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The makers of Guitar Hero introduce an entirely fresh and innovative way to experience music and rhythm gameplay. DJ Hero features an amazing variety of music across genres – tracks that you love and reflect who you are. Using an authentic turntable controller, you will spin and scratch more than 100 songs into unique mixes and become the life of the party. Get ready for a whole new phenomena in music.

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DJ demonstrating how to scratch in 'DJ Hero'
Become the ultimate DJ.
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Turntable controller for 'DJ Hero'
Innovative turntable controller.
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Multiplayer action in 'DJ Hero'
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Music and Gaming Via a Revolutionary Controller
Like the music that inspired it, DJ Hero allows players to experience music in a new revolutionary way through through its game-specific controller. Included with the DJ Hero software, the DJ Hero controller is a combination turntable and mixer that immerses you into authentic DJ culture allowing you to scratch, cross-fade, and beat match. The turntable half of the controller features three color-coated buttons used to direct action during gameplay and a realistically rotating turntable. The opposite end of the controller contains the mixer controls in the form of a lateral fader allowing for switching between tracks and mixing, a knob for additional effects and a button for capturing "euphoria," a star power-like point bonus.

In addition, the mixer portion of the controller detaches to accommodate left-handed players and contains an out of the way compartment holding a D-pad and conventional controller buttons for easy console navigation. Taken together, both halves of the controller allow players to customize their mix with a variety of effects and samples transforming a face in the crowd into the life of the party.

Gameplay in DJ Hero is reminiscent to games in the Guitar Hero series. Musical prompts stream towards players on one of three color-coded ribbons; red and blue which correspond to the two tracks that the player is able to simultaneously or individually manipulate, as well as a red one between these two, used to insert samples. In addition to hitting individual notes and samples, players are also challenged to scratch on command by pressing the appropriate button for the track and sliding the turntable up or down as indicated on the ribbon. The game also provides players with a chance to turn back the clock on earlier action via its "Rewind" feature. This ability is monitored via the rewind meter that levels higher with successful play, and and when full allows the player to rewind the song to fix errors in their earlier performance. The reward for precision is the build up of points, which can be temporarily doubled via euphoria power with the push of a button on the mixer end of the controller.

Rule the Hottest Parties
In the tradition of Guitar Hero, which brought gamers into the world of rock ‘n’ roll, DJ Hero places players in the DJ booth at some of the hottest clubbing scenes from around the globe. Party in venues reminiscent of real world locales from around the globe including an ultra plush and sexy Hollywood Hills style mansion, to an open air beach club in Ibiza.

Play Modes
Although DJ Hero contains engrossing single player game options, including a career mode, much of the action in the game surrounds its wealth of multiplayer modes. These include both online and offline multiplayer competitive and cooperative modes: including DJ vs. DJ, DJ + DJ and DJ + Guitar.

Set List
The DJ Hero set list is constructed of 100 songs, crafted into more than 80 two-song DJ mixes. These mixes are the product of both the creative talents of internationally known DJs such as DJ Shadow, DJ Z-Trip, DJ AM and Daft Punk, and the game development team. All songs used are new to the Guitar Hero family of games and are pulled from a wide array of genres, including pop, grunge, soul, R&B, techno, hip hop, and house.

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review by . October 21, 2010
Ah, the "Hero" games. I really liked some of the "Guitar Hero" games and I'm looking forward to "Lego Rock Band" (not part of the same series, but at least the same idea). Mind you, I pretty much suck at these games, but still I find them to be enjoyable.    Now comes "DJ Hero" the latest incarnation of the "Hero" series. I spent some time last night playing with a demo version of it, and I found it... decent. Not great, but decent.    The basic idea is the …
review by . May 16, 2010
My husband loves Guitar Hero. He has 4 of the GH games both for Xbox and Wii. He loves the feel of the guitar and the way you really get into the music. It's almost like being up on stage.    He just doesn't get that feel from DJ Hero. He says it is a fun enough game, but either a.) gets boring repeating the same tracks (He likes to play the ones from artists he knows ) or b.) gets very tough at higher difficulty levels, even more so than the Guitar Hero games.    Overall, …
review by . November 22, 2009
I'm the mother to two teenagers, so this game looked like something they would love to try out. I will point out that we received the Demo version from Amazon, but now it looks as though we'll be buying the full bundle.     The only issue we ran into was where to set this up? We ended up moving our Xbox to a different TV that has a coffee table nearby. This allowed us to place the turntable on a flat surface while still being close enough to the system. (The demo version is wired. …
review by . November 18, 2009
I was a little skeptical at first about playing DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable because quite honestly I was quite intimidated by the looks of the turntable. After finally overcoming my fear, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun and entertaining the game is. The tutorial was a big help and made everything easier to understand and grab the concept of the game. What makes DJ Hero so different besides the hardware is the sound. GH games are known for its guitar strums and rock and metal tunes. You …
review by . November 18, 2009
OK, right up front, I am not a rhythm music gamer. I own all 3 current gen systems, and most of the AAA titles for all of them, except for the rhythm-based music ones. I don't find them particularly amusing, and I really don't like being forced to work through and master playing songs I *DON'T* like, in order to be able to play the songs I *DO* like. I also rather resent that the core games for most rhythm games tend to come with a rather limited selection of songs, and then you have to nickel and …
review by . October 23, 2009
Sometimes, being a good girlfriend means sitting on the couch and watching him play a game or playing a game together. I'm a moderate gamer; the new controls are generally more complicated than I'm willing to commit to. He is a hard core gamer. Some games are easier to watch than others, and some are easier to play. This review is not for the hard core gamer. This review if for the girlfriend (or boyfriend, who am I to judge?) who usually sits on the couch and watches.    I remember, …
review by . October 23, 2009
Ah, the "Hero" games. I really liked some of the "Guitar Hero" games and I'm looking forward to "Lego Rock Band" (not part of the same series, but at least the same idea). Mind you, I pretty much suck at these games, but still I find them to be enjoyable.    Now comes "DJ Hero" the latest incarnation of the "Hero" series. I spent some time last night playing with a demo version of it, and I found it... decent. Not great, but decent.    The basic idea is the …
review by . October 19, 2009
Please Note: This is an extensive review that covers the controller, as well as the actual gameplay. For those who are familiar with the turntable controller and want to see the review for gameplay only, please go directly to the "Gameplay" section.    The Good:    *Ability to customize your music and adding your own style and flavor to the mix.  *Lightweight turntable-controller that is very responsive.  *Lots of music to satisfy your …
DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable
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