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reviewed Steel Magnolias. December 19, 2008
Steel Magnolias (Special Edition) (1989)
In small-town Louisiana, a group of friends and family are making preparations for a very special day. Shelby (Julia Roberts, 'Mystic Pizza') and her mother, M'Lynn (Sally Field), take a trip to the local …
reviewed The Abyss. December 19, 2008
The Abyss
"The Abyss" is the most thought-provoking, imaginative, and beautiful science fiction film that I've ever seen. Master filmmaker and craftsman James Cameron brings us another thoughtful sci-fi epic behind …
reviewed Sleepers (movie). December 19, 2008
I knew from the beginning that this movie was going to be intense, and usually I can't handle intense movies, like "The Green Mile" or "End of Days". Graphical scenes, especially dealing with child abuse …
reviewed Pulse (2006). December 19, 2008
Pulse (Unrated Widescreen Edition) (2006)
Ghosts, or ethereal dead are always there-- but unseen until humans unwittingly open up the extra bandwidth and let them in.    There was a Twilight-zone/Outer Limits quality to the …
reviewed Sweet Home Alabama (movie). December 19, 2008
Sweet Home Alabama
Sweet Home Alabama starts off on the wrong note but quickly turns into an adorable movie. The first half hour isn't the best but as you get to know the characters in the south it becomes much better. …
reviewed The Black Dahlia. December 19, 2008
The Black Dahlia (Widescreen Edition) (2006)
Black Dahlia is a about the infamous murder case of the same name and a novel by best-selling author James Ellroy. The details of the mutilations involved in the murder and the name of the deceased are …
reviewed Brokedown Palace. December 19, 2008
Brokedown Palace is the story of two best friends, Alice and Darlene, who go on a spontaneous trip to Thailand and wind up in prison after being caught with planted drugs in their luggage. In this way, …
reviewed Bruce Almighty (2003). December 19, 2008
Bruce Almighty (Widescreen Edition) (2003)
The story begins with Bruce Nolan's daily routines.He doesn't enjoy working in his position in a television channel.And someone retires from Live News,and Bruce dreams come closer.All he wants to do is …
reviewed Now and Then. December 19, 2008
Very enlightening, very moving, and always a gem, "Now and Then" is one movie I can really enjoy. A great all-star cast, a superb plot, and a storyline one must never forget. Demi Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, …
reviewed Next. December 19, 2008
Kris Johnson (Nicholas Cage) is a magician in a two-bit act in a Las Vegas Casino, who has the ability to see two minutes into the future. He uses his 'skill' to be a magician and to beat casinos at blackjack. …
reviewed 10,000 B.C. (2008). December 19, 2008
10,000 B.C.
Okay, so there are worse movies out there. And if you can round up a couple of smart-alecky, quick-witted friends and sneak in a case of beer, you might have some fun. But that's not much consolation …
reviewed The Wicker Man. December 19, 2008
The Wicker Man
Sure its nail biting for a few scenes when random occurrences keep happening like lots of twins, spooky bees, old creepy ladies with football face paint among other things like old men half naked with …
reviewed My Best Friend's Wedding. December 19, 2008
My Best Friend's Wedding
Julia Roberts seems to have that rare charisma and likability factor that makes you care about her especially when she's in a sweet movie such as this one. However, I feel she's upstaged by Cameron Diaz …
reviewed Premonition. December 19, 2008
I liked it, but they could have done more. My favorite movies are those where characters act realistically, and where there is good logic/sequence to the movie. This movie fails a little bit in both, …
reviewed Ghost Rider (2007 film). December 19, 2008
Ghost Rider is not so much a superhero movie as a folktale western, which is very cool. The script is great for the most part, though there are many unnecessary lines and speeches, but overall it is very …
reviewed Signs. December 17, 2008
M.Night Shyamalan seems to be making quite a name for himself in the Hollywood sphere and is well on his way to becoming one of the greatest directors in history.  "Signs" is a story about a fractured …
reviewed Forrest Gump. December 17, 2008
Forrest Gump
You either hate it or you love it.  Foresst Gump is a great movie about a simple man who goes through life and experiences the great times in American culture from the 50's to the 80's.  …
reviewed The Butterfly Effect. December 17, 2008
The Butterfly Effect
Excellent acting by Ashton Kutcher and the other cast. Movie's very similar to Frequency, except for the problems are numerous and considerably darker.  An unforgettable story about the complication …
reviewed Clueless (movie). December 17, 2008
Definitely one of the best chick flicks movies of the 1990's.  Cher is a great lead character, she is smart and lovable.  Alicia Silverstone is excellent, as well as the rest of the cast.  …
reviewed Transformers. December 17, 2008
