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My Favorite Consoles

  • Sep 24, 2009
  • by
Super Nintendo NES System - Video Game Console
There's no system I love more than my Super Nintendo. To this day it's still hooked up and I still pop in a game from time to time. Though because I've had it for so long it's also a system that seems to work only when it wants to. You KNOW a game system has a certain appeal when you've got to start it up the same way Fonzie does a jukebox. No, seriously, that's how my SNES works. It's bitchin'! This is where some of my greatest love affairs with games was. I remember trumping through Contra III with my brother. I remember discovering the world of Super Mario World, the Secret of Mana and time traveling with Chrono Trigger (and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time). As far as I'm concerned the Super Nintendo era was the Golden Age of Gaming... and the BEST era of gaming.
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Classic NES (Nintendo)
To neglect the original NES would almost be like telling people I'm not a gamer. If you're a gamer and you haven't played the NES then you're not a gamer at all... you're a poser. Most of us probably started around this time. And Super Mario Bros was probably one of our first. But beyond that some of the most beloved series of our time started on this console. Super Mario, Metroid and Zelda come to mind... but so do series like Final Fantasy, Castlevania and Contra. Gaming was changed forever by the NES. Much like my Super Nintendo, my NES is still hooked up... although if the Super Nintendo needs the touch of the Fonz the NES needs a Homer Simpson touch. You all remember blowing in cartridges, I'm sure. More than that, the NES is one of the systems responsible for what gaming is today...
Gameboy Advance
If the Super Nintendo is on this list then I'd be stupid not to put the Gameboy Advance here. It was almost like reliving my childhood when I first got one and more. Not only could I play some of my favorite games in a whole new light (such as Final Fantasy IV and Super Mario World) but I could also enjoy games like Golden Sun and Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. I must've played my GBA more than my PS2... and that's really saying something. Speaking of Playstation 2.
PlayStation 2 Console
How can you not enjoy the PS2? An RPGer without a PS2 is like a director making a movie without a camera. But more than that, the PS2 was a game that had something for EVERYONE. But I was mostly obsessed with the RPGs on the system. There was a near endless supply. But there were also a number of other fun games as well. From the stylish Devil May Cry to the Grand Theft Auto series, the PS2... had it all.
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Nintendo DS
I was unsure of the DS's future. When it first came out it seemed so gimmicky. But after a year the developers finally got it down and realized that there's a lot of potential for the Nintendo DS. There are so many fantastic games. From the interactive storybook of Hotel Dusk to some pretty innovative games like Metroid Prime Hunters and the newly released Scribblenauts. In fact, you can check out trashcanman's awesome review of Scribblenauts here.  The DS shows the potential of gaming, by showing us that big name graphics aren't the most important thing in the world... but that also gaming is about creativity as well.
Xbox 360
In this current generation you can't get any better than the 360. I know, there's that RROD, but you can't deny the awesome amount of games. Much like the PS2, the 360 seems to have something for everyone in some way. It's an amazing system that has some games that show gaming isn't just about being pretty... but can be artful as well. Even games like Halo 3 are much more than just a pretty face. And XBOX Live has changed the way we play games by allowing us to go online with no hassles. Granted the first XBOX did this, but the 360 makes online gaming simple and fun.
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Playstation 3
Is the PS3 a good system? When developers really take advantage of it, yes. When games come out on the 360 and PS3... go with the 360 version. But when a PS3 exclusive comes around? You can really see the potential. Games like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Valkyria Chronicles keep me optimistic of the consoles future. It's a pretty amazing system, if you can find enough exclusives to keep you happy.
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The Sega "forgotten" Dreamcast. I finally picked one up after it had been out for a while. There weren't many games only because the console didn't get to have much of a life. But you better believe that the Dreamcast is probably the one system that made a lot of things possible.. including breath taking graphics and internet gameplay. I still remember Phantasy Star Online and games such as Grandia II and Soul Calibur. These were fun games. It's too bad the Dreamcast didn't live that long. But within it's short life it still had some pretty good games.
Nintendo 64 Console
Ah, the Nintendo 64. I had some good times with you... then I got that Playstation and did something stupid like... you know, put you away in that box in the attic. And you would've stayed there had it not been for The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time! Then again, that's not to say there weren't other fun games. Goldeneye is the first which comes to mind, but there were also games like Perfect Dark and Super Mario 64. Games which I still love. While the Playstation has way better games, some of what you find on the N64 is pretty amazing.
The Gameboy. Remember that? The giant paper weight? Okay that's a lie. It wasn't a paper weight. It was a brick. Why, I still remember knocking my brother out by throwing my Gameboy at him to keep him from discovering his Christmas gifts. Okay, I made that part up. But when I finally got over the black and white nature of it, I did grow to enjoy the games. When the Gameboy Color came around things only got better (seeing color on a Gameboy used to be a big deal). I still have fond Gameboy Memories. There is, of course, Super Mario Land. There's also those Zelda games and the often forgotten Metal Gear Solid on the Gameboy Advance. It's amazing, really. The Gameboy lasted for a long time.
Sega Genesis
I enjoyed the Sega Genesis. The only reason you see it all the way down here is because it was unfortunate enough to have to be compared to the Super Nintendo. The Sega Genesis did have some good games out there (Besides Sonic). There were games like Shinobi and Vectorman. And who could forget Gunstar Heroes? For RPGers, there was Shining Force. Although in truth... if you wanted an RPG you had to go with the SNES.
Nintendo Wii
Yes, the Wii is here. But let me explain. When the Wii gets its biannual good game, it's pretty good (although I still get critical because it still seems like only Nintendo can make a good game for their system and it's been three years now!). While the Wii Remote may seem a bit like a gimmick, there actually are some games worth a try on the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy is still good despite that it's Mario. But so are games like Metroid Prime 3. Even Boom Blox can be fun. It's a good system for multiplayer games. I'm not really taken in by the Hardcore Gamer versus the Casual Gamer thing. I just know that there are some nice touches on the Wii. I just wish we could get beyond talking about potential.
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January 11, 2010
I'm stunned you put SNES at numero uno. I always thought it was so overrated, since the graphics weren't that much better than the original NES and certainly below the quality of the Sega Genesis. But then again, the SNES did have a better selection of games to choose from. The fact that they had the rights to do "Star Wars" games certainly was a big part of that.
January 12, 2010
Dude, the Super Nintendo did things that the NES couldn't even do at the time (the graphical capacity was 16-bit compared to the NES's 8-bit... the Genesis was also 16-bit).  People always forget that Sega had a system before the Genesis that was exactly as the NES.  In terms of graphics, though, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were actually fairly close graphically according to people who developed for both systems, although the Genesis did have the graphical edge (although an SNES cartridge had slightly more memory).  I've never been one to care much for technical aspects.  But if you look at Super Mario Bros in Super Mario All Stars you'd have a hard time convincing anyone that the SNES graphics weren't "That much better."  If you showed someone the most graphically powerful NES game (Kirby) and then the most graphically power SNES game (Those Donkey Kong Country games--particularly #3 or Super Mario RPG) you'd have a very hard time convincing someone that the SNES graphics weren't "that much better than the original NES."  All you need to look at is comparative screenshots.  I think the SNES was a huge step above the NES.  I can't look at say Castlevania on the NES and then look at Castlevania on the SNES and say, "Eh, it's not that much better..." when you consider the beautiful backgrounds, more defined sprite characters, and that you can actually see slime (it was blood in the Japanese version) dripping from the walls.  Those are things that you just couldn't do on the NES.

