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2 Ratings: -5.0
A Reality TV show that uses plastic surgery as prizes for brides-to-be in a competition to win their dream wedding.

Brides-to-be compete in challenges to earn plastic-surgery procedures in a quest to win their ultimate dream wedding.      Read about the brides-to-be, the host, and the surgeon on: http://www.eonline.com/on/shows/bridalplasty/index.html   … see full wiki

1 review about Bridalplasty

An All-Time Low For Reality Television

  • Nov 30, 2010
Bridalplasty is E's newest trash TV series about a group of brides-to-be all competing to win their ultimate dream wedding; along the way checking off plastic surgeries as prizes for competitions. The women are separated from their fiances for four months, move into a house with a wish list of plastic surgeries that they want done, and in the end, one of them wins their dream wedding in their new, dream bodies with their new, dream faces and hopefully, their new, dream husbands.

Shana Moakler...yeah, I have NO idea why she's the hostess except that she's had plastic surgery (but, hasn't most of Hollywood? Maybe everyone else was busy.). Dr. Terry Dubrow, is the board certified surgeon who is obviously interested in making a name for himself, as a go-to reality show plastic surgeon (he was also on The Swan). The brides all range from 20- to 32-years-old. They hold careers that range from unemployed to receptionists to technology consultant to an Army reservist.

I'm a bride-to-be and this show makes me ill. My fiance, and I'm pretty sure the fiances of these women, want to spend the rest of their lives with the woman they fell in love with, flaws and all. I'm far from perfect but, I'm not about to go under the knife for my wedding day. Weddings are expensive as it is. I think that you can look like a more gorgeous natural version of yourself with the aid of boning, Spanx, hair and make-up....oh, and airbrushing, just like the models and celebs these women are trying to emulate!

Some of the more socially acceptable reasons for getting plastic surgery (I'm getting old, I was in an accident that left me deformed, I'm a breast cancer survivor, I work in the entertainment biz and my livelihood depends on my looks, etc) do not apply here. The women are all in their twenties with two exceptions in their early thirties. The last time I checked an Army reservist wasn't recruited for big boobs, you didn't need a perfect body to be a technology consultant and a receptionist didn't need to look like Office Barbie to file some folders and answer a phone.

We've obviously hit our low in society when E! puts something like this on the air and real women are asking about auditions for Season 2. The following was taken off of E!'s message board for the show.

"yes i would!!! I have been with my husband a 11yrs going on 12. I don't want to
have a formal wedding because of the way I look. I have researched the Dr to do my
surgery. I had the credit at the time. And the economy went down thus made me unable
to get the credit I need to get it my surgery. So if your doing this again. I will love to
compete to go under the knife. My family wants me to have a formal wedding but no
I don't like my body this way"

Luckily, there's still some hope. I found plenty of women that felt as appalled as I feel and one went so far as to say that E! is now blocked from her TV for supporting such a debasing view of women. Another was appalled that the ad for the show aired during What's Eating You?, a show about eating disorders and the effect they have on women and their loved ones.

"What a sick pathetic show. So disappointed in E! and Shana Moakler for even
agreeing to do it after all that smack she talked about that beauty queen and integrity.
What a fake. This show promotes and encourages young woman to undergo surgery
that is not only dangerous but unnecessary in order to get something for free.
Shame on E! How much more ridiculous is this network going to get?? "

Unfortunately, and personally a bit shocking, is that the hell yeah's far outweigh the hell no's. I don't know what that says of us as a society and I don't know what that says about women in general. All I know is that I'm incredibly grateful that I wasn't raised to erase my flaws with quick fixes that only serve superficial purposes but, to embrace them fully for what they are....a part of me that makes me REAL, not a carbon copy of an unrealistic ideal. Guess what? The love of my life is going to marry me and he'll think that I'm the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen on our wedding day (thanks to boning and make-up!) because that's what all grooms think of their brides.

