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Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor BF 625

1 rating: 3.0
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Take your first step to fitness, and see:your weight and body fat your result compared to healthy range Scale plus Body Fat Monitor BF-625 ~ 2-Memory Duo ModelSimple: Once programmed, it's like stepping on an ordinary scale. Clear: Easy to see extra … see full wiki

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1 review about Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor BF 625

Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale

  • Aug 24, 2002
  • by
Pros: Can program for two individuals, children and adults

Cons: The electrodes have prints from handling

The Bottom Line: This is suitable for those who have inactive to moderately active lifestyles

Last month I read a review here on a Tanita scale/body fat monitor that set the wheels in motion for me to find a suitable product for myself. I poured over the reviews of the various styles to choose from and in the end purchased the model that was selling at Spiegel.com for $89.00. This Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale was to be the product to get my tail in gear and start a regimen of healthy eating and exercise, or so I thought.

I had no idea what my body fat percentage was or how to go about finding this without owning the product. My oldest son is seven years old which is the same age this starts at for children to utilize as well so that helped me make the decision to keep tabs on his weight progress starting now.

I was so excited that when the box with the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale arrived I removed it from the box, finding the four batteries wrapped in plastic that need to be inserted on the bottom of the scale. These are size AA and the easiest compartment I have encountered that needs nothing but a finger to press down and zap those batteries into it and snap shut.

I then set out to program my data in to get those numbers pronto! I encountered ERROR from the get go so I stopped and read part of the directions to get a sense of what I was doing wrong. First I had to wash and scrub my feet since I was barefoot I had not even considered that.

There are three buttons underneath the digital display. There is the green one in the middle for set. The button to the left is an arrow with a G and the one to the right has the arrow going up with no letter. These two buttons are gray. When you press the set the numbers 1 and 2 are visible. Next I pressed the G arrow button to indicate I was number 1. The next button to press is set for the age to be entered. The arrow gray buttons are used for this as the digital screen has an age indicator to the left with the arrow showing what you are reading when pressing the arrows.

I pressed 42 for my age and then the set button again to store the data. The next step is to let the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale know if you are a male or female. There are two stick figures to the top left of the display that continue to flash and I pressed one of those and then the set button again. The next step is your height and with some frustration I finally got mine in at 5.75. Now that the data is stored for number 1 you are ready for the numbers game.

Located at the bottom of the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale are two buttons that you tap for indicating which person you are. I pressed the left one for number 1 and then the display shows your age and height before ending with 0.0. You position your feet so they are evenly on the panels from toe to sole. The digits then move about until it gets an accurate reading and the beep is noted to signal that this is your weight. YIKES that was painful! No not stepping on the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale, but seeing the actual weight and know something must be done!

There are then about five or six zeros that change over to the body fat percentage with the beep alerting you to the final outcome. The Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale has four colored bars beneath the display box. This will display three times for you to glare at with amusement or sorrow. From left to right they are -, 0, +, ++. My first reading indicated a 0 and made me happy.

Now it was time to get my seven-year old son on this and program him as number 2. Here is where I realized my major mistake when I programmed myself in. I took an extra minute to look at the stick figures to make sure I could tell the male one and then once his data was stored I went back to see what I had programmed. The reality set in once I confirmed I am indeed a female and the numbers went from the low 20s to 30s when I admitted my real gender. My son did not like having to remove his socks before standing on it and was so intent on learning my numbers.

I proceeded to take the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale to the kitchen floor and noticed the weight moved up a fraction as the body fat percentage went down a notch. Now armed with these numbers I proceeded to peruse the manual for tips on how to get my numbers down. I learned that you need to wait three hours after rising before you can get accurate results. I had to try this out once after waking up to see how different the numbers were and they were not that much so.

It is also advised to check your numbers at the same time each day to keep it consistent and then once a week has lapsed to find your baseline averages. I wrote my stats down the first time I stepped onto the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale. This was on August 1, 2002, perfect that it fell on the first day of a month as well! There is a log you can record your data to get your averages and then another one to track your progress over time. There is a chart showing the averages for standard adults for what underfat (-), healthy (0), overfat (+) and obese (++) are in actual numbers.

When I incorrectly placed my gender as a male I was healthy, but once I indicated I was a female I went into the overfat section. During this past month my weight has fluctuated about two pounds with the body fat percentage changing about 5%, luckily this is going down. I do not really like the looks of this since the first time I grabbed it the finger prints seemed to stay on the gray electrodes. There is a yellow sticker labeled with CAUTION between the heel electrodes alerting those who wear a pacemaker should NOT use this, nor those who wear internal medical devices. I wondered whether that included an IUD device and would suggest those who use that method check with their Doctor before setting foot on the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale.

