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reviewed Bewitched & Betrayed. June 27, 2010
Bewitched & Betrayed
I really hate to write this review because I thoroughly enjoyed the first three books in this series. The setting makes use of traditional fantasy elements but the writing style is much more in line with …
The War Between the Hearts
When I go on vacation I always stock up on several lesbian fiction books to take with me. They're usually more expensive than other books so I can't afford to buy them frequently, so it's all a part of …
reviewed The Three. June 25, 2010
The Three
For those who like romance with absolutely no build-up, lots of sex, and no extensive plotting, then this may be exactly what you're looking for and you'll consider it a good read.    The …
reviewed Warriors. May 08, 2010
Warriors is one of the best anthologies I've read. The editors did a fantastic job of choosing the authors and stories, and also in ordering the stories within the volume. I loved the idea of using …
The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin
The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin is an adventurous romp around the Caribbean in a ship with pirates and a captured wench, taking prizes and eventually looking for hidden treasure, with …
reviewed The Sea Hawk. April 20, 2010
The Sea Hawk
I bought The Sea Hawk because I thought it would be a nice addition to my small, yet treasured, lesbian pirate library, and a large part of my decision was based on the reviews I read on Amazon. I was …
reviewed Witchblade: The Complete Series. March 29, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Witchblade: The Complete Series DVD set
For context, I was not familiar with the comic, so came to the show with fresh eyes as someone who is a huge fan of SF and fantasy. (Some of my all time favorite TV shows are Babylon 5, Buffy, and Xena.) …
reviewed In Her Name: First Contact. February 16, 2010
In Her Name: First Contact
I recently read the In Her Name trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has just about everything that I enjoy in a good, epic space opera yarn. I even put it on one of my Listmania lists as a recommendation. …
reviewed When Women Were Warriors Book I. January 31, 2010
When Women Were Warriors Book I
Since getting my Kindle I've read quite a few self-published stories and books, and while some of that stuff is so bad as to be unreadable I've had fairly good luck with picking fiction that is …
reviewed Sistine Heresy. October 18, 2009
Sistine Heresy
For those primarily looking for a romance novel you'll want to look elsewhere. While there is a lesbian romantic element to The Sistine Heresy it is not central to the story and develops very slowly. …
reviewed According To Jane. September 30, 2009
According To Jane
Blah is the best way I can sum up this book. I got it as a free Kindle download and was really looking forward to reading it. We even chose it as our first book to read for the online Amazon Kindle Book …
reviewed Baby Shark. September 24, 2009
Baby Shark
I just finished this book a few days ago and I'm really surprised that it has turned out to be one of the best books I've read this year. I wouldn't have even heard of it (or considered reading it if …
reviewed All Gone. September 24, 2009
All Gone
This book was difficult to rate because it wasn't nearly as bad as some other books I've given a low rating to, but I consider +1 to be average and All Gone isn't quite up to average in my …
reviewed Backwards To Oregon. September 15, 2009
Backwards To Oregon
I felt that Jae's writing in Backwards to Oregon was very average in quality. There wasn't anything very compelling in how she writes and especially in the second half of the book was much too …
reviewed Unbound. September 06, 2009
Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison  I bought this anthology specifically for this story because I'm a huge fan of Harrison's Hollows series. In this novella Rachel is away and Jenks takes center …
reviewed The Enchantment Emporium. August 16, 2009
The Enchantment Emporium
This is one of the most interesting books I've read so far this year, partly because Huff pushes the envelope with some of the subject matter.      The book is a difficult starter. …
reviewed TALES FROM THE HEART. August 16, 2009
I enjoy having short story collections on my Kindle to read one or a few in between novels. I should have tried the sample for this one first, but for a buck just decided to go ahead and buy it. I'm …
reviewed My Soul to Lose. July 12, 2009
My Soul to Lose
I got this as a free download for my Kindle and really enjoyed it.    I don't really want to say anything about the plot beyond what is stated in the blurb. Since this is a novella …
reviewed Dead Man's Rain. June 16, 2009
Dead Man's Rain
The synopsis for this novella really does not reliably indicate what kind of story it is. I was expecting something akin to an urban fantasy thriller. It's not that at all.      …
reviewed The Walk. June 14, 2009
The Walk
One thing that I've really enjoyed about owning my Kindle 2 is getting to read all sorts of different books and stories from authors who make them available for extremely low cost. Some of these books …
reviewed Turn Coat: A Novel of the Dresden Files. June 09, 2009
Turn Coat: A Novel of the Dresden Files
This book was so outstanding I just couldn't help but say so. I love being able to give a rave review once in a while!      I've been reading the Dresden Files since a friend …
