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reviewed Tompkins Square. May 01, 2013
posted in The Bluff
Tompkins Square
Looks like the whole gang is here...don't mind if i chime in. Indeed that was a gutsy review by bateman, dishonoring our beloved lmu gem of a bar;gutsy but justified and i wouldnt expect it from anyone but baitman, who tends to put all his cards on the table regardless of how they may play out, an admirable quality in my opinion. I can only hope this review is half as gutsy yours bateman. Back to …
posted a Quick Tip about Apple Inc.. February 07, 2013
Apple Inc.
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm NOT a fanboy for Microsoft and PCs, I just hate Apple.      I don't like Apple for many reasons.  One of them is for the fact that for what you get in the products they sell, you get horribly price-gouged.  I'm not joking, I have an Alienware Aurora gaming desktop with an i7 Quad Core 2.66 gHz processor, dual …
posted a Quick Tip about Banyan Tree Bangkok. September 08, 2012
Banyan Tree Bangkok
It would have been in negative territory if not saved by a few of its friendly and hospitable staff!   The hotel is in subpar standard and not well kept. Unfortunately, Banyan Tree precedes its own reputation in the past and that has created a letdown experience.      Too many frustrations during check-in and leave a bitter aftertaste. Other than that, there are something …
posted a Quick Tip about Moo Business Cards. August 10, 2011
Moo Business Cards
I gave Moo another trial after the last undelivered order as I like some artwork by one of its designers and there was a discount of some 30%. From order to arrival, it takes some 3 weeks from London to Hong Kong. That is taking a tad too long as far as I'm concerned. The discount was only a few dollars after deducting the shipping cost. I'm generally happy with the cards, especially the postcards …
posted a Quick Tip about Gold. August 09, 2011
In just less than 2 months, it has moved from a low of around $1500 to $1750+ (as of this writing) Gold is said to have become the unofficial reserve currency of the world! Uptrend intact with minor corrections along the way. Investors are loading up gold despite the fact that it's very much overbought at current level. Goldman Sach has put an immediate price target of $1860 while I do think that …
posted a Quick Tip about Reuters News Pro for iPad. July 31, 2011
posted in iPad Buzz
Reuters News Pro for iPad
One of the most useful business news reader for me, where the iPad is concerned. In fact, it now covers U.S., Canadian, UK, India and China's financial and top news! Considering what my office used to have to pay for its services, getting it for free (naturally not the full version) is a steal. For most users, this app will suffice!       There is also a real time currency …
reviewed See's Candies. July 27, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Among the many benefits of living on the west coast, one of the perks that is often overlooked is the availability of See's Candy from the Southern California local. It is so easy to obtain out here, that we sometimes take it for granted. After recently witnessing some cavalier attitudes towards the mixed chocolate box of deliciousness, I felt it might be time to introduce the See's Rules …
posted a Quick Tip about Banyan Tree Macau. July 07, 2011
posted in Go Macau
Banyan Tree Macau
It opens its door to visitors just over a month ago and yet its spa business is thriving so much so you ought to make your appointment before arrival or check-in! By far the most expensive hotel in the newly opened Galaxy World, a gigantic complex comprising of 3 mega hotels, the Banyan Tree, Okura from Japan & the Galaxy very own hotel.      Personally, I prefer Banyan Tree …
reviewed Capitalism. July 07, 2011
This review was originally published on Feb. 3, 2010 on Lunch.com.       Is it Sports or is it simply a mechanic of capitalism? Tennis, Football, Basketball, Golf… they are all multi-billion dollar businesses and a lot is at stake for the players and audiences alike. Games could be rigged. Coaches could be replaced depending on how the games were being played. …
reviewed Can Slim. July 05, 2011
Can Slim
This review was originally posted on May 4, 2009 but since no one has rated it and not a great deal of people have read it, I'm reposting it today.          Written on May 4, 2009   Today, I found out about Can Slim. By the way, it's a registered trademark. Sure, I need anything that helps! I've been putting on way too much weight after my …
posted a Quick Tip about Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Gen.... June 12, 2011
Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a
Lots of potentials with regards to how we use our time & participate in this virtual world of ours. However, I much prefer Shirky's 2008 book HERE COMES EVERYBODY to his latest. We are in transition as regard to our roles in the new world and Shirky didn't quite spell out where we should focus our energies on, imho. He did bring in some interesting observations with regards to what's …
posted a Quick Tip about Skype. May 23, 2011
Instant Messenger Service
Skype makes life easy and with it I can keep in touch with the rest of the world for free or at an affordable price (for those who still use landlines). A great communication tool!     
posted a Quick Tip about Singapore Airlines. May 21, 2011
Singapore Airlines
Newest fleet of planes & the most on-time airline I've traveled on. Commonly known as SQ or SIA in Asia, Singapore Airlines is the most profitable airline in the world. It holds a good safety record and good value if you buy your tickets outside Singapore itself! Don't ask me why but it certainly feels like dumping to me for some reason. Never mind that, as a customer, you can be rest …
posted a Quick Tip about Money. May 16, 2011
posted in Inspirations
As with time, spending it I had and guess what, it's now in short supply. In essence, we may think too much about making money & too little about how to spend it wisely. Our generation and the next needs to save more! Ok, I'm guilty of not doing so and I'm living dangerously! Money management is the key to success in every corporation and individual!         …
posted a Quick Tip about Gold. May 16, 2011
It amounts to cash, need i say more? It's called Yellow Gold in the Orient but when it comes to Gold, I prefer White Gold :-) When it comes to cash, I don't really care which form they comes in as long as it's valid!           
posted a Quick Tip about Robin Li. May 01, 2011
Robin Li
He could have stayed in the U.S. Instead, unlike many of his predecessors, he flew home to China and began his influences in the world-wide-web. We are referring to his search engine and company, Baidu. Baidu is the most popular Chinese search engine which even supersedes Google's influence in this part of the world.      Robin Li may have been criticized for many things but …
posted a Quick Tip about Business Week. April 30, 2011
Business Week
I hardly buy Business Week but at one time I could get them on airline lounges or on the plane itself. That's when I begin to read about its articles. These days, I visit Businessweek.com occasionally to see what's up in the business arena. It's sufficient for my needs and is still a very good source of information. It's free too!       For those …
posted a Quick Tip about U.S. Dollar (USD). April 29, 2011
U.S. Dollar (USD)
Since my last quick tip on Nov 10, almost 6 months ago, the US$ has & is still heading further south. I'm expecting to go another 10% at the least before it stabilizes. The worst scenario? Quite easily 20% if some joker ends up being the new president!!! Of course, I may be wrong ;-)
posted a Quick Tip about Inflation. April 27, 2011
Interestingly, the only way to beat inflation is to spend those worthless money if you still have any of them left! Otherwise, be prepared for devaluation (if it's not already in progress!)!
reviewed BP Gulf Oil Spill. April 11, 2011
Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Explosion
By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca April 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill- Mid-August Status The Skytruth Oil Spill Tracker showed the following improvements from a visual inspection of a map depicting the major areas of the spill with both small and large red dots. During May 2010, there were 3 large red dots on the map in the New Orleans area, 1 large red dot in Sarasota, Florida and a smaller dot just North of …
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