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December 13, 2010
Yes Yes Yes!!!! I saw the commercial for this show and almost hurled -- and you took the words right out of mouth; the men they're going to marry love them the way they are.......it's getting sickening to know that so many women want to drastically change the way they look for vanity reasons. How about the poor women (and men for that matter) who are deformed for one reason or another, burn victims, cancer victims, etc. that can not make themselves look better for the sake of their self-esteem and they deserve to want to look better? God, this stuff really pisses me off. When in the hell will stupid women like this be satisfied with what they have? Kudos to you for writing this review!!
December 14, 2010
Thanks, Brenda! I feel really strongly about this issue and if you see the women, there's nothing wrong with them that I can see, at least. I'm really sick of the instant gratification of American society and the fact that women would rather do a quick fix instead of working on their inner selves. They're all SO young too. Really? Rat poison in your face to fix wrinkles you don't even have yet? The problem is that people think that if only....they'd be happy. If only I had huge boobs, if only I had that dream job, if only I hit the lottery and what the reality is when people get their if only, they're rarely happy and in some instances, they're actually worse. You run as fast as you want and your problems will always be waiting for you at the finish line. They won't get erased with an injection or your if only....Thanks for reading and thanks for the kudos!
December 14, 2010
I agree with you whole-heartedly Samantha, especially when you mention working on their inner selves. And I also agree that sometimes when these women get what they want, they're not always happy - they seem to want more and more until their satisfaction is never met. I worked with a friend who had a boob job, she had no wrinkles yet cause she was young, and she bitched and worried about getting a small little wrinkle and she made me so angry at times. All I could think of was "yes, you got boobs bigger than you should have, your husband (her ex cause she left him after he paid for them) had the money to pay for your desires, but how about the breast-cancer women who need reconstruction and don't have the money and/or insurance to pay for it?" She was even contemplating Botox - I fussed at her and said "for where? - you have no wrinkles yet?" Ridiculous. Right now she's modeling but when her looks start to go, she's screwed. She was such a sweet friend, but I know as she grows older, she will have problems. I sometimes get a little disappointed when I look in the mirror LOL but at least I know I am loved for who I am, and even loved by my own self.
December 14, 2010
I completely agree (thanks Scotman!). I have plenty of flaws myself, but I'd rather recognize myself in the mirror and like I said, my fiance loves me flaws and all just like I love him flaws and all....isn't that the whole point? No one's perfect, not even Barbie because in real life she'd be bent over walking on all fours due to the too heavy on top issue ;p I'd love us to go back to Marilyn Monroe times when the ideal size was 14. I'm more of a Twiggy than a Marilyn and have gotten plenty of comments about it but, I always think the women that embrace their true selves as the real beauties. And, thank you for saying that about Breast Cancer survivors! One of my best friends, at the age of 27, was a victim of Breast Cancer (2 months after she gave birth to her first child) and she's had it rough- meaning that she couldn't afford reconstructive surgery. She got a grant for it and had surgery after her treatment was complete (it took a good 3 solid years).
December 14, 2010
Awww, now see that's a sad situation there with your friend. It's a shame she had to wait so long for surgery, and especially sad she had to wait on a grant for it. As far as I'm concerned, women who go to the extreme like on this show are selfish and self-centered; the exact kind of woman I can not stand.
December 11, 2010
I hope you don't mind Djevoke, but I posted your lovely article to my blog as it is a subject that means a lot to me. You can check it out here: http://nectarfizz.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/i...-perfectly-good-carrot/
December 11, 2010
Oh my gosh! I'm so incredibly flattered, of course I don't mind! This is also a subject that means an incredible amount to me, actually, anything having to do with empowering women means a lot to me. I'll have to check out your blog! Thanks, Bekki!
December 11, 2010
I also loved what you had to say as well and that song Womannequin- great post! The lesson I'm always teaching my younger nieces is that it is far more important to be interesting and clever then, pretty and empty. It is also possible to be both AND be your natural self.
December 02, 2010
Wow, this is insane and ridiculous! Yet somehow I feel the need to catch at least one episode since to see the insanity. Great review. You bring up many good and disturbing points.
December 02, 2010
Thanks Debbie! I feel the same way. My friend said she loved it because it's so fantastically effed up.
December 02, 2010
I do love a good train wreck :P
December 02, 2010
LOL...don't we all?
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2 Ratings: -5.0
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