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About Sean_Rhodes
I'm a more analytical person.  I believe that the purpose of the review is not for me to give you my opinion but for me to give you an analysis and help you decide if you want to get it.  If you reading my review and thinking I'm saying, "This is for you," you've misinterpreted my mission.  It is my job to help you decide.  It is your job as the reader to make a decision.  If I cannot provide back up for what I say... I am no good to the reader.  So you will only see me review what I know, and you'll only seem me review things that I can provide reasoning and analysis for.  I don't like everything.  I do not have to.  But even something which I don't like can still be good if it's done well.  I'm no fan of Grand Theft Auto III, for example, but who can deny the quality of the game?  That's what matters!  It does not matter if I like it or hate it.  If you cared about that we'd be friends.  But most of you don't know me and I can't assume that just because I like something someone else will.  Therefore, it helps to give reasoning.

With that out of the way, let me introduce myself.  My name is Sean Rhodes.  I found this place through an invite.  I originally reviewed on Amazon.com where I found quite a big audience with gamers through my reviews.  When you find out your doing something well... you want to keep doing it well.  So I strive to help you with my reviews. 

But enough about the reviewer Sean Rhodes.  I love video games, books and movies.  I like stories, mostly.  I don't mind the storyless game or book or movie, but the point would have to be something.  Whether the point is to just be silly and stupid or if the point is for there not to have a point.  I like to devote my time to understanding things.  Even if I'm not a big fan of those things.  Human curiosity follows me everywhere.  At twenty-two I haven't lived long enough to know anything... and I want to understand EVERYTHING.  This is why I believe it is important never to assume anything but to question it.  What made those Harry Potter books so good?  I can't just read it and know the answer.  I must dig.  What makes those Twilight books (which I don't like much) so special to so many?  In short... it's important to keep your mind open to different things, and not to judge.  Taking life too seriously can sometimes make it a drag. 

I also enjoy to write.  Not just reviews, but my own stories of fiction.  I've written a couple of novels, novellas and short stories.  I've never been published (ouside of fanfiction.net, but I don't think most people would count that), but I've been told I should try.  Maybe someday I will, and maybe someday someone will read my work and admire it.

I'm pleased to meet you.  If you'd like to send me a message or chat, I'm always up for it.  I'm not a rude person, but I also do not appreciate rudeness.

I suppose I should explain how I rate things.  On Amazon you have a scale of 1-5, but on Lunch you basically have a scale of one to ten.  You can give something +5 or -5.  The + and - is what I like best about Lunch.  So if you choose to read my reviews just keep a few things in mind.
  • I am NOT afraid to go nevative.  But lately I've adapted into the whole +1 meaning something is pretty bad.  But if I go negative you can be sure that I probably had some major issues.
  • I GIVE credit where it is due.  I've gotten a bit more used to using opinion, but I STRONGLY believe opinion should be backed up with a proper analysis.  It's why you might hear me say something like, "This is really good... but I didn't like it."  It is always possible to like something bad and hate something good.  Case in point, my review on Michael Bay is a pretty harsh one, but I give him credit for his films being wizardlike in special effects.  I try to be as fair as I can possibly be, and I will try not to be rude about it.
  • I have a HUGE sense of humor.  While my reviews are typically long, I sometimes like to stick jokes in there from time to time or obscure references.  So it's not that I'm trying to offend anyone, it's that it's a joke.  The problem with making jokes is that it's sometimes hard to tell when the line is.  Especially if I make a joke that sort of makes fun of something I love.  And online it's a little ummm... hard to tell when someone is joking and what they're mood is.  I don't typically write on Lunch.com if I'm in a bad mood or something.  It just isn't fun to write reviews that way.
  • If you are going to comment, please be respectful.  I'm not much of a mean person but be rude to be and I can be a real dick.  I don't like that.  
  • The hard part about the aforementioned is that YOU do NOT get to judge whether or not I find your comments rude.  I am allowed to take your comments however I see fit.  If I take you out of context PLEASE clarify.  If you don't we'll only start a chain of assholery that will never end.
  • If you have a problem, you ARE allowed to bring it to my attention.  I am, for the most part, a calm guy.  If you are being respectful, I am willing to work something.  If a line or something in a review offends you we can talk about it.  That doesn't mean the line will be removed.  It is your perfect right to be offended, but that does not give you the right to be a dick about it if you are.  So you CAN be offended, but know that my intent is never to offend anyone.  It is just to have some fun and enjoy myself.  Because here at Lunch you're actually allowed to have fun and people will actually not call you a dick for it like on that one place... Amazon, where everyone is so serious about... everything. 
  • If you post a comment on any of my reviews I have the right to remove it for any reason I wish.  Posting another comment to complain about your former comment being removed will be removed without question.  If I find your comments rude or offensive in anyway, I have the right to remove them.  I also do NOT owe you an explanation in the event that I decide to remove your comment from my review. 
  • If you continue to keep reposting complaints of your comment being removed under my review I will block you.  No exceptions.  Once you start doing that you're trolling and I won't tolerate it.  If you have an issue with your comment being removed you need to MESSAGE ME, not continue to post comments on my review asking questions about it.  I know this one on one thing is still pretty new on the internet, but trust me... it works.  It keeps things private and between us.  That way you don't look like you're desperate for attention and I don't look like an overbearing, arrogant jerk.  Personal issues with me need to be handled personally.  Not publicly. 
  • Lastly, have some fun.
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