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1064 Ratings: 3.6
A social networking website.

Facebook is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004. The free-access website is privately owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. Users can join networks organized by city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with other … see full wiki

36 reviews about Facebook
review by . February 09, 2011
It seemed inevitable that a person who had made more friends online than off over the past 20 years would find her way to Facebook, but the question is--what took her so damned long? Well, I had heard all the bad things about FB (the hacking, privacy invasion, etc.) and none of the good things. I'd been receiving those "Hey why don't you join Facebook?" emails for a year or two and kept ignoring them.     Finally, in July 2010, I drove back to Alexandria, Virginia, my old stomping …
review by . July 11, 2011
When sharing can get out of hands!
Is there anyone who is still not on Facebook by now? Yes! Many of my personal friends. Having said that, they are possibly the minority rather than the majority in the world now.      So, I'll keep this short and simple. My take on Facebook.   I had an account on it for many years but I hardly logged in. The main reason being I don't really know a great many who are on it and I was residing in China for the last 4 years, I was logged out of it. It's banned!   …
review by . November 07, 2010
When I first created my Facebook profile, I did so in order to communicate with a few people who I met on the old (and seemingly ancient) Yahoo 360 social network. I had become quite good virtual friends with them and didn't want to lose touch with them whenever 360 shut down.    I believed that those few select people (six friends total), would be my entire world on Facebook. Soon enough, however, I started getting friend requests from people I hadn't seen since high school …
review by . January 20, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Global phenomenon? Yes. A scourge of every day life? Absolutely. Here's why you should follow my example and pull the plug on Zuckerberg's narcissistic ego-porn site.      So today I took the leap and unfriended myself from Facebook, which is ironic considering that I spend a major part of my time helping clients buy social media advertising - it's like being the drug dealer who won't touch the stuff. And it does strangely feel like I've disconnected …
review by . May 26, 2010
Social Networking has, for the most part, become a part of our everyday lives.  It's still in its infancy, though.  For most of us sites like Friendster and Myspace got us started in Social Networking, while other sites such as Amazon have adapted to becomeing more social networking like in a time that it's a big thing.  Yet when it comes to social networking no website stands out more than Facebook.  This is for several reasons.  Facebook has become a social networking …
review by . November 08, 2009
I realized very shortly after setting up my facebook account that I’d gotten myself into deep trouble. It was September, a little over a year ago. I found my thoughts racing, and usually heading straight back to my friend list. I obsessed over my profile even when I was doing other things; I remember going running by the lake and wondering almost the whole while which Elliott Smith quote defined me as a person. I learned to love chatting with three people at a time—when I’d see …
Quick Tip by . June 08, 2012
While this is convenient for finding and keeping in touch with old friends (or contacting people whom you don't have email addresses or phone numbers to contact with) or rapidly sending out survey questionairres for a college project, I hardly ever log on to Facebook due to the layout changes and clunky messaging system.    Also, I can't help but notice the unhealthy trend of people ONLY using Facebook to interact with others and the fact that so many are pouring in hours and …
Quick Tip by . June 01, 2012
Ouch!!! 40% LOSS for investors in its first 10 days of trading on the NASDAQ! More if you bought at the height of around $45 on its listing day!!!      I wrote a review of it (I know a bubble when I see one!) on the weekend after its listing looking for a price range of $25-28! It recorded a low of $26.83 yesterday (May 31) before a technical rebound at the close!       So, what's next?!        
Quick Tip by . May 21, 2012
It began trading on Nasdaq around $43 last friday. Today, in just a market day, over the weekend after Mark's wedding, it's trading at around $33!!! Lucky Mark who sold it at $38 with the help of Morgan Stanley! Not so lucky for the investors (retail or institutional) even if they are buying for the long term!!! They could have gotten it for $33 today or even less later!      PE of over 100?! Forget it!!! Are you sure you're that good a friend with Mark? ;-)   …
Quick Tip by . December 01, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
I'm on Facebook and I hate myself for it. The only reason I joined was because invitations from friends to events kept flying over my head, and when they asked where I was, they would always tell me it was on Facebook. Herein is the big problem I have with the site: People consider it all they need. Basic human decency and intimate, detailed conversation is being eschewed. But on the upside, I've made very useful connections with online friends and it allows me to keep up with the goings-on in Chicago, …
Quick Tip by . July 10, 2011
Too time consuming but there certainly are some slight perks to being on it! Well, some of my friends are and I like staying in touch with them, hehe...
Quick Tip by . December 10, 2010
I don't know why but I just can't muster any interest in Facebook. Spend the overwhelming majority of my online time here on Lunch. Find it much more scintillating.
Quick Tip by . December 17, 2010
Originally, I signed up for Facebook because I had heard it was a good way to keep in touch with friends I knew from school back when. In that regard, the site was a bit of a letdown, but I currently like it more than when I initially joined. While the site has become more commercial and there's been some controversy about the new privacy policy, I think that the site has opened up and allows for more creativity with their new applications.
Quick Tip by . October 12, 2010
It's addicting, but I have connected with a lot of old friends vie facebook!
Quick Tip by . October 19, 2010
fun site, but I encounter many errors in my searches and have to refresh or go to homepage often. Need an easier way to get out of chats when not interested.
Quick Tip by . October 04, 2010
A great social networking site for keeping up with old friends.
Quick Tip by . September 21, 2010
Great social networking site, surely soon to be surpassed by the next great idea. The stupid games are a drag, but easy enough to block. Far superior to the old MySpace - though having abandoned that I can't really comment on where MySpace might have made imporvements.
Quick Tip by . September 17, 2010
Make lots of friends. It's more fun that way. Blah blah blah blah blah
Quick Tip by . August 25, 2010
I love it. Mafia Wars is a great game; I am back in touch with high school and college classmates I had long since forgotten.
review by . January 09, 2009
There are many reasons why I love Facebook as a website and communication tool. It's easy to use, updated every few seconds, and provides hours upon hours of distraction and/or entertainment, depending on your current circumstance. It is so addicting that in college, many of my friends would temporarily suspend their accounts during finals week in order to better concentrate on their studies! Once it was all over, boom! They were back online with more zeal than ever before.     Personally, …
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
Yes, you'll find people who have an absurd number of friends (and if you join you're apt to get many a friend request by people you either don't know or had one conversation with a long time ago) and you can sit there saying, "No one REALLY has THAT many friends," but at the very least it is nice to connect with other people. Of course, you still have to be careful with peole who do things like create false profiles, post pictures of people that aren't them, etc. (or younger pictures) but it comes …
Quick Tip by . August 04, 2010
It is a good networking site if your very social on the internet, and they do offer allot of games. As for myself I have an account but don't actually go there allot, I did at first for a game but after that was over there wasn't much left on there that interested me. But then again I am not a social butterfly via cyber.
Quick Tip by . July 12, 2010
i have all my friends and i jiust love it. its the place we all hang out when wqere in different states
Quick Tip by . July 03, 2010
Great way to interact with friends and family!
Quick Tip by . May 22, 2010
There have been a lot of negative news about facebook recently but no one can deny they revolutionized the social networking genre
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