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Eukanuba Premium Performance formula

1 rating: -3.0

Designed to meet the special nutritional and energy needs of very active dogs. High quality proteins with chicken as the first ingredient give your dog the fuel to build or maintain muscle mass while performing at the highest level. Designed for very … see full wiki

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1 review about Eukanuba Premium Performance formula

Go Ahead--Kill Your Dog!--Feeling Lucky Punk?

  • Mar 21, 2007
  • by
Pros: Used to be a decent name.

Cons: Massive Recall--The manufacturer--MENU FOODS-- is a known animal abuser "for testing purposes."

The Bottom Line: I'm only giving this rat poison one star because they won't let me give it zero.

Hey I was originally just going to leave this one alone. This recall, however, is simply massive. Bigger than the Walmart Peanut butter scandal, and far more lethal. If you use this stuff you need to find out all you can quickly. At least Menu Foods is owning up to it.

I had used this stuff in the past w/limited success, but after doing even more research on "MENU FOODS", makers of Eukanuba, Nutro,(Hi-End Dog Foods), as well as some authentically pathetic value brands, I figured, "Hey--they're just marketing across the spectrum. Lots of companies do that." Sadly, my research revealed even more than the headlines of Menu Foods introducing a new ingredient into their line (that was originally the company line --"A new ingredient), which quickly began killing dogs and cats across the nation. Lately it has been brought to my attention that they've been using Gluten in their High end, and low end foods for some time despite the first desperate corporate press releases stating what was killing the animals was--"A new ingredient." It soon became apparent that yes they've been using good old devoid of protein but super cheap to obtain gluten for some time. What was new was the supplier (Who provided a cheaper price. Sadly this gluten did have a new ingredient. It is/was contaminated w/heavy metals.

It has further been brought to my attention from a fairly knowledgeable source that this is supposed to be used as a PROTEIN FILLER. Actually it does a rather poor job as a protein, and should probably be considered a fiber source. (As it is meal though, it would probably do a poor job of that as well unless cut w/flax) And yes they use the trashy stuff (Gluten of several varieties) in both their wet and dry varieties of poison,er uh.... pet foods. Gluten has little nutritional value, and has been proven problematic for sevral species as far as allergies, and sometimes digestibility, are concerned. Why do you think so many doctors insist that their patients w/allergic tendencies steer clear of bread containing gluten?---Go ahead--give it to your poor unsuspecting animals.

What else could possibly be wrong w/Eukanuba specifically you ask? (As if putting your pet at risk weren't enough.) Well look at the ingredients CLOSELY. Some of them are quite good actually. Many of them, however, are quite bad, and it amazes me that they could actually put this stuff on the label, and people still proclaim the wonders of this brand.

Chicken is a great start, and by products aren't bad as a second ingredient. Brewer's rice, however, is pure D. Ca Ca--and has no business in your dog's digestive tract. The nutrients have all been sucked out of it, and as a leftover from the brewing process--it serves no other purpose than as a crude fibre extender. Real rice might be a nice trick instead, and brown rice has more fiber more nutrients, and is dirt cheap--but that might actually end up costing some real money and time vs. backing up the sewage truck to the brewer's vat and grabbing some cheap leftovers. Sort of like the money involved in real eggs for healthy coat vs. the mysterious ingredient--"egg product." "Beet Pulp (sugar removed"--now there's another please read between the lines on this ingredient. Hey it doesn't cost too much more to put real veggies in this trash rather than vegetable pulp. But you could do worse. You could go all out and add a bunch of gluten to help pretend there's some good stuff in there. What the hey?--It's only killed a few dozen animals that we know of---G*d only knows how many have gone unreported.

But if your a super Eukanuba fan I guess it's O.K. to play Russian Roulette w/your pet's life. If you think I'm being unjust--LISTEN UP....Were it not for a dog, I wouldn't have lived past the age of four. I watched my dog push me out of the way of an oncoming car and get flattened. I know how loyal these animals can be, and in turn the least we can do is not feed them cr@pola. Even worse though is to patronize a company that harbors no sense of conscience when it comes to testing. The dogs and cats at Menu Foods are stuck in tiny little cages for life--that's right--FROM WOMB TO TOMB. Don't simply take my word for it---go to The PETA Website and punch in "Menu Foods". If that doesn't sicken you enough--then go ahead and buy this trash for your pet. Hey--what's the worst thing that could happen?--You kill them? Obviously that shouldn't bother you if you can view The PETA Website, buy this trash, and sleep at night.

Since the original publication of this review I have been told that it is off topic, and all second hand info. Let me be a tad more specific.

I have two dogs whose nutrition I take quite seriously. The little terrier is now 8 years old. When I picked him up off the streets, I was told that he had suffered from distemper. He was pronounced as having 6 months max to live. As I said, he is now 8. My other dog, now 12, still runs, jumps, and plays like a youngster. I have to give part of the credit to glucosamine as well as the custom diet he is fed. I have tried many brands of dog food, but my vet says mine are some of the healthiest dogs he has ever seen, and to try and keep them on the stuff I make for them. He has proclaimed the Terrier's longevity as just a shade short of a miracle, and has told me that my big mutt's hip dysplasia should have slowed him down many moons ago. But hey---what could I possibly know about canine nutrition that I haven't stolen second hand and claimed as my own review. On to the Eukanuba Personal Experience.

My dogs liked the Eukanuba for the few months that it was fed to them roughly 4 years ago. They loved the flavour, and ate it like there was no tomorrow---which is usually a good thing w/dried dog foods. I saw slight increases in energy levels, and coat shean. When I switched them back to the custom blend I make, and added a real egg now and then I saw a vast improvement in coat shean. (So much for the "egg product" of which I supposedly have no experience with.)

In order to keep their energy levels up while decreasing tendencies towards seizures for the little one I increased both the quality of protein intake, as well as adding "REAL VEGETABLES--INCLUDING THE REAL BROWN RICE " of which I spoke of earlier while reviewing this product's ingredients. (These are much more effective than the by products, brewers rice, and beet pulp which are listed in Eukanuba's ingredients.) But hey I only fed this off topic stuff (YOU KNOW OFF TOPIC AS IN LISTED ON THE MANUFACTURER'S BAG) to them for a few months. I guess since it didn't work as advertised I'm supposed to say I had no experience w/it.

The stuff is O.K.--But hey--it's not the AAA+ stuff it's cracked up to be. Obviously my opposing viewpoint will wrankle some people. Too bad!! It's an epinion on a product I feel to be overrated. The fact that the manufacturer has already been proven to be responsible for several deaths should be of concern to all epinions pet owners. Sorry for those of you who disagree. Personally--I love my animals, go to great lengths to keep them healthy, and even tried this stuff at one point. Lucky for them they weren't adding gluten from that new supplier (nothing like a nice does of heavy metals to make your day) at the time, and that it didn't do as good a job as some other things I've worked with. Hopefully that is ON TOPIC ENOUGH----My dogs think it is, and hope yours do too!


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Eukanuba Premium Performance formula
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