reviewed Once Dead, Twice Shy. May 28, 2009
Once Dead, Twice Shy
For context I'll state I haven't been a young adult in a very long time and I bought and read this book because I'm a huge fan of Kim Harrison's writing in her Hollows series.   …
Angel Food and Devil Dogs - A Maggie Gale Mystery
I only rated this book +1 (I'll get to why in a minute), but I don't want that to be misleading. Angel Food and Devil Dogs was a very enjoyable read and Liz Bradbury shows a lot of promise as …
reviewed A Pirate's Heart. April 14, 2009
A Pirate's Heart
I'm just going to admit right up front that pirate stories are one of my guilty pleasures. I say guilty pleasure because let's face it, what makes pirate stories fun isn't an author being a stickler for …
reviewed Truth Behind the Mask. April 14, 2009
Truth Behind the Mask
The characters, plot, setting, and dialogue were all wrong for a fiction novel. The things that make this book completely not work did have the potential for a very entertaining graphic novel though.   …
reviewed White Witch, Black Curse. March 06, 2009
White Witch, Black Curse
There are a lot of mixed feelings about this one from other fans of the series. I can understand that because it is a bit different in a few ways. The one Amazon reviewer who said it was treading water …
reviewed Prom Nights from Hell. March 04, 2009
Prom Nights from Hell
I bought this book because I'm a huge Kim Harrison fan so wanted to read her story in it. I rarely ever read young adult fiction, so hadn't even realized this book existed until a few days ago, …
reviewed Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light (Silver). March 02, 2009
Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light (Silver)
I really like this light. I bought it for use with my new Kindle because where I live tends to have a few power outages every year, and when the power goes out during dark hours reading is pretty much …
reviewed Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Di.... February 25, 2009
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6
I'm a new Kindle 2 owner and I did not own a Kindle 1. I was very interested in the original Kindle, but had decided to wait for improvements based on customer feedback after it was released, especially …
The Sword of Truth, Boxed Set I, Books 1-3:
I received the box set of the first three books as a Christmas gift and finally settled down to start reading them a few days ago. I kinda hated using the word "epic" in my title because it …
reviewed Bananagrams Set with Banana Leaf Scor.... December 05, 2008
Bananagrams Set with Banana Leaf Score Pad!
On a recent vacation with some friends at a cabin we had a couple game nights and one of my friends brought along Bananagrams. The name, the packaging, and some of the playing terms used seemed rather …
Targus Blacktop Messenger Case Designed to Protect
I was leery of buying a notebook case online without being able to see how well it fit my needs in person. But the idea of traipsing from store to store in the summer heat trying to find the perfect bag …
reviewed Lucky. December 10, 2007
posted in Music Matters
I'm really surprised that so many fans not only like this album, but rave about how great it is. It's an okay album. I don't think there's anything critically wrong with it, but honestly, …
reviewed The Awakening. December 09, 2007
posted in Music Matters
The Awakening
From my title you might surmise that I'm not real big on concept albums. I like the concept of concept albums, but in execution I usually end up thinking they're more annoying than anything else. …
reviewed Behind the Pine Curtain. October 18, 2007
Behind the Pine Curtain
I have a very small list of lesbian romances that I enjoy so much that I go through and re-read them every 1-2 years. (I'm not much of a re-reader in general.) Until now there were only four books …
reviewed Poems Prayers & Promises. October 16, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Poems Prayers & Promises
John Denver, and especially the Poems, Prayers and Promises album, was part of my childhood. My parents didn't own very many LP's compared to most people who enjoy music, but this is one they did own, …
reviewed Blue Pacific. April 23, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Blue Pacific
A friend turned me on to Michael Franks back in the early 80's. His unusual voice and musical style, along with his adeptness with lyrics, really resonate with me. I'm not a fanatical fan by any …
Stake Through the Heart: New Exploits of Twilight
I hate to say this, because I really like the authors in this anthology and I love the vampire genre, but I was really disappointed by the stories in this collection. Maybe my expectations were too high …
reviewed Babylon 5 - The Complete Television S.... March 02, 2007
Babylon 5 - The Complete Television Series
I just recently acquired this set of all five seasons of Babylon 5. In my opinion, that's the only way to do it. Because of how the show was designed, with story arcs lasting five years, you need …
reviewed Xena: Warrior Princess - The Bitter S.... February 01, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Xena: Warrior Princess - The Bitter Suite: A
I'm probably a bit different than most who buy this CD in that I'm not a hardcore Xena fan. I've only seen parts of the series and the only DVD I own so far is the 10th Anniversary collection, …
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