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Steve Davidson (Crotchetyoldfan)
took a poll "Which is your favorite Genre Show?"   June 25, 2011
took a poll "Who's your Doctor?"   June 25, 2011
commented on review of Quatermass and the Pit, "It's new (old) to me: Quatermass and the Pit".   June 25, 2011
commented on review of The Door into Summer, "Futures Passed of Days Long Passed".   April 24, 2011
posted "One of Science Fictions Greatest Comedies" about The Flying Sorcerers.   March 17, 2011
One of Science Fictions Greatest Comedie
   I love science fiction humor - when it's done well, and Flying Sorcerers is one of the best.       SF comedy
posted "What Else Does An Ex-Empress With Her Own Pocket Space Battlecruiser Do?" about Space Mercenaries.   March 07, 2011
What Else Does An Ex-Empress With Her Ow
   Space Mercenaries by A. Bertram Chandler is the sequel (tho easily stand-alone) novel to The Empress of Outer Space, and continues the ad
commented on review of The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 film), "A friendly warning from outer space".   March 05, 2011
started a discussion "Military SF article Fighting a Losing Battle by Andrew Liptak" in SF Signal   March 01, 2011
posted "Firefly & Serenity: Comparing the book to the movie" about Firefly - The Complete Series.   February 27, 2011
Firefly & Serenity: Comparing the book t
Up until about half a year ago or so, I'd managed to avoid Firefly.  Sure I'd heard lots of fans saying great things about it and I was c
posted "The Last Colony - much better than a high colonic" about The Last Colony.   February 27, 2011
The Last Colony - much better than a hig
Entering the tiger's den with bacon taped all over my body... I have to confess that John Scalzi is the first 'new' science fiction aut
posted "(The Day the Earth Stood Still) My Stomach Turned" about The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008 film).   February 27, 2011
(The Day the Earth Stood Still) My Stoma
Where to begin? As one of the most vocal critics of the concept of 'remakes', I felt that it was only fair to the new version of TDTESS, and t
posted "This is Not My Kirk" about Star Trek (2009).   February 27, 2011
This is Not My Kirk
How is it that a film that has been so anticipated, has had so much money and hype devoted to it ends up on the screen with a continuity error in the
posted "Climbing Up Satan's Hairy Leg" about Escape from Hell.   February 27, 2011
Climbing Up Satan's Hairy Leg
I have just completed Niven & Pournelle's sequel to INFERNO - ESCAPE FROM HELL. And I am at a loss as to exactly how to proceed with this rev
posted "Canada's best collects Canada's best" about Distant Early Warnings.   February 27, 2011
Canada's best collects Canada's best
Distant Early Warings - Canada's Best Science Fiction Edited by Robert J Sawyer Robert J. Sawyer Books $22.95 308 Pages - fiction & poetry
posted "If you want to combine three themes in one film, make sure to keep track of all three" about Zombieland.   February 27, 2011
If you want to combine three themes in o
   I managed to catch Zombieland the other day (last week in fact) and, despite the box office receipts and despite my personal reluctance
commented on review of Avatar (2009 film), "Avatar: A Stand-in for an SF movie".   February 27, 2011
posted "Don't EVER give up your hobbies" about The Galaxy Being.   February 27, 2011
Don't EVER give up your hobbies
   There is nothing wrong with the internet.   Do not attempt to reboot.   The Crotchety Old Fan is controlling trans
posted "There's a Fungus Among Us" about Finch by Jeff VanderMeer.   February 27, 2011
There's a Fungus Among Us
      Well. I have to say that it is really nice to be able to write a positive, if not positively raving, review. But first, ca
posted "Avatar: A Stand-in for an SF movie" about Avatar (2009 film).   February 27, 2011
Avatar: A Stand-in for an SF movie
I finally managed to get in to see it today, a week and two days after opening. Karen went with me and we opted for the non-Imax 3D version. I don&#
posted "Son of the Man Who Fell to Earth and ended up on the Moon instead" about Moon (2009 movie).   February 27, 2011
Son of the Man Who Fell to Earth and end
   I finally got to see this much talked about, minimalist science fiction film from debut director David Bowie's Son (Duncan Jones).
posted "Eli's Coming..." about The Book of Eli.   February 27, 2011
Eli's Coming...
      Real short:  watch it if you get a chance. Slightly longer: The Story of the Christ meets Mad Max The Road Warrior.
posted "The Outer Limits meets the Manchurian Candidate" about The 100 Days of the Dragon.   February 27, 2011
The Outer Limits meets the Manchurian Ca
   The Outer Limits Episode 2: The 100 Days of the Dragon Hundred Days of the Dragon is the second episode of the original Outer Lim
posted "We have met the enemy and he is us" about The Architects of Fear.   February 27, 2011
We have met the enemy and he is us
One of my all-time favorite episodes and one of the best "monsters" ever created for the show (although the jelly-creature was pretty awe-i
posted "Outer Limits Episode O.B.I.T. - amazingly prescient" about OBIT.   February 27, 2011
Outer Limits Episode O.B.I.T. - amazingl
O.B.I.T. Boy I bet that the NSA wishes they could have an Outer Band Individuated Teletracer OBIT (I'll dispense with the periods) is another
posted "This 'Road' Should Be Less Traveled" about The Road (book).   February 27, 2011
This 'Road' Should Be Less Traveled
I recently finished Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD, a highly praised and award-winning novel that was made into a film that spent all of maybe two hou
posted "The dead rise as superhero" about Zombieman Zero.   February 27, 2011
The dead rise as superhero
ZombieMan Zero was brought to my attention by a viral video featuring Zombieman Zero and nemesis Gearhead from Xomix Comix: After looking into it a b
posted "With Great Power, now Masked" about With Great Power.   February 27, 2011
With Great Power, now Masked
      EDIT: It wasn't too long after the review went up that the publishers informed me that the title of the anthology has be
posted "Ra Ra Ree, Kick 'em in the Knee, Ra Ra Ras, Go Mutants!" about Go, Mutants!.   February 27, 2011
Ra Ra Ree, Kick 'em in the Knee, Ra Ra R
        Available June 22, 2010   ECCO/Harper Collins   254 pages   $23.99 Larry Doyle is th
posted "I'd Rather not Know this film" about Knowing.   February 27, 2011
I'd Rather not Know this film
I finally got around to watching this excuse for a Nicolas Cage film, courtesy of RedBox DVD rentals. It was my first time using Redbox as well, whic
posted "Watch out for the Leeches" about Predators I Have Known.   February 27, 2011
Watch out for the Leeches
First, the preliminaries.  Thanks to Matt Staggs for bringing this book to my attention and for giving me the opportunity to review it, as well
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