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The Top Ten Films of the Decade

  • Dec 2, 2009
  • by
Following my top ten albums, here's my ten favorite films of the decade.
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Where to begin? Superficially, it's a fantastic sex comedy/road trip movie/coming of age film, some of the most well-worn genres in filmmaking, but chances are the viewer won't even notice that it fits into those genres. The performances of the three leads are uniformly magnificent, and the drama, or even melodrama, never seems forced, and leads to a climax that's shocking, funny, necessary, joyous, and tragic all at once.

But that initial description doesn't even get into the undertones of class and race which pervade the film, nor the expertly accomplished foreshadowing. It's not just my favorite film of the decade, but probably my favorite of all time (primary competition: The Seven Samurai and The Big Lebowski.)
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Pan's Labyrinth
The fantasy genre doesn't lend itself well to movies, for whatever reason. Before this decade, fantasy films were much more likely to end up on MST3K or, at best, in a "Most Nostalgic Kids Films of the 80's" list. Perhaps it's the Spanish-language tendency towards "magical realism" instead of the English-language trend towards Tolkein and Dungeons & Dragons, but Pan's Labyrinth shatters those expectations almost immediately, by melding a little girl's personal fairy tale to a horrific, violent chapter of the Spanish Civil War in beautiful and unexpected ways. And I'll challenge anyone not to choke up at the ending....
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In the Mood for Love
Director Wong Kar-Wai's films are less stories than sensory experiences. What is it that makes In the Mood for Love so great? I can barely remember the story, and even specific scenes flow in and out of my memory. But what I remember are feelings - most specifically, the feeling of longing and inablity to act on that longing which pervade the film. Also, Maggie Cheung's dresses.
No Country for Old Men
The most tense thriller with the most frightening villain, certainly. Also, slightly more bizarrely, the Coen Brothers' major foray into the mainstream. But it's the little touches, and the minor characters. Tommy Lee Jones' narration and actions - or lack thereof - transcend the thriller and turn it into a meditation on live, as does Kelly Macdonald's final monologue and choice. The rare Best Picture Oscar to fully deserve the award.
Children of Men
Apparently I love Alfonso Cuaron, who directed both this and Y Tu Mama Tambien (as well as the third Harry Potter film). And, in many ways, I like both films for similar reasons: they work on the superficial genre level as well as on deeper intellectual and symbolic levels. Children of Men is an effective science fiction action movie as well as a stellar vision of dystopia, while also serving as religious metaphor, warning of fascism, and the old adage to beware becoming your enemy in order to defeat it.

It ends on one of the most intense and incredible scenes of the decade, a drawn out gunfight in a prison camp, shot mostly in a single take on a handheld camera following the protagonist's attempts to survive the chaos. And out of that, it builds a moment of epic, unexpected beauty.
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Pixar has always made great children's films, easily enjoyable by adults as well as young 'uns. WALL-E, on the other hand, starts out as simply a fantastic, almost experimental film. The opening third is almost totally free of dialogue, but filled with intense charm, humor, and sadness. As it segués into a more conventional madcap cartoon, it loses a bit of the experimental charm, but maintains its good humor.
Hot Fuzz (Widescreen Edition) (2007)
Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost, the creative team behind Hot Fuzz as well as Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, understand what the "Movie Movie" people don't: in order to do an effective parody, you have to like the source material, and in order to do an effective movie, you have to have likeable characters.

Hot Fuzz takes the buddy action movie tropes and turns them into both an effective, hilarious parody and a kickass action movie at the same time.
Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy
As a nerd and a fantasy fan, I knew many, many Lord of the Rings fans who were deathly afraid of the new movies. The trend of terrible fantasy movies beforehand, as well as the utter collapse of the previous Ralph Bakshi attempts, gave them good reason to be scared. So it came as an complete shock that when The Fellowship of the Ring came out, it wasn't simply not-bad, it was fantastic. As was The Two Towers, and perhaps most of all, The Return of the King.
The Man Who Wasn't There (2002)
The Man Who Wasn't There is often lost in discussions of the Coen Brothers' best films, and it's easy to see why, when compared to the madcap Big Lebowski, dark comedy of Fargo, or the thrills of No Country For Old Men. It is a much subtler film, held together by Billy Bob Thornton's taut lead performance. It's superficially a film about going through the motions, and then rejecting going through the motions, and as a film, it does that itself.
Battle Royale: Director's Cut (Collector's
Okay, I'll be real here: Battle Royale probably isn't the tenth best film of the decade. Perhaps Superbad or The Royal Tennenbaums or A Scanner Darkly or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Primer might be better. But Battle Royale is just so odd, distinctive, grimy, and awesome, it's almost impossible to ignore. Unreleased in the States (though acquirable if you care to look), it's the story of a Japanese class who, in order to fulfill some socio-political imperative, are released onto an island and forced to kill each other until only one survives. It sounds like total schlock, and it succeeds at that. But it also manages to succeed at being emotionally affecting, thanks to sympathetic directing. 

