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Gantz: Perfect Answer

A movie directed by Shinsuke Sato

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GANTZ II: PERFECT ANSWER Gets A Bit Closer to the Bulls-eye

  • Jun 4, 2012
  • by
NOTE: If you’re here to read this review and you’re at a loss in the slightest, then you may want to go and check out my review for GANTZ, the first installment, as these two films are so closely tied together in terms of plot, characters, and continuity that you’d almost have to see the first one before fully appreciating the second.

Fresh-faced hero Kei (played by Kazunari Ninomiya) and several other members of the Gantz team – those trapped in an existential limbo where they must fight and defeat aliens in order to score points in exchange for their lives and dreams – are back in top form.  However, this time out, the stakes are raised as a police investigator shows up (he was hinted at in the conclusion of the first film), wanting to know what’s going on.  Also, the mission this time becomes very personal as a young girl emerges as the dramatic link to Gantz’s survival in our universe. 

In short, if you liked the first film, you’re bound to find much to love about the second one.  These two stories are tightly woven together, and I would venture to guess that coming in at the second part will leave the viewer asking more questions than is healthy for enjoyment.  Furthermore, if you had some reservations with the pacing of the first film (as I did to a limited degree), then you’ll be very much pleased with most of GANTZ II; the pacing – especially in the first hour – is much improved.  This is largely due to the fact that most of the involved characters and situations have already been explained (compliments of the first picture), so the audience is thrust into the excitement much more efficiently.  Also, the shots are much tighter thanks to the settings chosen this time around, so it’s easier to heighten the tension and emotion wherein the team does their duty.
Still, there are a handful of shortcomings to the film, and most of them (for my tastes) center around editing.  Simply put, the film is two hours and twenty minutes, and that’s arguably about twenty minutes too long.  Clearly, it’s all intended as light-hearted entertainment – though there is a central message about sacrifice – and, as a consequence, some trimming would’ve made everything move at a brisk pace.  The first hour of the film is practically perfect – the subway action sequence is particularly exciting as well as emotionally riveting – but, in the set-up for the big climax, we’re once again back into too much ‘establishment mode.’  Essentially what happens is that several new characters force the story into an entirely new direction; while it’s stimulating, I think director Shinsuke Sato took too much time with some elongated sequences.  After all, you can only show a room-sized menacing black sphere so many times before the audience GETS it.  Move along already!  I suspect each of these action pieces were heavily choreographed individually, and, as a result, they’re all given too much detail, too much exposure; instead of ratcheting up tension, they made me want to scream at the small screen.  It’s a small choice, but I thought the small choice really drew out the effectiveness to the point of absurdity.
I’ll admit that you may see the end coming if you’re watching closely (I did, but I’m an alert film viewer).  This is not to say it’s disappointing in the slightest.  One could argue that it’s the only one that made perfect sense for these characters and the world they built.  Is there an opening for all of this to continue?  Of course, there is.  Should it?  That’s a query best left to each of us, but I’d rather they left it all right where it is: a suitable conclusion to a title little sci-fi epic about making life’s hardest choices and who stands to gain from those decisions.  Thematically, it’s not dissimilar to, say, THE MATRIX trilogy … except that GANTZ makes much more sense.
GANTZ II: PERFECT ANSWERS is a production of Nikkatsu, Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV), Shueisha, and the Toho Company.  The disc distribution is handled through New People Entertainment.  The release is a two-disc edition, with the first disc containing the film with both Japanese & English dubbing (English subtitles are available).  The second disc contains an exclusive director’s interview, along with cast profiles and movie trailers.  It all looks and sounds exceptional; picture quality is superb, and the special effects are top-notch.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Despite some (still) plodding editing (like the first film) and some action sequences toward the climax that stretch on a bit longer than necessary, GANTZ II: PERFECT ANSWER is the near-perfect culmination of this two-part tale – a perfect answer for how game-influenced film should work: relatable characters with relatable struggles all set against a backdrop that requires them to totally kick butt.  It’s a welcome diversion – this tale of two existences, both in our world but entirely separate – and it’s worth the time and investment.
In the interests of fairness, I’m pleased to disclose that the fine folks at MediaLab Public Relations provided me with a DVD screener copy of GANTZ II: PERFECT ANSWER by request for the expressed purposes of completing this review.
GANTZ II: PERFECT ANSWER Gets A Bit Closer to the Bulls-eye

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June 05, 2012
One thing I really liked about this chapter is that crazy subway fight sequence. I understood that they probably wanted to keep some things under wraps since the Manga isn't even done yet. Have you seen the anime?
June 05, 2012
Oh, no kidding. That subway sequence was awesome. I haven't seen the anime. I wasn't even aware that there was one. Any good?
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