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Lancome Colour Dose Creme EyeColour

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1 review about Lancome Colour Dose Creme EyeColour

Eyes Sore? Red? Itchy? And You Have A Class Reunion.....LANCOME COLOUR DOSE

  • Apr 9, 2004
  • by
Pros: translucent, buildable for intensity, beautiful colors, long lasting, anti-watery-eyes

Cons: contents can pop out of tube, expensive

The Bottom Line: When I thought all was lost and I would never wear eye makeup again, I found these marvelous little treasures. I am so thankful for LANCOME COLOUR DOSE!

MAC and I have had a stormy relationship.

(What? You are probably wondering why in the world I am starting a LANCOME review with THAT statement. Keep reading. You will see why this is so vitally important to this review.)

Perhaps I had too high hopes for that company after reading such glowing reviews. Perhaps I just did not hit some things right- who knows? However, just when I think I will never use another MAC product again, I find one that works for me. I then try another and my life is made miserable.

It was in one of those down times with MAC that I found one of the best products I have ever used in all of my years in makeup artistry.


When I made a journey to a MAC counter last year while on a small trip, I was so excited to try the MAC eyeshadows, that I bought a bunch with my vacation money.

At first I was just disappointed at the way that they vanished on my eyes almost immediately. That was enough to frustrate me, but what followed after that was a nightmare that I never imagined would happen to me.

After using the MAC shadows for a few weeks, trying to make them work (I did not think I could ever return them), I began to develop a terrible eye problem.

My lids were red, swollen, cracked, weepy, and itching beyond belief. It would take quite a while for me to get them to clear up, but so many people tried to convince me that it could not be the MAC that I tried them again, this time on one eye only. That eye would break out severely, but the other would not. Of course, when the shadow was "disappearing", it was actually absorbing into my skin, which is why I did not see it anymore. No wonder my eyes were having a reaction!

Well, let me tell you, this was the utmost torture for me, a makeup artist who loves to experiment with colors and makeup on myself.

For several weeks, I was in misery. There was not a cosmetic I could use that would not exacerbate the problem I was having with my eyes, while I waited for them to clear up. None of the "doctor solutions" or other methods of helping seemed to make a bit of difference. It was a matter of waiting for the toxins to go out of my lids that were causing the problems.

I went for a couple of months with no makeup. Being summer and early fall, that was not TOO big of a problem, but when we wanted to go out somewhere when I wanted to feel special, it was quite upsetting.

Just as I thought I was getting better, mold allergies kicked in from the copious amount of rain we had and my eyes were watering constantly, which made them worse. I could not find a single product that would not irritate me until they were over the reaction to the MAC chemicals that were bothering me, compounded by the horrendous autumn rains that would not quit.

One day, I was walking through a department store, having not been in them for a long time (other than my vacation). I had no desire to wear any kind of makeup anymore, so I just did not go into the stores to look.

I walked by the LANCOME counter, and one of my favorite people came up to me and asked where I had been for so long. We talked a little and then she showed me their new product called LANCOME COLOUR DOSE. It reminded me of MAC PAINT, which was another allergic history for me, so I was not overjoyed to try any of them.

As I sat waiting for my husband, a makeup artist came at me with a cleansing cloth and began to wipe my eyes. I was horrified! Nothing had touched my eyes for a while and they were beginning to heal. I almost flew out of the chair with the burning.

She apologized and then grabbed the tube of COLOUR DOSE insisting that I try some of it. I figured that my eye was already traumatized so I said I would do it, knowing that I would regret that decision.

She applied the stuff to my eyes and then I left. Apparently, she thought I was her appointment for that time slot, and made a mistake in doing makeup on me! Well, I was wearing that stuff now, like it or not.


Due to financial constraints and my reactions to makeup, I did not even bother to look at my eyes that night. I did notice, however, that they did not burn or itch at all. That was the first time since this whole thing started that any eye product did not bother me.

Nevertheless, I just forgot about the whole thing.

Some time later, I was walking through a different department store, looking for my husband. As I passed the LANCOME counter, I stopped to talk to some of my friends I had not seen in months. We had fun and then I was about to move on. One of the new people there grabbed me and insisted on trying that new COLOUR DOSE on me. I usually would have been horrified, but after having no reaction to it previously, I yielded to the test.

That night, after having two colors put on me, my husband took a look at my eyes and remarked how nice they looked. He said he really liked them.

My husband almost NEVER comments anymore. He is used to everything I have done. After so long with no makeup, he actually liked this look.

My eyes did not itch or react at all once again. The most interesting thing was that in spite of them watering, the color stayed on nicely. I was impressed.


The only way that I could get away with any kind of eye product at that point in the late fall was if I used the LANCOME AQUATIQUE skin colored shadow base. That shielded my eyes from the other products like shadow and pigment and did not bother me, but the shadows would all come off with the watery eyes.

The COLOUR DOSE however, is a bit different. It is not only a waterproof shadow, but also an excellent eyeshadow base.

