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After the SNES version debuted in 1993, Capcom had the game ported to the IBM Personal Computer (PC) in 1995 via the company Rozner Labs. The game was released with a special six-button game controller.[6] Mega Man X received a separate PC release in Japan in 1996.[3] Majesco republished the SNES version of the game in 1997.[1] Nintendo of Japan also made the game available on its SNES Nintendo Power cartridge service.[52] Mega Man X, alongside its five direct sequels and Mega Man Battle & Chase, was compiled and released as the Mega Man X Collection in North America for the Nintendo GameCube and PS2 in 2006.[53] Capcom released a port of the game onto FOMA and i-mode compatible mobile phones in Japan in 2007.[7] Finally, Mega Man X has also been made available for purchase on the Wii Virtual Console service in Japan and North America in 2011.[8][9]

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X features updated graphics and the villain Vile as a playable character.

An enhanced remake titled Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, or Irregular Hunter X (イレギュラーハンターX?) in Japan, was first released for the PSP on December 15, 2005 and in other regions throughout the following three years.[10][11][12][13] With the recent launch of the PSP, Keiji Inafune and his team debated on whether or not to create a Mega Man X9. "So, we decided that instead of going the X9 route, let's go back to the series' roots and rediscover what makes the X series so classic," Inafune concluded. "We felt that the best way to do that would be to make an X remake."[54] Although the remake stays true to the original game in both gameplay and basic storyline, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X features a total graphical overhaul with 3D character models and backgrounds, a remixed soundtrack, voice acting, and anime cutscenes.[55][56] According to Yoshikawa, the character illustrations were updated to both resemble toys and the designs of Mega Man X8.[10]
In addition to these changes, many powerups, such as the armor capsules, are relocated to different levels. The remake also has a few extras including an original video animation titled "The Day of Σ" (which serves as a storyline prequel) and an unlockable mode to play through the game as the character Vile.[55][56] Inafune implemented this mode to offer players a new perspective on the game through the eyes of a villain, feeling it would be "too obvious and boring" given an option to play as Zero.[10] Reviews for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X were positive, accumulating aggregate scores of 82% on Game Rankings and 79 out of 100 on Metacritic.[57][58] Although the game did not meet sales expectations, it was later made available as a download from the PlayStation Network.[59][60] The Japanese and North American versions were also bundled in a special compilation with Mega Man Powered Up, a remake of the original Mega Man.[61][62]

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ESRB:  Everyone 10+, EVERYONE 10+
Number of Players:  1 Player
Publisher:  Capcom
Developer:  Capcom
Console:  PSP
Genre:  2D Platformer
Release Date:  January 31, 2006
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