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Super Star Wars

3 Ratings: 4.0
Super Star Wars was the 1st in a trilogy of LucasArts Snes games based after the Star Wars movies

 New Super Star Wars game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is new on original factory sealed box.

Console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Genre: Action
1 review about Super Star Wars

Super Star Wars: Game Knights Vdieo Review

  • Aug 18, 2009
  • by

Below is the video review script for the Super Star Wars script.

Hey gamers its Kwing here bringing an extra specail Vc Review. The force is strong with Super Star Wars, and this marks the 1st Lucasarts game to appear on the Vc and a whole lot more are coming too.  Anyway Super Star Wars story is lossley based after the New Hope. The Empire has tracked down a rebel frigate and attacks it. During the Imperial boarding, an escape pod leaves the rebel ship and crash lands on the planet tatoine. Super Star Wars is a side scrolling Action Adventure game with some mode 7 vhicle stages and even an Impressive Death star flight sim trench run! Each stage has a 3 minute timer too. But no worries the more foes you blast the more likely that they will drop white clocks. I have never lost due to time expiring. This game has a total of 3 chractrers. Luke is the fatest ,Han has a better blaster then Luke and Chewie is the strongest character but also the slowest in the game. The whole point of this game is to run through the 11 levels blasting everything in your path, upgrading you're blaster and defeating  bosses.

The Game play is down right fantastic. At the start of game, players guide young skywalker through the deserts of tatoine armed with a blaster. In order to fire hold in the Y button. Much like the Contra games you can shoot in multiple directions as well. Super does have its share of platforming elements as well, players jump with the B button, to perfrom a spin jump hold up and jump at the same time. This will cause your character to jump a little higher. To use a theramle detanator press the X button. Later in the game, players can use Luke's Lightsaber. You bring out the saber with the A Button. While not a storng as an upgraded blaster, its pretty handy. Espeically when performing a spin jump. The mode 7 stages were ahead of thier time for ealry 3D SW dog fights. The controls are the same, Y Buton shoots and you steer with the game pad. This game is back during a time when developers made sure the gameplay was smooth as glass and then worry about the visuals later. How I miss thoughs days. 

However; this game does have some minor complaints from my end. 1st and for most I hated the sand speeder levels with a passion. While the may be visually appealing I feel that the controls suffer a lot. This stage rquires you to shoot the Jaw's collect hearts,dodge pits,rocks and pick up gas whenever possible. This stage is also really long and gets rather annoying. What makes the stage of hard is re filling your energy and gas, while duking it out with some nasty hoover bike angy Jaw whas! No thankyou. Even as a kid a possitively hated this stage, and 17 yrs latrer I still hate it. The other thing that annoys me is Luke's Lightsaber you can't use it to deflect lazers! What are you kidding me, up to this point, this was the most accuarte Star Wars game ever! Now it doesn't make this a bad game and like I said this is more of annoyance. This game is also pretty tuff, so it will take a few tries in order to beat the game.

Super Star Wars has a lot of increidable awesome things going for it. First this game had great music by Paul Webb, for an early 90s game this is the closest any SW game has ever come to being a great tribute to John Willams score. His music fit the game so well and it was a beautiful arrangement. The sound effects are spot on as well, to the sounds of blaster,lightsabers and even dying Jaw Yas! Lucastarts and JVC made sure this game was as authentic as possible. While the mode 7 stages where pretty cool The Death star had to be my favorite. If you hated the Sand Speeder then more reason to love flying an Xwing. This paved the way to the futrue Xwing and Tie fighter PC games. But the Super Star Wars blew gamers mind with the early 3D Death Star Trench run! Talk about WOW, considering all the early limitations of early 16 Bit games, this Flight sim was so awesome and really made the gamer feel like we where barreling down the Trench. I can't go any farther without talking about the Debug menu! Infact throughout this review you have seen me using it. Now Players could replay the game using an character they wanted on any stage, Use Luke's lightsaber, Blaster upgrades and skip levels! This was Genius! The game was already wickedly amazing with out this, but this was what made it a most have game. At the title screen input this code AAAA X BBBB Y XXXX A YYYY B. - a sound will play if you did it right. Then press Start to begin the game. You know the code worked when you can choose from three people, Luke, Han, and Chewie. For Stage Select, press Start then press Select on Controller two and you will finish the Stage immediately. Press L and R on Controller two to access the debug mode. How awesome was that, I loved being able to skip levels like the annoying Sand speeder stages to stuff I liked to play. As you can see I mainly played as Luke but occassionly I would switch to Han. Just being able to Debug the game was icing on the cake and made this game a most have.

Now that it is on the Wii's Vc this game you can not offord to be with out! It has soild Gameplay, 11 Levles, Awesome Music and Sound, very challeneging, 3 characters, Debug menu, Mode 7 stages, A Flight Sim and most importantly it is so addicting and wicked fun. That being said Game Knights gives Super Star Wars a 8.5/10, this was the closet thing for gamers to relive Star Wars in a video game 17 yrs ago and even after all this time it is still a great game. But being that its the 1st game in the series there are still 2 more Super Star Wars games to come and I hope you will enjoy those reviews soon. As always thanks so much for watching another of my GK reviews, be sure to keep checking back for my vids, please listen to our radio program every week too. This is Kwing saying God bless and happy gaming, until we meet again gamers.

Super Star Wars

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August 19, 2009
Actually, the Speeder stages are quite easy.  You only have to defeat a certain amount of Jawas and you can actually do it without wasting any gas or anything at all.  The only time I ever hit the gas is when I have to head for the Sandcrawler/Mos Eisley.  Aside from that, I don't recall ever actually having problems with the level.  If you rush head on into the frey as most people do, that seems to be why so many seem to have trouble.  But you actually barely have to move at all.  If you just simply wait for the Jawas come to you.  

In terms of the the lightsaber... I never used it, but I do understand why you can't actually deflect bullets.  The Super Star Wars games progress like the original trilogy.  In Super Star Wars, Luke is inexperienced.  He actually doesn't know how to deflect shots.  In the film he almost never uses the saber in and of itself.  On the other hand, in future games you can because he knows how (in Super Return of the Jedi Luke doesn't have a blaster at all).  So it seems understandable... but still a reasonable complaint.

August 18, 2009
I've never really been a Star Wars fan... But I totally had this game!  The SNES remains my favorite video game console to date, probably for nostalgia.  Oh, how your review brought back memories :)

By the way, something tells me that you'll like @Snootch's video game reviews.  He loves classic video games, too, and even wrote one about Lego Star Wars.
August 19, 2009
I still have my Super Nintendo and dozens of games to this very day.  Super Star Wars was among them.  The Super Nintendo is still my favorite video game console.  I still play it quite regularly.
August 20, 2009
I have mine, too! Don't play it as frequently as I'd like, but every time my gaming friends come over, they geek out. My favorite are my Mario games, especially Mario Kart!
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Super Star Wars
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