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Fahrenheit 451

332 Ratings: 3.5
A novel by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury which was first published in 1953.      The novel presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic and critical thought through reading is outlawed. The central … see full wiki

Author: Ray Bradbury
Genre: Intelligent Science Fiction, Political and Social Satire
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Date Published: 1966
41 reviews about Fahrenheit 451
Quick Tip by . June 23, 2010
must read classic
Quick Tip by . June 22, 2010
This book was fascinating.
Quick Tip by . June 21, 2010
Shocking idea. Unfortunately the movie doesn't age as well as the book.
Quick Tip by . June 19, 2010
This is still one of the better books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. I loved this. The characters were memorable and the plot was just so driven.
Quick Tip by . June 19, 2010
Liked this a lot growing up!
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
absolutely one of the finest pieces of science fiction to filter through into the mainstream.
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
Americans NEED to read this book. So take the seashell out of your ear, turn off the 4 walls and go get the book. The ORIGINAL, not the censored version.
Quick Tip by . June 16, 2010
A frighteningly powerful book about the dangers of loss of control, creativity and freedoms.
Quick Tip by . June 15, 2010
This is a fantastic book. I confess to not having read it until I was an adult, and I was sorry I'd waited so long.
Quick Tip by . June 15, 2010
While reading it, I had to keep reminding myself the dystopia genre and the book's message weren't so worn out at the time it was written. I think it would be more timeless if the characters were more memorable.
Quick Tip by . June 14, 2010
No like it, books cannot have something in science fiction theyre old. unless they do something besides burn.
review by . October 07, 2009
   Written in 1950, released in 1953 in novel form, Fahrenheit 451 is a sobering depiction of a future caught in the steel trap of censorship.  Protagonist Guy Montag is a fireman.  No, all houses in the future are fireproof, so these firemen pull hoses that shoot kerosene.  Books are illegal in the future and any found must be burned into non existence.  Bradbury's image of a world that moves so fast that billboards are literally elongated so the speedy motorists can …
Quick Tip by . October 07, 2009
One of my all-time favorites, this is a must-read classic!
review by . July 16, 2007
While many people consider Ray Bradbury to be a science fiction writer, that is a very inaccurate and incomplete categorization. He is a master storyteller, in many ways I consider him superior to Asimov and Heinlein, because he is better able to take an effective turn to the dystopia or macabre genres.    This book is truly one of the best unfortunate futuristic or dystopia stories ever written. Montag is a fireman, only now they start fires rather than put them out. The job of the fire …
review by . April 06, 2001
It's hard to believe this little book by the famed Ray Bradbury has been around for about fifty years. I remember kids talking about this book just a few years ago when I was in high school and remember thinking it was some great new work of sci-fi. With all the changes in our society and culture the past few years (from the Internet to digital television), FAHRENHEIT 451 is more significant today than it was forty years ago.The plot of the story is simple. Guy Montag is a fireman. However, in the …
review by . October 14, 2000
Pros: Everything     Cons: Such things are actually going on as you read this!     Instead of choosing one from the frighteningly long list of books frequently banned in America, I have chosen a novel which surprisingly does not appear on the list. Fahrenheit 451 is perhaps the definitive word on censorship, as well as the most terrifying novel I have ever read...      Set in an ominous future where entertainment comes from wall sized televisions …
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