COLOUR DOSE is similar in idea to the MAC PAINTS. They are different, however. COLOUR DOSE is a translucent creamy eye colour that goes on really sheer, yet illuminates the eye beautifully. The skin shows through beautifully, but the cream adds just enough color to make it interesting and attractive.

You can build it up with very thin layers to be as thick as you would like it to be. There is no odor. The product is highly concentrated, comes in a metal tube with .29 oz or 8.2g of product.

The product comes completely sealed with a stem in the cap that you use to puncture the tube when you are ready to open it for the first time. That assures that the tube is fresh and not dried out.

The tube is the color of the product contained inside with the cap and the end in black.

The product itself is what I would call "watercolor for the eye area". It is truly interesting and amazing stuff.

Compared to MAC PAINT the colors do not have the intense shimmer or opaque look to them, but the color does still come through nicely. They look more subtle than the MAC PAINTS but not more faded. The MAC PAINTS when put next to the COLOUR DOSE on my hand are about twice and intense.

The COLOUR DOSE product is very creamy and easy to move around. It is easier to blend than other creams I have used, and there is more time to play with it before it sets. I would say about 60-80 seconds before you can not budge it.

It resists heavy tearing well, but will come off in about 4 hours or so if eyes are watering profusely. Light tearing will just fade it slightly in the corners, but enough will stay on to make it look nice.

Removal is easy, comes off with light gentle soap and water (I use a natural version that does not irritate my eyes). It also comes off with makeup remover like LANCOME BIFACIL or MAYBELLINE OIL FREE REMOVER (with the blue cap)..


Here is a list of the colors that I have used after some trips to the counter and a few purchases:

SPICE ISLANDS: taupe base with pink/peach shimmer
BERMUDA SUNRISE: warm pink with peach/pink shimmer
FLAMINGO COAST: cool pink with cool pink shimmer
SERENITY: icy gold with light gold shimmer
MAUPITI: gorgeous turquoise with lime green shimmer (like caribbean sea almost)
CAPE IVY: spring green (grass/lime) with golden green shimmer
LILAC VALLEY: lilac with icy lilac/silver shimmer
TUPAI: metallic terra cotta with bright copper shimmer
SABLE TRINIDAD: metallic gold-beige with rose gold shimmer
MIDNIGHT SLYVIE: metallic medium gunmetal with silver shimmer
BLUE HAWAII: blue violet with light cool pink shimmer

As I have said before in my reviews, when I study a topic, I immerse myself in it if it is something that seriously interests me. I made it my goal to learn all that I could about these colors and selections so that if I were home in my rural location and unable to get anywhere to see these products, I could easily order them online if I wanted one.

So, as a convenience, I have listed my notes on here for anyone else who might be in a similar position and can not purchase things from stores very often. Also, ebay offers many of these colors. I have tried to be very specific to describe these colors as I see them.


I have found these eye colours to be absolutely an answer to prayer for my not being able to wear eye shadows for months. Although my eyes are much better now, I still find that using these shadows is extremely comfortable and helpful when the cold winds of winter make my eyes water on those rare occasions when I go out. I am so glad that I was able to get some of these.

I love to use these shadows as a base under another pigment or eye shadow of similar hue or family. The effect is really good. The surface makes a nice base. And if my eyes happen to water, the base is still there if some shadow comes off.

The only drawback about these shadows is that similar to MAC PAINTS and many tubes of watercolor paints I have used, it is not uncommon for the tube to suddenly blast forth a tube of product unexpectedly if a bubble of air gets in there.

It is hard to put it back into the tube, so having air tight containers to put in extra product if this happens is a great plus.


You can find these shadows at most local department stores that have LANCOME counters. You can also find them on the web site www.lancome.com.

Ebay sellers often have these eye colours available for sale, but note that the spelling is COLOUR DOSE. Some people list it as COLOR DOSE and others list it as COLOUR DOSE.

That will come in handy when using the search engine.

The cost of these tubes is anywhere from $5 on ebay to $16.50 at LANCOME.


Despite my frustraiting difficulties with MAC SHADOWS I have found another product from MAC that seems to work well for me that I can use in conjuction with LANCOME COLOUR DOSE shadows. Also waterproof, it is an eyeliner that comes in various colors called MAC POWERPOINT PENCIL. I find it to be the perfect companion to these shadows and it stays on all day without coming off. I have had absolutely no bad reaction to these so far.

You can find those pencils at www.maccosmetics.com. Keep your eyes out for a review on these coming soon.


The last few months, I have had a breakthrough in my quest to conquer the red itchy eyes that did not seem to clear up for about 8 months or so.

I have just written an extensive essay that has already helped many women who are having eye problems that did not clear up no matter what they did or what the doctor gave them.

Here is the link to my review, in case you are interested. Just copy and paste it into your browser address box, or type it in by hand.

It is called Your Itchy Runny Eyes - What Your Doctor Probably Won't Tell You



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Lancome Colour Dose Creme EyeColour
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