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1 rating: 3.0
Visual voicemail service for every phone.

YouMail is an independent visual voicemail provider, providing phone users with a voicemail system independent of their traditional wireless or landline carriers. Standard features of independent voicemail providers include webmail-like voicemail access … see full wiki

1 review about YouMail

Visual Voicemail w/OUT an iPhone - there's an app for that

  • Aug 17, 2009
  • by
The voicemail roll in.  There's one from my mom.  There's that telemarketer or is that a bill collector?  My boss want something and WOAH, that girl is calling me back.  Do I really want to listen to all of these in the order that they came in?  The answer is no and I don't have to, thanks to YouMail.

When the iPhone came out, Visual Voicemail was the biggest thing that they brought to the table.  I quickly hit the Internet and found out that there are 3rd party companies offering to upgrade the voicemail service offered by your phone company.  I chose YouMail and here's what I think.

ANY Phone, ANYwhere Access to your voicemail.

With YouMail, you are not limited to calling in to get your voicemail.  You can still do that, but come on, you have OPTIONS now.
  • Email - you can have YouMail send you an email with an MP3 attachment of your voicemail
  • Web - you can log into your account and manage your voicemail in a visual way
  • Phone Application - there are already applications for Google's Android, Blackberry AND the iPhone (hmmmm, an "upgrade" to Apple's service?).  A Windows Mobile application is in the works as well
  • Voice to text - this seems cool, but I can't comment because this is a paid add-on feature that I haven't activated.
Are you in love with voicemail by YouMail yet?  Wait...there's more!

Share & Spread The Love

With YouMail you can forward voicemails to an email address.  This works for when some crazy woman threatens to kill you on voicemail...forward it to your lawyer and get that handy restraining order.  Forward on that request from your client/customer that also happens to mention how amazing you are.  The boss now knows too.

Personalized Greetings

This really puts the YOU in YouMail.  YouMail uses the CallerID information to see who is calling and gives you the ability to have individual messages for specific people or groups of people.  You might mention that you can't answer the phone because you are out volunteering at that foundation that saves abandoned puppies to give to sick children for the women in your life.  Yeah...that's a good plan.  You can go crazy if you want - have a sweet message for your mom and do some smack talk on the the greeting that your favorite Ohio State Buckeye fan will hear. 

I don't bother with recording too many special greetings, I let the power of YouMail technology wow my peeps for me.  The same CallerID technology is used to have the automated attended use the callers name in the greeting!  It IS as cool as it sounds, in case you were wondering! 


Telemarketers get you down?  Crazy ex phone stalking you.  Well, use "ditchmail".  You can leave whatever rude greeting you'd like and THEN...here's the best part...you can have it hang up on them without letting them leave a message.  Brilliant!  I haven't used this feature yet, but I giggle at the prospect of being ABLE to.  Mwa-ah-hah.

Free For All The World - Except the "Now Network"

Oh yeah...this is great for ALMOST everyone.  Sprint charges for forwarding the call to YouMail.  That's all voicemail is, is forwarding the call to your  voicemail provider. 

The setup was very easy and the site includes step-by-step instructions in case it proves to be more than you can handle, but it really is easy.

So, come on ditch your boring old voicemail and get YouMail and then give me your digits, cuz I know you'll have a special greeting JUST for me and would never use that ditchmail on good 'ole JD.  You wouldn't do that would you?  

What did you think of this review?

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August 17, 2009
I love all your crazy stories and possible scenarios!  Makes me wonder where the inspiration came from -- eHarmony? OkCupid? Plenty of Fish? :P  This service sounds perfect for someone with a hectic life.  I'm curious though, why'd you give it a +3 if it sounds so awesome?
August 17, 2009
Ha ha...I have crazy stories from everywhere...including your beloved Trader Joes. I am trying to find a way to write those stories into a review somehow. You *know* I have nuttiness coming from eHarmony. I've even dipped my toe into the dating pools of OkCupid and POF, but you forgot another FREE one that I used and actually met someone interested. Check out downtoearth.com. OK, the 3 is because even though I like the service, there are improvements to be made. For example, the lack of a Windows Mobile application bugs me to no end. Apple already has Visual Voicemail, heck they made it popular. The Blackberry, I get, but ANDROID??? Seriously, they thought that developing for Android 1st would pack a bigger punch that WinMo. It doesn't make sense and since I have a WinMo phone...well...grrrrr. Also, no native app meant that I needed to download another program (blackballer), that I'll be reviewing soon. Beyond the poor development choices, I think the paid add-on for for voice to text transcription is both overpriced and limiting. You have to PAY for the service, but you only get so many messages. Google Voice offers this service for free so I don't think there is a cost disadvantage for scaling that part of the service to include ALL voicemails in the transcription service. Finally, I think if you are going to be in the **visual** voicemail game, the site should be more **visually** appetizing. So, you see, I like the work they've done thus far, but it is still a developing product, in my opinion. (Maybe I should update the review with this information, huh?)
August 17, 2009
I've never even heard of downtoearth.com before!  And that's weird that they would create an app for Windows Mobile before anything else and pay for add ons (you better be receiving hecka messages!).  Bleh, time to switch over to Google Voice?  And yes, perhaps you should update your review with this info :P  Thanks for your comment, helps me weigh out my voicemail options!
August 17, 2009
1.  DownToEarth is yet another free dating site.  I dabbled and dared to meet someone on it and she's pretty freakin cool so far.  We'll see...

2.  They did NOT create a Windows Mobile app and that's what drives me crazy.  Thankfully, I can still navigate the browser based on the phone or the computer or click on an attachment in an email or just call into voicemail as per the old way.

3.  The only add-on to pay for so far is the voicemail to text transcritpion.

4.  Google Voice has some advantages and some disads too.  #1 - you need to get a new number to really utilize the service, #2 - they don't have the Caller ID/Personalized greeting thing that I think is so cool about YouMail   #3 - they have NO applications developed, for anyone...except maybe their own Android, but it's built-in and not a download.

What kind of phone do you have?
August 17, 2009
Oooh, good luck with DownToEarth!  And thanks for all the info!  I currently have a cellphone from the dark ages, but my contract is going to be up in a couple of months, so I've been shopping around and exploring my options.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stick with AT&T, but beyond that, I'm still trying to figure out the specifics of what phone, plan, and options I want.  I've got time though!
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