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Super Empire Strikes Back (Snes/Wii)

2 Ratings: 3.0
Super Empire Strikes Back, is the 2nd Super Star Wars game developed by LucasArts and JVC for the SNES.
1 review about Super Empire Strikes Back (Snes/Wii)

Super Empire Stikes back: Video Review

  • Aug 28, 2009
  • by

If you want you can read the un edited script below.

Hey gamers welcome to another Game Knights Video review. Super Empire strikes back is the 2nd Snes Star Wars game, with enhanced graphics and new features. This game is based after Star Wars Episode 5, After the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire is searching for the Rebel Base and discovers them on the Ice planet of Hoth. Super Star Wars 2, is basically the same side scrolling Action adventure game with more bells and whistles. Players start the game as Luke Skywalker and unlike the last game can use the Lightsaber right off the bat. As the game progresses you unlock a total of 9 Force powers. Although you only really use a few.  Like the last game you can play as 3 characters, Luke,Han and Chewbaka. The game is divided into side scrolling levels and mode 7 stages too. The only Flight sim is the Asteroid field which was fun. Unlike the last game, it has a lot more platforming stages and its the hardest of the Trilogy! In this game the bosses are beefer and Luke faces Darth Vader, in a pretty cool lightsaber duel.

Gameplay is virtually the same as the last game. You can shoot in multiple directions by pressing the y button. Each character can use Contra 3 style bombs and han and chewie can carry grenades, which you throw with the A button. The double jump has been improved all you do is tap b 2X. Luke's lightsaber has a lot of uses in this game. For one you can deflect enemy lazers while pressing down on the game pad and holding in the Y Button. Luke can deflect just about any attack in the game. You'll notice a bar in the right hand corner that says Force, by pressing select bring up the force menu then press L and R  to choose between 9 powers. Although only 6 of them are actually cool. Once you have you're power press the X button to use it. Flying is same as before with some improvements, for the Snow speeder stage you'll notice controlling the vehicle is a lot easier and kind of fun too. Just like the movies players need to take down the ATAT using the toe cables.

But brace you're self it is about to get worse. Lets start with the vechile stages, when fighting a lot of enemies the game slows down. Making it hard to manuever and avoid being hit. UGH! For some reason, the developer decided that the last game was not as hard enough. So they cranked up the difficulty to much. Infact Super Empire Strikes back Ive ranked as the 10th hardest game of all time! Even on easy gamers will still get pwnd time and time again! The enimies are 10X stronger then the last game and take a lot to kill and I mean a lot. The mini snow monsters can freeze you and then beat the crap out of you, What were they thinking. The Bosses in this game, unless you know how to beat them, they will frustrate the crap out of you. Especially the Probe,Chicken Walker,Dagobah moster and Darth Vader!

This games jump mechanic is horrible broken as well. It is just way to to sensitive and you die a lot because of jumping! Im not lying either, jumping in the last game was better then this. Its to the point you will wondering how in the world did I over shoot the platform again. Jumping isn't your fault its the engines! The Health power ups are scattered throughout levels and its next to impossible not to take damage when playing this game! Don't even get me started on the Health swords either, there are very few of those too! But wait it gets better, the blaster power ups are very hard to find and they only give you 2 per stage. TERRIFIC! Still out of all that crap the worst part about this game are Han and Chewie levels. If you thought playing as Luke was bad, atleast he had a Lightsaber to defend himself. These guys have nothing, and the developers cranked up the difficulty moe for them. Infact is so messed up, you can only beat it with a password! WOW and I mean wow!

Unlike the last review I don't really have many good things to say about it JVC and Lucas arts dropped the ball big time. All they had to do was improve the gameplay just a tad. Instead they did the opposite. -sigh- The hoth stages were a lot of fun and paid tribute to movie perfectly. I liked the Toe cable stuff and taking down ATATs. Loved the graphics for this game too, most impressive. Paul Webb returned to do the music and it was awesome yet again. Just like the last game there is a debug menu and you would be a fool not to use. I don't advise playing game cold turkey without cheating. Because even cheating the game is still insanely hard. Anyway the best cheat I would use is the all Force Powers at the title screen Quickly press X, B(2), Y, X, A(2) at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start before demonstration mode begins. Press Select during game play to access the powers of The Force.

Ok now lets talk about the Force powers they are great! Since power ups or so few, force health is a life saver and it doesn't take up that much power either. Saber control is awesome too and perfect for attack lots of storm troopers. Freeze is pretty cool and great for close combat. Turning invisible is awesome, although I only used it in bad Hoth levels. The best power up in this game elevation! Since the games jumping is hideous, this makes it all better. When you fall and you will, this is the only thing to save you're life. As long as you're force gage is full you can come back from accidentally falling in the game! Epic Win! So yeah the Force Powers namely Health and Elevation were my favs. Passwords are a great addition to this game too and you sadly will need them to skip the terrible Han and Chewie levels.

But even the passwords and cheats aren't enough to save this games Dark side. It has great Action adventure, bad platforming, Great Flight sim, decent vehicle stages, awesome music and sound, passwords,debug menu, force powers and playing with cheats makes it fun. Sadly its just to hard a game and has to many issues. So Game Knights gives Super Empire Strikes back a 6.5/10! I don't advise playing this game without cheats with cheats Id give it a 7.2/10. Only one Star Wars game remains Super Return of the Jedi! Well thanks so much for watching another Game Knights Video review. Keep it her for more of Swag's interviews and please listen to our Radio show every week. This is Kwing saying God bless and happy gaming until we meet again.


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