Included in the box is a pamphlet What You Should Know About Body Fat that went way over my head. I was mainly interested in knowing what foods to slow down on and how much my percentage should be for my age and weight. Basically the charts show the Standard Adults in the healthy range, although no surprise there, instead I want to know how to get there. There is a comparison of two women, same age and weight that now both lost ten pounds. A is now fatter because she just cut calories and did not include exercise and a diet program so she lost muscle tissue, meaning her body fat increased. The example shows them both starting at 140 pounds with 37.8 pounds of body fat weight. Since the scale does not give us these numbers I was quite confused on why this was used in an example. The percentage for the body fat was at 27% but one went to 29% while the other went to 21%. This example is not exactly similar to my numbers so I read further to understand this mumbo jumbo.

It seems there is a health risk when there is too much body fat, so to get started you begin with a reduction in your daily intake of calories, exercise weekly and monitor your body fat. I imagine summer is not the ideal time to start this sort of change, but with since my youngest son is going back to school in two days I am going to attempt some form of exercise a few times a day. I figure I bought the pedometer for a reason, so now I should actually put it on and get walking.

The tips the brochure mentions are using stairs instead of an elevator, not to eat lunch at a desk and park farther from the door when out shopping, etc. Since I am a stay home Mother the biggest obstacle would be the food inside this house and the refrigerator along with the television set and so forth. I started taking the Diet Fuel again, a few each day, which gave me the energy to zip around the house cleaning and organizing everything in sight, barely sitting still to open a bag of pretzels.

But whenever I got back on the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale that PLUS sign was still there and the numbers were not moving fast enough, so I would get depressed and anxious all over again. My therapist noted I seemed more stressed from taking the pills and looked over the ingredients while asking me questions on how I felt.

There are also suggestions on monitoring your heart rate while exercising and trying to do at least 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week. The next step is to set goals, exercise with a friend, have a variety of exercises and keep a log. It does not stop there though, for you have to read food labels, stick to the pyramid chart and do not step on the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale for at least three hours from when you had some exercise.

The Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale is specifically for those who are inactive or moderately active. There are other models for athletes to purchase and utilize. There is a guest mode to set using the G arrow button for one time use. The children’s age range is from 7-17 with adults starting at age 18. The weight can be entered using three different modes, (lb) (kg) and (st-lb). The default setting is in pounds. When you change the mode to kilograms the height setting will automatically switch to centimeters.

The height variations for the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale are 3.40” – 7” with the default being 5.7 This will automatically turn off when it is idle. There is no on or off button but the personal keys at the bottom to indicate which programmed person you are.

There is a note for female users to keep track of their menstrual cycles while determining their baseline since there is a change in hydration levels. Also for women who are in menopause there are hormone changes that can affect the numbers.

Since I have two children that love to touch anything that comes into the house that is new and unusual I decided leaving the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale out either in the bathroom or bedroom was not an option. The box this comes in has a nice handle so I continue to store it back inside. Since there is no off button I continually hear the beeps when I am placing this in the corner of the room and when I pick it up to check my stats.

The Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale should not be placed in direct sunlight and free from humidity, heating equipment and extreme weather change. To clean the unit you can spray a glass cleaner onto a cloth or alcohol to clean the electrodes. Soaps should be avoided as well as submerging in water. The customer service number for Tanita is 1-800-TANITA-8 or www.tanita.com

This is for home use only and not for professionals, make sure this is on a flat surface and not wet floors. This Scale plus Body Fat Monitor passes a low-level electrical signal through the body. The Error signal will come on when you have entered data wrong, have dirty feet or are wearing socks or step on the scale before the data has been entered or shown. The weight capacity is 300 pounds and if you get an OL reading that means it is too much weight. Knees should not be bent when standing on the Tanita BF-625 Body Fat Monitor/Scale.

The price is a bit steep in my opinion but for motivational purposes I made the purchase so I could keep on track of my weight and fat percentage. It seems that since I turned forty this has been a constant problem and seeing the scale on a daily basis might be the kick in the pants I need to combat this dilemma and bring the numbers down. For me it is a slow process because it took me a long time to get over the fact that I have to change my eating habits. I was the last one in my class to hit one hundred pounds late in high school and was always known as a toothpick. I have looked into Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and ediets.com to make a choice on which program to implement in the coming weeks. They all require a commitment as well as expending money I am not budgeted for so I am in the baby steps stage now, trying to set realistic and obtainable goals.

There is a limited three-year warranty, and if you send it back there is a charge of $12.50 and proof of purchase needs to be included. There is a charge of thirty dollars an hour for the cost of labor and parts once the warranty is no longer has passed.


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Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor BF 625
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