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American Idol, Season 9, Episode 25

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An episode of the TV show, American Idol

Miley Cyrus performs "When I Look At You." Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sing a duet "Make a Wave." The bottom three is revealed to be Paige Miles, Tim Urban, and Katie Stevens. Paige Miles is … see full wiki

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Another Idol Must Fall

  • Mar 31, 2010
  • by
Thankfully, this week's episode was less corny than the previous week's result show. During the introduction, there was a bit of drama with bold statements done in gray lettering and shadows, but it ended with a bit of humor. After all the build up, there was Randy's face on the large television monitor behind Ryan. The camera crew shot a quick look at Randy who, along with the other judges, was furiously laughing. It was random, strange, but somehow appropriate for the show.

Next the top eleven singers performed "Wake Me up before You Go Go," which was an all around fun performance. The voices sounded a bit strange as if the tech crew had added an echo to the song, but I still liked listening to it. After their live performance there was the Ford Fiesta video. They sang "Our Time Now" and drove to a plastic bouncy ball fountain, which some of the idols jumped into. Again, there was a bit of humor when Andrew Garcia was left behind in the pit of balls as the other idols drove away. Luckily, he got a ride back home!

Ryan conducted mini-interviews with the idols as they sat on the couch waiting for the results. Ryan, Siobhan, and the camera crew focused on a group in the audience who called themselves "Siobhan-bies," a mix of Siobhan fans and zombies! The two women had fake blood and zombie paint on. It was rather creepy because I noticed them before Siobhan explained their presence during an earlier pan of the audience. Originally, I thought someone had a bloody nose in the audience! That was not the only unique and strange aspect about Siobhan's fans tonight. Her former boss was also in the audience with the Siobhan-bies sporting a rather full beard. She went on to explain that her boss refuses to shave it until she wins. I'm wondering what happens if she doesn't win?

The guest performers of the night were Miley Cyrus, who sang "When I Look at You," and Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato. The pair sang a duet titled "Make a Wave." Both performances were leagues above the guest performers of last week. I've enjoyed Jo and Demi since Camp Rock while Miley Cyrus can be a hit or miss artist. Still, the guest performers felt a little young this week. A teen audience would have enjoyed the songs more than I did.

During the various activities, the bottom three contestants were revealed. Personally, America's votes were on par with who I thought should be going home. I wasn't disappointed with the final reveal either. Even though another idol "fell," I agreed with America's decision and was still excited for next week's episode. The theme is R&B/Soul with guest mentor Usher. I'm hoping for better performance and result's episodes in the future from American Idol.
Another Idol Must Fall

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July 14, 2010
I guess her boss can join ZZ Top if she loses.
July 16, 2010
LOL! Yeah, me too. Thanks for reading some of my old reality reviews, btw. I lost the urge to write them after James' comment. Plus, I didn't feel like enough people wanted to read them. I've thought about coming back to them, especially since I have plenty of notes for some old episodes. Maybe someday...lol!
July 16, 2010
You've got me wondering how they turned out now!
July 17, 2010
LOL! I was very disappointed with the way the show ended. I did finish this series. I never got to the reviews, though.
July 17, 2010
Well if you don't get to the reviews you've still got to tell me who won. Remember what I told you about my need to know.
July 18, 2010
LOL! Ok, I will tell you if I don't get the reviews up. But, since you seem interested...maybe I can tackle them in the next two weeks. It sure would be nice to finally recycle my notes!
July 19, 2010
Think of the feeling of accomplishment in finally being able to chuck those notes when you finish the reviews!
July 19, 2010
LOL! Yes, I would feel so accomplished! I'm going to do it...but first I might doll out a movie review for Alex. Alas, though, I'm getting sick... (sniffles)
July 19, 2010
I know what you mean. I'm suffering gastro-intestinal problems right now and I'm drained in the most literal sense of the term.
July 19, 2010
Karen: I hope you get well too! I couldn't wake up early today because I felt so miserable...

Aerin: Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm hoping to get over this fluke in the next few days. It's hard to function when I feel this misreable.

Thanks, also, for the kind remarks. I think the comment bothered me more than I thought because I was really uninspired to come back to writing these types of reviews. I didn't think enough people cared to read them anyway. Now that I know that's not the case...I'll be tackling some of these in the next few weeks. It's going to take me some time because I have some other reviews I need to finish first. I'll be sure to let you both know when something new is posted. :)
July 21, 2010
Thanks for all the get well wishes but it's an on-going (so to speak) condition that just gets out of control sometimes in spite of the medication.
July 21, 2010
Aw...well, I hope it gets back into control soon! (hugs)
July 22, 2010
Yeah that'll do it. I had some minor problems after they yanked mine out too but I worked it out after a couple of years. They can't figure out what the problem is and now I've got stomach problems too ever since the first colonoscopy. Let's change the subject. Even I don't want to hear about my colonoscopy. =)
July 22, 2010
I sometimes wonder if that that isn't what made Lee into such as agressive and powerful figher--overcompensation. You know how men get about that sort of thing.
July 22, 2010
(laughs) Nice change of subjects, ladies!
July 22, 2010
Everybody can use a change of pace now and then. =)
July 22, 2010
I agree!
April 03, 2010
Is Tim Urban EVER going to go home? How can someone be in the bottom 3 every week and escape every darned time? (sigh) He annoys me.
April 04, 2010
There was a teenage girl in one of the early seasons--Carmen Rasmussen?--who also stayed on way too long while much more talented singers went home. It's one of the things about Idol that drives me crazy (the cuteness/teen heartthrob/popularity factor over talent) but I still watch every season. :)
April 06, 2010
@Shei: Aww!!! This must mean that Tim never got voted out last week! I am not only behind in my American Idol reviews, I haven't finished watching all of last week's episodes! I'm going to be writing some new ones soon, so I hope you all read and review them when you have time!

@Cari: I remember "chicken little." THAT GUY WAS NOT GOOD!! Ick! He was such a bad singer... :-P I think he was purely popular because of his nerdy looks...which is so odd when you think about it...Nerds aren't usually popular until after they have made millions, lol! Is he even still singing?

@Sheri: I remember Carmen...vaguely...that was so long ago! The producers should try and target their older viewing crowd more often, lol. I can't stand the teen feel to it, but I still watch the show too!

April 01, 2010
Okay, these Siobhan-bies sound kinda creepy. They're a little TOO obsessed with this girl. I know they were trying to get noticed and all, but wow. They need lives, lol. And yeah, what happens if she doesn't win? Does her boss let the beard keep growing forever and ever? I highly doubt that will happen, lol.
April 01, 2010
Yeah, I wonder if there were any pictures out there. I should have included one. lol. Oh well. Yeah, I thought it was a silly challenge/statement of the boss! LOL
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Top 11 Results -- American Idol, Season 9, Episode 25
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