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My Favorite Websites!

  • Aug 27, 2009
  • by
Yep, that's right, I love lunch. It's like Amazon, Facebook and Twitter all rolled into one site. I can review, update my status and comment on other profiles. Who needs Amazon, Twitter and Facebook when Lunch puts them all together? Okay, I still need Amazon and Facebook...
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Amazon is like a second email. I don't get messages but I have to check on it everyday just to see what's up with my reviews. Besides, I'm a shopaholic. You know that movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? That was based on me! But they changed the main character to a woman because a guy who loves to shop seems weird. Okay, I made that part up, but I do love shopping and I do love cruising Amazon. Sometimes I'll just go there to read reviews.
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Okay, I have a strange fascination with wikipedia. Sure anyone can come in and edit certain things, but at least you can still utilize the website for informational needs. Because as long as someone cites their sources you can go to it. Plus, the staff actually works to clear out some of the misinformation when its presented. A lot of the time it's good for a quick reference tool, but I like to use it to point me in the direction of the right information.
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There's a lot of spin out there in the political world. Sometimes you're getting facts, but are they really facts or are they just there to make sure you're a lemming? Is Obama's healthcare plan really designed to kill old people? Did AARP really endorse the Healthcare plan... and are you really denied a hip replacement in London if you're 59 years old? I know what your OPINION on this stuff is, but an opinion isn't a fact. And here you get some debunking on outrageous claims and get some explanation of why some statements might be true or just slightly misleading.
Facebook really is a second email. I'm not too big on places like Facebook, but there is where I can get into contact with friends who live elsewhere that I can't easily contact. I've got a friend in Canada... another in England and another in Germany. Without Facebook (or an email address) contacting them would be much more arduous.
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Best. Email Service. Ever.
All your movie needs can be found here. Anything you want to know about a movie or an actor can be found here. But you can also watch clips, trailers, full episodes of TV shows and even look up stuff on your favorite video games. IMDB is a fun place to visit. And the top 250 is always good for discussion.
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Oh youtube... is there nothing I can't find on you? Sure, some things can't be found... like certain television shows, but youtube is sometimes about finding videos of other people that aren't... you know, famous and watching certain things take place. On Youtube you can find almost anything. And it's right at the tips of your fingers.
Any gamer should be thrilled to have such a website. Stuck on a game? Hey, go here. No really. Walkthroughs and FAQs for every game you can think of. Even if you don't find the information you're looking for, the people on the message boards will always jump up to help you out. It sure does beat buying a strategy guide doesn't it?
Google It
I love Google. I use it for all my search engine needs. But I also like that you can find just about everything. Videos, news, images. Whatever you're looking for you can find on google.
It's a pretty funny website, but there's some insight. Lately the articles haven't been nearly as good, but every now and then you can still pull out something amusing. It's also quite informative and humorous in what it does. But it also puts a few thoughts into your head and helps you consider a few things.
The Editing Room: Abridged Scripts for Movies
Another guilty pleasure of mine... finding out movie plot holes. The Editing Room doesn't get updated enough, but when it comes to uncovering movie plotholes, Rod HIlton does a great job. But he has fun while doing it, and will even pick on movies he admittedly likes. It's just a ton of fun to read some of these scripts. Go on, read the Abridged script to Twilight!
Ain't It Cool News
Want some gossip? AICN can give it to you. The place is a fun place where people are there for the sake of having fun. The reviews are insightful, and humorous all at once. But a lot of the time their gossip can be quite amusing to look at. They take a look at rumors too. A lot of the times when I hear about upcoming movies... I can find out on AICN. Although they do have a few spoilers every now and then, but hey, who cares right?
I used to write a lot on fanfiction, but lately I've just been reading a lot on fictionpress. Because there are tons of interesting stories. Not everyone is finished but you have so much variety it's hardly a problem to find what you want in a story. With so many different genres and sub genres this is an easy solution to a rainy day (and you happen to have read all the books in your house).
It's like politifact, only a bit more depth. The only thing about factcheck is that it doesn't get updated nearly as much as politifact. But it's by far one of the best sources for news that comes out of Washington.

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August 27, 2009
Great list, Sean! This is really helpful. I appreciate the descriptions on why each website is ranked where it is. I am going to try to put one together myself. :-) Thanks!
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