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Sanctuary (TV show)

3 Ratings: 4.3
A Science Fiction Television Show Created by Damia Kindler and produced by Amanda Tapping
1 review about Sanctuary (TV show)

Sanctuary Season 2 Episode 11 (Haunted)

  • Jan 22, 2010
  • by
Ok. This episode was very interesting from a character standpoint. The plot was a bit corny, but the amazing acting from the cast members made this episode work in a strange way, lol. First of all, I have to give it up to Amanda Tapping and Chris Heyerdahl. Their portrayals of both Helen and Druitt were awesome. What I love about these two is how much they both love each other despite all the pain they've both had to go through. It's a weird, complicated relationship and both Amanda and Chris show off those complexities very well. Sometimes I wish the Druitt character was on the show more, but the writers probably don't want to overexpose the character due to how awesome he is. That makes sense. But yeah, anytime these two are on the screen, it's must see tv. Lol.

Anyway, on to the plot. The episode starts out with Druitt saving people from a sinking ship off the coast of South Africa and bringing them to the Sanctuary to receive medical treatment. Druitt is then praised as a hero, but that is short lived when Helen discovers that Druitt has recently killed one of the passengers from the ship. Helen is distraught over this and demands to know why Druitt is killing again. Helen and Druitt get into a fight and Helen nearly kills him. Now the problem I have with this is why in the blue hell is Helen surprised that Druitt has gone on a murderous rampage? Did she honestly think that just because Druitt helped her out for a bit last year that he would become a model citizen again? Is she nuts? I know Helen loves him and has feelings for him, but c'mon. Any dumbass could have seen that one coming a mile off. You don't let your guard down around Druitt. Ever. So yeah, that's one gripe I had with this episode. It didn't seem believable to me that Helen would expect Druitt to automatically become good after all he's done prior to this. It didn't seem very logical to me, even when you factor in the love angle to all of this.

Anyway, after Helen knocks out Druitt, she brings him to the infirmary in order to save his life. This is really where the plot takes a weird turn. Now I understand what the writers were going for here and on paper, it looks really good, but the execution of it could have been better. Apparently, Druitt has an evil abnormal thingie (not entirely sure if it's an abnormal, but we'll call it that for now) living inside him and after Helen tries to revive Druitt by using the shock paddles, the thingie is somehow able to leave Druitt's body and wreak havoc on the Sanctuary. I would have liked the writers to explain in more detail why the electric shock forced this thing out of him. How did that happen? And why has this never happened before? Yes, I know Druitt was close to death here and that may have been enough motivation for it to leave Druitt (for self preservation purposes), but still, it felt odd to me. I would've rewritten that to make it more clear why the abnormal left. However, the resulting madness that the abnormal caused made for some interesting moments in this episode.

Ok, so after the abnormal leaves Druitt, the abnormal cuts most of the power off in the Sanctuary and all of the main characters are trapped in different locations throughout the building. This reminded me a lot of a Stargate Atlantis episode called "Quarantine". In that episode, a virus was let loose through the city and as a result, the city was put into lockdown mode which trapped various people in certain sections of the city with no way to get out. Going back to this Sanctuary episode, we have the same idea. Only difference is here, the abnormal is intentionally trying to separate everyone whereas in the Atlantis episode, the separation only happened as a result of the city trying to save itself and its people. Anyway, our cast of characters are divided into three different sections in the building. We have Will and Henry trapped in the infirmary trying to save the life of a woman who was rescued from the ship, we have Kate and Big Guy trapped in the elevator trying to get it working again, and finally, we have Helen and Druitt trapped in the brig. The use of the out of date radios to communicate with each other from room to room was cool. Really liked that. I also liked how Helen slowly comes to trust Druitt while they're in the brig. Again, great acting by these two. Once Helen finally comes around and realizes that Druitt himself is not responsible for the Sanctuary attack, she is able to focus more on getting rid of this abnormal. However, it's also revealed that this abnormal is the sole reason why Druitt has been so evil in the past. It's been influencing his behavior and now that it's gone for the moment, Druitt is sane again. This isn't a bad plot device, but it wasn't executed as well as it could have been from a writing perspective. It seemed more like an excuse to have another monster abnormal something or other attack our heroes and this is how they wanted to do it this week. I don't know, it wasn't terrible, but it could've been better.

The scenes in the elevator were great too. I loved the interaction between Kate and Big Guy. Big Guy is calmly trying to access the situation while Kate is going nuts. It's a good dynamic. However, I wish it had been better explained to us how Henry was able to stop the abnormal from killing them in the elevator. I mean, sure, we know Henry hacked into something and overrode it to save their lives, but I would have liked more detail as to how that happened. But overall, it was a good scene and it gave us a chance to see Kate and Big Guy communicate without anyone else around. I don't think we've had that before (I could be wrong, though), so that was nice to see.

Now let's discuss the ending. The abnormal breaks into the lab and starts working on some concoction that's going to kill a lot of people. Druitt realizes that the only way to stop it is to have the abnormal reenter his body. So Druitt goes into the lab, lets the abnormal take control of him again, and then he leaves because of the threat he poses to the Sanctuary team now that the lifeform is back inside of him. See, I found all of this quite rushed and a little off balanced. With some more time and a better script, this really could've come off better plot wise. The only thing that really saves the ending here is the acting. The actors and actresses make it believable and that's why it works. But when you put that aside, it comes off as being too easy of a way to deal with a potentially deadly problem. While it does make some sense that this abnormal would want to return to its owner (or its host, I should say), the fact is we still don't know enough about this abnormal to find out why it made that choice. Why not stay outside of Druitt and wreak havoc that way? If this abnormal were trapped inside Druitt for years and years, why would it want to go back to its prison when it can be free? Was it really trapped inside Druitt this whole time or does the abnormal like him so much that he doesn't want to leave him? They might explain all of this in a later episode, but still, it's kind of puzzling. The ending seemed more like a quick rushed fix than anything else, but time will tell. Who knows? Maybe down the road, this will be explained more. We'll see.

Overall, I liked the episode. Was it perfect? No. It had its share of problems and issues. However, the terrific acting is what pulled this one through. Next, I will write a review on the Sanctuary season finale, so stay tuned for that. Till next time.

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January 26, 2010
Interesting review. Didn't you know that electricity can do anything? Just think of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, lol. Got to love the modern day electric paddles!
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