Although CGI is pretty much the cornerstone of this movie, I really enjoyed it.  The acting was great.  Shia LaBeouf did a great job and made some parts of the movie funny for the younger crowd.  …
reviewed Batman Begins. December 17, 2008
Deluxe Edition DVD cover
Batman Begins is definitely one of the best Batman movies.  It takes us inside Bruce Wayne's life to find out HOW he became batman and how he got all of his cool gadgets.    This …
reviewed American Beauty. December 17, 2008
American Beauty
This movie is truly one of the greats!  Kevin Spacey does an excellent job as being a middle aged men going through a mid-life crisis.  His family is pretty dysfunctional and he's really trying …
reviewed Fight Club (1999 movie). December 17, 2008
Fight Club
I watched this movies about a month ago on the G4 channel.  I honestly thought it was gonna be pretty dumb but I decided to watch it because of been a fan of Edward Norton's since Primal Fear.  It's …
reviewed Bed of Roses. December 17, 2008
Bed Of Roses
Well written, excellent musical score, very good casting and performances.. Both Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson are wonderfully believable in their roles. Kind of gives you that warm fuzzy …
reviewed Heroes. December 17, 2008
I started watching this show half way through the first season.  A friend of mine had started watching it from it's premiere and suggested I watch it.  I knew I couldn't start watching it from …
reviewed House. December 17, 2008
My mom watches this one quite a bit.  I never paid much attention to it before but have watched a few episodes with her.  Surprisingly it's not really a bad show, I thought it would be more …
reviewed My Super Sweet 16. December 17, 2008
My Super Sweet 16
This is an alright show I guess, kind of makes me want to be 16 again and MTV offers me a chance to be in their show.  It's pretty entertaining seeing what these parents will do for the heirs of …
reviewed Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. December 16, 2008
Cookies and Cream Ice-cream
Cookies and ice cream together, oh my!  Now there's a sugar high waiting to happen!  This stuff is the best though.  Who would have thought putting two favorite sweet treats together would …
reviewed Cherry Garcia Ice-cream. December 16, 2008
Cherry Garcia Ice-cream
This my one of my forite ice creams!  I think I might be the only one in my family who likes it which is odd, oh well...more for me!  I usually just buy it in the little  single serving …
reviewed Britney Spears. December 16, 2008
Britney Spears
Britney by no means is all that great of an actor, her songs are for the most part catchy, but I think what has made her so popular is her sex appeal(or the lack there of)  She struts her stuff …
reviewed workathomemafia.com. December 16, 2008
I would have to agree, this site is great.  In fact this is how I learned about lunch.com.  Kim is the best, she adds daily leads to the site and even follows up as best as she can to make sure …
reviewed Brokeback Mountain. December 16, 2008
Brokeback Mountain
I watched about half of this movie a few weeks ago and the other half last night.  For some reason I could not catch the whole movie.  Anyway, this movie is so powerful, it's not just about …
reviewed Arby's. December 16, 2008
Usually when I go to Arby's the only thing I ever got was a roast beef sandwich.  I got tried of those pretty quickly and decided it was time for a change.  So I ordered the chicken salad sandwich …
reviewed The Way She Moves. December 16, 2008
The Way She Moves
I saw this movie on VH1 a few years ago and fell in love with it!  I'm not one for dance movies, but this one is great!  It's your typical student-falls-for-teacher dance movie but it is a very …
reviewed Millennium (album). December 16, 2008
The Backstreet Boys were totally on top of their game with Millennium.  It's what meade me take notice that perhaps they weren't just about "bubble gum pop" anymore.  Songs such as "Show Me …
reviewed www.workplacelikehome.com. December 16, 2008
I found this board through wahm.com forums and absolutely love it.  it's got a great bunch of people who know alot about working at home.  People post job leads daily so it's a great resource …
reviewed Nextel. December 15, 2008
I've been a Sprint customer since 2004 and the service has been great!  I've had no problems whatsoever.  Their phones have improved over the last 4 years as technology does.  Their plans …
reviewed The Golden Girls. December 15, 2008
Golden Girls
I remember watching this show with my grandma.  I loved it.  I thought this dynamic bunch of woman were awesome...so they were in their golden years and I was just out of high school, but I …
reviewed Intervention (TV show). December 15, 2008
I started watching this show after a friend at work said it was good and recommend that I watch it.  At first I didn't think it would be all that great, but I watched an episode where a lady was …
reviewed www.happydaysbingo.com. December 15, 2008
My mom sent me an invite to happydaysbingo.com a while back.  I'm not much of an online gamer, but thought I would check it out.  Because she refered me I got a $10 credit and so did she.  …
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