begins to confide in Claus when the two make an emergency landing. Sophia, who is revealed to be of royal lineage, leaves Silvana, and inherits a leading role in the Anatoray army. And Claus discovers through an old photograph the secret relationship between his vanship, his and Lavie's deceased fathers, Captain Alex Row and the Grand Stream, all of which leads us closer to the meaning of the Exile. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:  LAST EXILE Exhibition in Tokyo  Art Gallery  GENEON Animation Previews
LAST EXILE: GRAND STREAM: VOLUME 5 Claus and Lavie's fathers died attempting to cross the Grand Stream to deliver a message from Anatoray to Disith. Empress Sophia obtains a copy of the original message and discovers it suggested the two empires join forces to defeat the Guild and obtain peace in the skies! However, to defeat the Guild, one must take possession of the Exile, so Empress Sophia plans to command the Silvana to cross the turbulent Grand Stream to locate the Exile. Can they accomplish this dangerous feat within the critical six days? DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:  Textless Opening Version  Art Gallery  Geneon Animation Previews
LAST EXILE: QUEEN DELPHINE: VOL. 6 Claus and Dio return to the Silvana from their vanship expedition to search for the Exile, only to find that the Silvana has been hijacked by the Guild. Delphine takes Alvis, Claus and Alex Row hostage and transports them to the Guild ship. Delphine attempts to lure Alex to provide all the mysterions open Exile gateway. Dio is declared the official successor of his sister Delphine after he is forced to partake of a series of rite of passage ceremonies. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:

 Art Gallery and Geneon Animation Previews
LAST EXILE: SEALED MOVE: VOL. 7 With Luciola's help, Claus, Alvis and Dio escape the Guild ship while Delphine continues to hold Alex Row hostage and tortures him. Anatoray and Disith continue to wage an all-out war against the Guild and many sacrifice their lives attempting to prevent Delphine from gaining complete control of the Exile. Under Sophia's orders, Claus, Lavie and Alvis fly through the Grand Stream toward the Exile to complete their final mission in this heart-pounding conclusion! DVD SPECIAL FEATURES:  Geneon Previews

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CastToshiyuki Morikawa, Tony Pope, Paul St. Peter, Mayumi Asano, Chiwa Saito
DirectorEric P. Sherman, Kristi Reed, K├┤ichi Chigira
Screen WriterEric P. Sherman, Kristi Reed, Gonzo
DVD Release Date:  December 14, 2004
Runtime:  650 minutes
Studio:  Geneon [Pioneer]
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