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143 Ratings: 1.2
The world's largest chain of fast food restaurants

McDonald's is the world's largest fast food chain, serving more than 47 million customers daily, and having more than 31,000 locations worldwide. The restaurant serves traditional American foods like burgers, fries, shakes, and chicken, and has … see full wiki

24 reviews about McDonald's
review by . August 21, 2013
I normally use the drive thru, but last week I went inside the restaurant to eat. There were several employees and they were all bullying and teasing another young employee. A management-type person was standing right there and did not do ANYTHING!      I will not go to a place that condones this type of behavior by its employees - I will now go to a different place for lunch - maybe the burger place across the street.
review by . January 21, 2012
posted in Love Bites
Best junk (food) in the world!
I like McDonald's especially when I crave for fried food. French fries is good but I only like them with chilli (especially the sweet and hot version; like Thai chilli) sauce and not ketchup. The only burger I eat is Filet-O-Fish and nothing else  (oh, may be once in a blue moon the McChicken). McDonald is also great to have when I'm broke! Other than that, I've no idea what the rest of McDonald means ;-)      Oh, I do love its hashbrowns! Matter of fact is, …
Quick Tip by . November 13, 2011
There's nothing I can find appealing about McDonald's, as I think they're the epitome of cheap, processed garbage passing as food. Hell, just thinking about their name and image is enough to make my skin crawl.  Don't get me wrong, I like fast food when it's done right, but McDonald's and quality are like antonyms. I haven't been to one in five years, and the only things I ate there were the chocolate shakes and fries (which I didn't eat frequently). Ever since …
Quick Tip by . November 13, 2011
Someone has to speak up for McDonald’s. I’ll gladly accept the challenge. I’ve eaten their burgers in cities across the nation since 1964 and I’m still munching with delight. The regular hamburger is my favorite, with the perfect combination of soft bun, meat patty, catsup, mustard, dill pickle and chopped onion. For the price, I’m always surprised by the consistency, the lack of grease, the flavor and the…well, unami.       Transfat? …
Quick Tip by . January 07, 2011
The least favorite of fast food options, I'll only eat here as an absolute last resort and I'm starving to near death. I used to like their fries until I tried Carl's Jr's which are far better. I think that Mickey D's has long ago given up on any sort of quality and gone for profit and expansion. When I'm traveling, I get a little frustrated that this fast food place is in a culinary city like Paris or somewhere where travellers should be encouraged to try the local cuisine which is going to be …
Quick Tip by . January 07, 2011
The French Fries at McDonald's are about all I will eat there. They are probably one of the better fast food fries around. Otherwise, watch out for the chicken nuggets which are made of sketchy excess chicken parts that are turned into paste, dyed and re-modeled into what resembles a nugget. Yum, yum.        
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
A cheap tasty fix, but beware, as the quality can change making it exciting to eat at sometimes.
Quick Tip by . July 23, 2010
Personally McDs makes me sick to eat anymore except for the occasional breakfast sandwich, but they do serve their purpose. As a person that home cooks most of my children's meals, happy meals now and then can be effective tools for treats for them and they can burn off most of the crap they eat playing on the play structure until they are worn out.
Quick Tip by . May 27, 2010
Just had their Reese's McFlurry and found it to be a delightful little treat. I still prefer the Reese's Sonic Blast from Sonic, though.
review by . August 25, 2009
posted in Awesomeness
You can order the McMystery meal if you want-it is either fresh cooked or a greasy gray patty!
It's hard to say what you can get at a McDonalds these days.      After I moved I got to experience a whole new slew of fast food locales with more visits then I have in teh past.  The more I ate at them, the more I realized that McDonalds can't cut it for me in my fastfood diet anymore.      Sure they're fries are okay, and only okay.  Compared to the freshness of In N Out fries or the beefiness of Wendy's …
Quick Tip by . August 28, 2009
I know you're horrible and contain trans fat, but why are your fries and burgers so good? You're my once a year dirty little secret.
Quick Tip by . November 24, 2009
I don't like really McDonald's burgers but I can enjoy the deliciouos french fries from its menu, for me the best french fries in America.
