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LancÔMe Bi Facil Waterproof Eye Lip Makeup Remover

1 rating: -1.0
Personal Care

Features/Benefits:<br>Refreshing eye makeup remover instantly removes all types of makeup<br>Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers<br>Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue

1 review about LancÔMe Bi Facil Waterproof Eye Lip Makeup...


  • Oct 20, 2002
  • by
Pros: removes makeup eventually, rose scent, excellent for temporary-blindness-excuse

Cons: oil in eyes, questionable safety

The Bottom Line: Considering the risks, this should not be used constantly, if at all. Better at lipstick removal.

As some of you know, I have only been using top-line department store cosmetics for a year now. For most of my life, I have used whatever was on clearance, or that other people did not want.

My "uncle Tommy" as we called him was a Hollywood makeup artist and told my mother long ago that all cosmetics were taken from the same vats (with other ingredients added to make them sound special and more valuable).

So, I was raised with the belief that the cheaper was just as good as the expensive.

In some cases, this is true. Some eyeshadows are either the same or equivalent in the cheaper lines vs. the expensive lines. Some of the creams in the expensive lines are quite foul in comparison to the drugstore lines.

There have been mascaras that are excellent quality from the drugstore lines and far exceed what can be found in department stores.

However, as the natural foods industry has taken a nose dive radically toward the very refined unhealthy industry that it refused to be when it started, department store cosmetic lines seem to have migrated toward truly having superior products in many lines.

In this new journey I have been on for my quest of knowledge and information about this very lucrative industry, I have made many interesting and beneficial discoveries.

One of these discoveries was the intoxicating lure of Gifts With Purchase (also known by many as GWP).


It was one of these gifts with purchase that introduced me to a very interesting product in the LANCOME line of products. The product is called Bi-Facil Double Action Makeup Remover.

Back before I learned about the alluring world of department store cosmetics, I never washed off my makeup. I just let it wear off.

Never having the money to spend on cleansers, skin care products, an lotions or creams, I had spent years being very happy with an occasional splurge every February (when things are classical depressing on my neck of the woods) of some kind of skin cleanser which I used only for a few nights here and there and then just put it all aside.

I never really stuck with any routine of that nature, having a lot more important things to attend to. This was not a concern to me at the time, because of the very wholesome natural diet I have practiced for years, I did not see the problems in facial pallor that most women are plagued with well beyond the time of most women's introduction to them.

However, all of that was soon to change. Once I was introduced to my first GWP last fall, I found myself crowned with many facial care products that I only dreamed of owning.

I had begun to notice that my face was not looking as nice as it used to- in fact, I had started experiencing despair over the whole thing.

So, the reasonable solution was to use these marvelous products since I had them anyway.

Over time, I found products that truly were revolutionary for my skin and appearance, and I settled into a regular facial care routine which for the first time in my life, I actually stuck to religiously.

On occasion, however, there have been times when I could not get into the bathroom when I wanted to, or was just plain tired and wanted to take a short cut in my cleansing routine.


It was late one night, and the bathroom was like Grand Central Station. The television was on, my husband was just slipping into a noisy sleep, and I did not feel like getting back up to clean off my makeup from the day.

I was watching a movie that was nearing the end. The mystery was about to be solved, and it was pretty engrossing. Quickly, I grabbed my little blue bottle of Bi-Facil and a cotton pad and put some on it to wipe across my eyes.

I had just taken my contact lenses out, and was cleaning my eyes off, when the most horrible thing happened. My eyes got stuck shut!

I had been wearing LANCOME DEFINICILS mascara that I had gotten in my GWP and when the Bi-Facils touched the mascara, it became like GLUE and I could not open my eyes.

Frantically, I felt for the bottle to put more on the pad, and I managed to put on more of the remover. I managed to get some more on the pad, and then I doused it aroud my eyes some more.

Meanwhile, I could hear scuffling, screaming, and lots of noise from the show, and was almost hysterical that I was going to miss the end of one of the very few mysteries that ever truly kept me puzzled until the end.

I smeared the dampened pad over my eyes. Finally, they became unstuck enough for me to see. However, now, to my chagrin, there was such a film of oil over my eyeballs that I could not see clearly at all.

I began to panic as the people in the movie shouted and the movie came to a swelling conclusion. Of course, nothing was being spoken that would tell me what specifically was going on, and I just HAD to find out who the culprit was behind the mystery.

Tearing at my eyes with my fingers, and blinking violently to clear the oil away so I could see the finale, I began to cry with panic and frustration.