I LOVED both systems, but for some reasons developers put a lot more games on the Super Nintendo.  Probably because they could just stuff much more on a cartridge.  In Japan the Super Nintendo was the first console to allow voice acting (Sega needed an add on for that).  Sega had that great Add On which allowed for graphical enhancements too.

In most cases the least powerful system is usually what comes out on top.  Look at the Game Gear versus the Gameboy (although that was said to be because of Sega's awful marketing campaign... you don't want to call your audience stupid for picking the other one... and the Game Gear had REALLY serious issues).  With the SNES and Genesis it's hard to say (most developers are in agreement that the audio was better on the Super Nintendo but graphically... they're totally divided, but I did learn the Genesis had the edge).  The Playstation versus the N64... The Playstation was only half as powerful as the N64.  The PS2, XBOX and Gamecube saw the Playstation 2 being the least powerful system of the lot (the XBOX being far more powerful than the PS2 and Gamecube... with the PS2 developers point mostly to the fact that the lighting effects were terrible compared to the Gamecube and XBOX).

But for me it was all about the games.  I was never a huge Sonic fan (though I liked it lots, I haven't played Sonic since the Sega Genesis days), plus, I'm a HUGE RPG fan and that was what really made the difference between the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo in my mind.  I couldn't find RPGs with awesome stories on the Genesis.  And as a result of that, the Playstation ended up adopting more from the Super Nintendo.  I never cared about blood and whatnot in my games.  I just wanted some damn good stories and that was where the Genesis didn't do me justice.  The games just weren't as good and as a result the Super Nintendo was also given a lot more groundbreaking stuff that the Playstation would eventually adopt.  Unfortunately, the Genesis just didn't give me as many awesome games.  And for me it's all about the games.  I couldn't care less about most of the technical prowess (though I have to hand it to the SNES that they were able to get voice acting in there--at least in Japan if you were able to find Star Ocean and Tales of Phantasia which were both finally released over ten years later in North America).  The Super Nintendo comes in at Number one for me because of all the systems it's the one I still go back to and have fun with even with so much of it being dated.  I'm more of a hindsight gamer.  I didn't appreciate the original Playstation until the Playstation 2 came out.  May not be as graphically powerful as all the other stuff, but I like to have a lot of fun.  The Genesis and Super Nintendo era was, in my mind, when gaming was at its best.  Just about everything that came out was innovative and enjoyable.  People didn't focus on the flaws of a game, they focused on whether or not they were having fun.  Fanboyism wasn't crazy as hell either (nowadays discussing video games makes me want to blow my brains out).  I guess you could say that the whole "Better graphics," argument never worked for me because while the Genesis had better graphics... the developers didn't seem to want to focus on it for some reason.
January 12, 2010
I really have to stop with long comments.  Damn you keyboard!
September 25, 2009
The SNES was the last great "game" system. I still love games but after this it broke the fine line between games and trying to be too real in the gaming world.
September 24, 2009
I own the first two, am dying to acquire #3, and used to be really jealous of anyone who owned #4 and... #11.   I totally forgot that #11 even ever existed!  This is a really great list and I love all your thorough explanations.  No wonder you're #1 in Lunch's Gaming Community ;P
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