Quick Tip by . November 13, 2009
Never ever liked McDonalds. The burgers were always razor thin and greasy even in the 1960's.
Quick Tip by . November 13, 2009
Greasy and uneven fast food restaurant that can either please or sicken you. Makes it fun to order at and wondering what you get.
review by . May 19, 2009
...someone said that once, hopefully in jest since it would be both libelous and untrue. The only questionable thing I know about is the butane-type chemical in their McChicken sandwich, which apparently acts as a 'stabilizer'. Of course, you know you're kind of screwed when you eat in places that need food stabilizers, but then reading the labels of almost anything you buy these days is really alarming.  All that aside, the Sausage and Egg McMuffin Sandwich is where it's at. Some very …
review by . June 21, 2009
Pros: Cheap food does the job, dollar ice cream sundaes!     Cons: Hey Mickey D, where's the beef?     The Bottom Line: Not the worst place in the world, but you can easily do better. You won't even strain yourself trying to do better.     A couple of years ago, I was coming home from the yearly jazz festival in Chicago with a couple of friends when we stopped off at a local McDonald's. One of them, Jhonathan, told me he doesn't think McDonald's …
review by . December 11, 2008
Most people who are remotely concerned for their well-being would avoid McDonald's altogether. But that doesn't mean I won't pop in now and then!     I gotta admit than in college I experienced major fast food overkill. Fast food is just such a convenient meal option when you're studying 'til 3 AM. But after a while I started laying it off because I didn't like how I'd feel the next day. Now, I still go maybe once or twice a month when I need something fast and filling. But I …
review by . February 28, 2009
Someone once told me that the reason that McDonald's french fries taste so good is because they use the grease left over from frying up their burgers to cook their fries.    I don't know if this is true - or even safe and/or possible - but whatever the case is, I do love me some McDonald's fries.      
review by . April 08, 2009
Fast food behemoth McDonalds has to be one of the most recognizable brands in the world, a terrifying fact.   I say we start finding new ways to spend our food dollars! Is it really good value if we save in dollars, but pay in diabetes, obesity, and the destruction of the planet (among other things)?  Please note: I drink their coffee every morning. Whoopsie.
review by . June 05, 2000
Pros: Good for children's birthday parties!     Cons: Limited menu, needs pizza and hot dogs on menu     Adults may view McDonald's as another fast food restaurant, but to children it is a five star restaurant! When my daughters just started school, they wanted to invite all of their new friends over for their birthday party! Can you imagine cleaning up after thirty-some children have eaten and played? Well I am grateful for McDonald's during that phase of …
review by . May 30, 2000
Pros: They give larger toys to kids under 2 so they don't choke on the pieces     Cons: The food     Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.      Remember when McDonald's was good? I certainly do. The To-Hell-With-The-Environment styrofoam containers are now being auctioned off on eBay. At least they kept the food warm. All of a sudden, Mickey D's turned environment friendly, and all the …
review by . May 30, 2000
Pros: They give larger toys to kids under 2 so they don't choke on the pieces     Cons: The food     Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.      Remember when McDonald's was good? I certainly do. The To-Hell-With-The-Environment styrofoam containers are now being auctioned off on eBay. At least they kept the food warm. All of a sudden, Mickey D's turned environment friendly, and all the …
review by . May 17, 2000
Pros: Fascinating cultural phenomenon, somewhat addicting potato-type offerings     Cons: An abomination to the gastronome, an embarrassment for advocates of unrestrained free-market economic systems     I cannot even pretend to view McDonald's as a simple chain restaurant, and have been meaning to pick up one of the "Behind the Golden Arches"-style books on it to satiate some of my curiousity about its bizarre prowess.      Consider …
review by . May 10, 2000
Pros: CONSISTENT no matter where you go     Cons: Some of the food is consistently mediocre     I never met Ronald, but I got to ride in his helicopter! My mother worked for this corporation for a good number of years in a number of capacities. I got a perspective on McDonalds that most folks don't have an opportunity to get.      I'd like to explore several areas with regard to this particular chain. I'll start with the food. For the most …
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143 Ratings: +1.2
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