Whew. Finally my eyes cleared up......

......just in time to see the detective shaking his head and saying," Who would have believed that was what happened?"

That simple line was followed by the credits rolling by and the music of the movie's end swelling to a crescendo.

Talk about a hateful first experience with a product!


What Bi-Facil is supposed to be according to the web site (other than a great way to miss the end of a movie), is a :

Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover

Double-phase, fresh-as-water liquid eye makeup remover.

Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue
(if you go to sleep and do not need to see). Ophthalmologist-Tested For Safety(never says what the findings are)".

I bet that Opthamologist never watches television, or even wears mascara. Of course, it just says it was tested, it does NOT say the results!

Bi-Facil is also supposed to remove lipstick as well.

When you look at the clear Bi-Facil blue tinted container, you will see a double level of liquid. On top is a lighter weight more "watery" liquid. On the bottom is a heavier, more sluggish liquid that looks like oil.

When you use this stuff, you are supposed to "wake up the cleaning lady" by mixing the two together, dabbing it on a cotton pad, and then wiping it easily across your eyes. This stuff is supposed to easily clean off eye makeup leaving your eyes clean and fresh.

In reality, I have to differ with this claim.


First of all, any time you put an oily substance on your eyes, you are asking for trouble. Since this liquid quickly settles back into two levels within seconds after shaking it, I think it fair to determine that it is a heavy oil.

Secondly, the residue it leaves on my eyeballs EVERY TIME I use it, makes me question its safety- ESPECIALLY for soft contact lens wearers.

Thirdly, I find that despite their attempt to mask the oily odor with a fresh rose based floral scent, I smell oil whenever I use it.

My fourth point I want to bring out about this stuff is that contrary to what some of my friends claim, it has NEVER cleaned off my makeup easily in just a few swipes.

I always have to open my eyes and carefully clean at the lash lines as it takes a lot of dexterity to remove the mascara that settles in there.

I have used Bi-Facil with ten different mascaras, both waterproof and non-waterproof. It works slightly more easily with certain brands, but not that much. I find that I have to have a mirror handy to make sure that all of the mascara is removed no matter what kind I have used it to remove.

I have used this remover with lipsticks with quite a bit more success, but it can tingle if your lips are sensitive. It takes a few applications, but it will remove stubborn red stains with some effort. As a lipstick remover, it scores much higher.


This product comes in various sample sizes. I have seen it in 1 fl oz and 2 fl. oz GWP sizes. The regular size is 4.2 fl oz and can be found on the lancome site at


You can also find this product at fine department stores as those owned by the May Company (ex. Lord & Taylor), Macy's, and anywhere else where you can find Lancome products.


water, cyclomethicone, isohexadecane, sodium chloride, hexylene glycol, poloxamer 184, dipotassium phosphate, benzyl alcohol, potassium phosphate, dipotassium EDTA, quaternium-15, benzalkonium chloride, Fragrance


After all of this, I want to point out something that all of you reading this should be deeply concerned about. Lately, this last year, I have met quite a few women with a very disturbing problem.

It seems that there is a growing trend among middle-aged women to develop an agonizing problem with their eyes. Some women heal from it over time, and some do not.

I happen to know some who do not. It is deeply upsetting to them and you do NOT want to go down the same path as they are if at all possible.

In the eye, there are little oil glands. The tears play an important part with the oil glands to keep the eye healthy. When the oil glands are not functioning properly, the eye will continue to tear constantly, causing raw skin around the eye, sensitivity to light, and the inability to wear any cosmetics around the eye ever again. One woman I know of that is afflicted with this frustration is destined to wear sunglasses daily, possibly for a very long time.

There seems to be some common denominators in the women I have known. Many of them did not remove their cosmetics nightly- especially mascara. That would seem to be a vote in favor of Bi-Facils, wouldn't it?

In spite of this, I have to add, that the doctors have told my friends that these oil glands in the eyes are easily blocked, and once they are, it is very, very difficult to unblock them.

I do know that substances like mineral oil, and waxes will block the glands. Although Bi-Facil does not contain those ingredients in an obvious form, I would have to say that due to the oiliness I have experienced from this product, I am very cautious.

Because of this, I can only give this product two stars. I ONLY recommend this at two stars for VERY OCCASIONAL use, however. If you want to remove your eye makeup, try a gentle facial cleanser like IOD by Christian Dior. Most of the eye makeup will come off with little effort, and no pain.

As a product for constant use, I cannot recommend it.


What did you think of this review?

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