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Uplift War by David Brin

4 Ratings: 4.3
Sci-Fi novel by David Brin

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War for the Genetic Future of the GALAXY!

  • Jan 24, 2011
  • by
David Brin's Uplift universe is definitely a BIG CONCEPT paradigm.  Primitive Earthlings stumble upon advanced civilizations that haven't just existed for millions of years but BILLIONS of years.  Not only that but they have been engaged in genetic engineering to create more intelligent species all of that time.  But humans had already started doing that with chimpanzees and dolphins before the encounter with the advanced aliens so they are upset about primitive Wolflings aping their culture without being taught.

The Uplift War is the third and best book of a trilogy.  The first book Sundiver takes place on Earth and a special ship diving into the Sun, hence the name.  But that story takes place 200 years before The Uplift War and Startide Rising.  The last two books occur at pretty much the same times but it is events shortly preceding the action in Startide Rising that cause all of the troubles in both tales.  SR is a tale of uplifted dolphins.  Apparently they discover something on a mission of exploration, that being what missions of exploration are for.  But when this discovery gets reported the old Galactic clans get their feathers all in a ruff, even those that don't have feathers and proceed to chase the dolphins across the galaxy.  That chase is what happens in SR.

But some alien birds try a different strategy and poke their beaks into a human colony world called Garth and there hangs our tale with flying feathers and roasted bird.  Garth has been colonized by humans and chimpanzees but the Galactics only allowed this because it is a Holocaust World.  A supposedly uplifted carnivorous species was settled on Garth thousands of years earlier and went mad destroying the ecosystem and higher life forms.  Humans were given the job of trying to repair the damage.  The avian alien invaders want to hold the humans on Garth hostage to force the cheeky dolphins to give up their treasure, whatever it is.  But the people on Garth hardly know anything about it, they are just caught in the crossfire.  Crazy Birds!

Although The Uplift War is the third book in the series I think it is fine if it is the first or only book from the series that is read.  I found the beginning of Sundiver quite confusing in terms of comprehending the galactic politics and humans place in it.  This book makes that quite clear even though it is 200 years later.  But this story has more breadth of environment and depth of character in presenting the power politics of the galaxy.  But it does show that primates come through when the chimps are down.

Although this is not really a first contact novel the aliens come across as "realistic", interesting and different.  What are realistic aliens?  Hey, I am from another planet.  I'm an expert. The only comparable work I know of is Nor Crystal Tears by Allen Dean Foster.  The dumb birds are not just stereotypical Evil Aliens.  They have their own "rational" objective from their perspective of reality and their place in it.  Who do these upstart humans think they are?  But the humans do have a couple of alien allies both animal and vegetable.  There is even a little time for some interspecies sex.  Where is Commander Ryker when you really need him?

This is a somewhat convoluted plot with war, crimes more war and more crimes but the crimes make it possible to bribe an enemy into changing sides in the end.  Never let a good crime go to waste.

The significance of this story to the REAL WORLD is the genetic engineering aspect.  There is the human genome project and there is no reason that it can only be done with humans.  Beware of Super Mice!


So who is deciding what to do with this stuff?
War for the Genetic Future of the GALAXY! War for the Genetic Future of the GALAXY! War for the Genetic Future of the GALAXY!

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Uplift War by David Brin
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