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Jeffery Massey (jmasseysr)
posted a comment on list, "Top Scifi / Fantasy Movie Soundtracks".   March 05, 2011
posted "Unstuck in time...Alternate Reality" about The Illustrated Man.   March 05, 2011
Unstuck in time...Alternate Reality
Ray Bradbury's haunting tale [reminiscent of "Sailing to Byzantium] is a precursor for altered states of reality & the question of what i
posted "Man & Machine: The Pinnochio Theory" about Robby the Robot.   March 05, 2011
Man & Machine: The Pinnochio Theory
Forbidden Planet star was the embodiment of Asimov's Laws of Robotics & the "Positronic Brain. Before Hal 9000, Star Trek's Dr. Daest
posted "Knock, Knock, Who's There?" about Invisibile Man.   March 05, 2011
Knock, Knock, Who's There?
Along with "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" this seminal scifi creation not only alludes to human nature to become separated from accountability
posted "Lensmen Series" about Inertia Drive from E.E. Doc Smith's The Lensman.   March 05, 2011
Lensmen Series
Inertia drive allowed for the space vessels to go "Free" & thereby move without speed or motion. The Lensman series created a sometimes
created a list "Greatest Discoveries/inventions in SciFi literary history".   March 05, 2011
posted a comment on list, "Top SciFi Movies".   March 05, 2011
posted a comment on list, "Top SciFi Movies".   March 05, 2011
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