What did you think of this list?

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January 13, 2010
Liking that another Coen fan can give some lipservice and get The Man Who Wasn't There out there. I may not have loved it but didn't think it's bad the way others have. Nice list of original choices. It's so easy to see lists get cluttered with the same choices and it's sickening sometimes.
January 13, 2010
Thanks! The Man Who Wasn't There is kind of hard to love, but I think it's really effective at doing what it's trying to do. And this Thornton singer guy can act, too.
January 13, 2010
Finally! Someone who appreciated KISS KISS BANG BANG. Everywhere I go people are down on that film and I can't see why. BARTON FINK is an often overlooked Coen Brothers' film to, but of course it's not of the right decade.
January 13, 2010
I dunno why people are down on it either. This is how I heard it was great: http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-new-cult-...ss-kiss-bang-bang,2300/ I have seen the edited version on TBS and it does lose some of its manic hilarity. So that could be why.
January 13, 2010
TV'll kill almost anything. I can see why that article turned you on to the film. I liked the way it referenced film makers like John Sayles (one of my favorites) barely making a living while he raked in obscene paychecks. =)
December 05, 2009
Nice list. The Man Who Wasn't There is definitely an overlooked film. I also like the shout out to Primer which is simply an amazing film on so many levels (never mind the original idea....but the music and cinematography are superb and illustrates what can be done on a shoestring budget...also...great dvd commentary).
December 03, 2009
I've seen about half the movies on your list. I really liked them too. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to me is in a class way above the other movies on the list It is like including Michael Jordan on a list of NBA all-stars. While they are really good, Michael is in the stratosphere. I haven't seen In the Mood For Love or Battle Royale but will try to see them. Thanks for the recommendations.
December 03, 2009
I really can't imagine anyone not liking Battle Royale, though I'm almost certainly wrong about that. In the Mood for Love is more of an acquired taste - comparing it to, say, Lord of the Rings would be like comparing a poem to novel. You can do it on word choice but not much else.
December 03, 2009
Hot Fuzz is brilliant - it is so good and so funny. A brilliant parody - better than the original movies it parodies.
December 03, 2009
I agree wholeheartedly. I also loved the first half of Shaun of the Dead, but I thought that it went downhill in the second half, so Hot Fuzz is here. Have you seen Spaced?
December 03, 2009
Holy crap someone else actually heard of Y Tu Mama Tambien.  I'm shocked an amazed.  That's one of my favorite movies of all time!
December 03, 2009
I suppose it's probably pretty unknown if people don't know foreign films - lots of people do - but I guess I hang out with snobby types who know it. It's so great.
December 03, 2009
Interesting list. I'm glad that Royal Tennanbaum's at least got a reference from you. One of my personal favorites.
December 03, 2009
Had I done the list when I saw each movie, it would have been high up there. But since I saw it initially, I've seen Rushmore, which I thought was incredible and superior, and also reviewings of Royal Tennenbaums have not been as entertaining. Which is sad, cause I really did love it the first time around.
December 03, 2009
I love both Royal Tennebaums and Rushmore. I can watch either of them (or at least parts of them) over and over and over.
December 03, 2009
For instance, I've watched the intro many times and feel it is one of the best introductions of any movie, ever. Here's my review: Royal Tenenbaums Intro
December 03, 2009
Yeah, I don't disagree that it's occasionally marvelous - I just was somewhat disappointed upon viewing it the second and third times. My favorite Wes Anderson scene, though, is the pirate fight in The Life Aquatic. Just comic gold.
December 05, 2009
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