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Go, Went, Gone!

  • Dec 18, 2010
A list of things that have gone obsolete (almost!) over the last decade or are in the process of exiting our lives.
Specifically the land line. Sometime during the early part of the last decade (ie. 2000-2010) I found myself no longer shopping for a phone. I stopped having a home number! Instead, mobile phones are a must and it's SIM cards I'm carrying whenever I travel. Yes, we are no longer limited to a static phone. Gone are the wired and wireless phones. At least in my case, they are entirely obsolete. As for the others, I do know many still have phones connected to their walls at home as well as in the office. For me however, even the office is turning mobile. Eventually, everything will be in the clouds!

Greeting card
Are you one of those few who still send greeting cards over the mail? Again, I haven't done so for ages! In fact, I'm pretty surprised that Hallmark is still in existent and surviving. I'd have thought over the years considering the limited number of cards I received (mainly from retailers than from friends!) these shops will be out of business! Oh well, if not now, perhaps in near future. I'm not hopeful about their business model although there would always be others who are romantic and who love sending cards. Anyhow, I expect it to be totally gone, sooner or later ;-)

I used to print all the photos I took with my cameras so much so I need warehousing facilities for them! With the intro of digital cameras and considering the huge number of photos I take, well, I stopped printing photos! I know, some printers may have even gone bust because of that! Anyhow, as with greeting cards, these retailers lost a client and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. For now, many of these images are in my portable hard disks. However, I'm sure in near future, there would be another "revolution" (or rather, evolution) in this industry. Technology is great in so far if your job is not affected by it, isn't it?

When I first learned how to type, it was on a real typewriter. For many who are born after the 90s, they might not even know what a typewriter is! Well, we can hardly find typewriter in the offices anymore, they have all been replaced by the word processors and later the PCs. In any case, typewriter is a thing of the past although the ink corrector seems to be more resilient! Remember those carbon paper? Well, I wonder what has become of them!

For antique collector though, this is quite an item, as with the very first Apple computer! Who knows, one day you might be able to fetch million of dollars for this. So, don't throw it away if you still have it somewhere in the house! ;-)

From Cassettes Walkman to CD Walkman to MiniDisc Walkman, they were what made Sony so great in the 80s and 90s. In the last few years, despite efforts by Sony to try to revive the walkman (including walkman phones), Apple's iPod and iPhone had taken center stage. The walkman era is over with. It is interesting to see how certain products define an era of time, isn't it?

Newspapers across the globe is certainly losing readership by the thousands if not millions over the years. While it is still a major source of news, many now read digital copies of news rather than on the papers.

For the longest period, my news source have been the TV and the net. It's been awhile since I regularly read news on the newspapers much less a regular subscription (I simply hate getting ink all over my fingers when it comes to newspapers!)! In future, we'll probably get our news from the new apps found either on the mobile phone or the iPad and other newsreader. 

Life has certainly evolved for the major of us. It'd be hard pressed to guess what the next decade will bring in terms of technology and our way of living & lifestyle choices!

Incandescent light bulb
Yes, these are being phased out as well. Many countries have stopped manufacturing and shops have run out of stock. Say goodbye to incandescent bulbs, they will be gone forever!

What did you think of this list?

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December 23, 2010
Love this list, Sharrie! Although I still use a couple of these things -- greeting cards to send to the older folks, and I just LOVE photography and still go to the darkroom once in a while. This list is very thought-provoking though. Can't wait to see what's going to be gone in the next decades or even the next five years. I smell DVD players :P
December 24, 2010
Thanks, Debbie! Quite a few things will be out but guess what will be in! Live hairy crabs vending machines, LOL!!!
December 20, 2010
A very thought-provoking list, Sharrie! I have been having an on-going struggle regarding the newspaper for about the last year or so. Having subscribed to the Los Angeles Times since I was seventeen years old, walking out to the drive way to pick up the paper has been somewhat of a morning ritual for me. My wife and I read the paper every morning. But it has been getting progressively smaller over the years. Now it can almost be confused for one of those free local newsprint advertisements. It gets harder to justify the expense. And the price keeps going up too. But maybe I can buy an iPad with the money I save. :-)
December 21, 2010
Thanks, David! Interestingly, the only time I took a look at newspapers is when I'm looking for ads about sales! In many countries in Asia, there are still a lot of newspaper publications. I supposed it has to do with online access and also availability of computers and the aging populations which are not exposed to the computers. Generally, in more advanced and developed countries, newspapers will definitely be a thing of the past soon enough! With iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab and many other newsreader around, yep, I'm certain the papers are not going to make it. Next would probably be the magazines. In another way, it's good though. Less papers means less forests disappearing!
December 20, 2010
Yes paper is on it's way out, I do not subscribe to any paper newspapers or magazines anymore and even though I have not bought a Kindle I think the book is on it's last legs. Everyone in Iceland stil has and uses a Land line but it's importance sure has dwindled.
December 21, 2010
Yes, less papers mean less problems when moving homes! :-) Interestingly, in China where areas that have not been laid with cables, the mobile phones are the way to go. Less costly and easier to manage. As large a population as China has, it also has the most mobile phone users in the world!
December 20, 2010
not sure about #'s 1, 2 and 6. I know home numbers are still somewhat required here and they are getting cheaper and cheaper. Cards--well, believe or not I have family members who prefer this to the e-card. Newspapers? well...no sure. I don't buy them but I think it may find a way to survive. We all need the news! Nice one!
December 20, 2010
Great list, Sharrie! I love picking up a local independent newsweekly over a cup of coffee but, you're right, I think most get their news online. I had never heard of the Sony Walkman phone either, so that's really interesting. I also think there's something romantic about greeting cards, snail mail and photographs. But, then again, I still collect and play vinyl (another thing to add to the list- that and CDs) ;p
December 20, 2010
You are right although I do believe vinyl has gone long before the last decade and CDs are still around quite a bit, hence, the exclusion. I have gotten rid of most of my CDs when I last moved though. Just hope my iPod don't crash one fine day!
December 20, 2010
I know! I have over 2000 songs on this computer, so yeah, a back-up hard drive is a must ;p
December 21, 2010
By the way, back-up drive need to be replaced every few years or so. One of my back-up actually crashed! So, many back-ups are needed if you cherish your stuff!
December 21, 2010
So true! I need to look into one to hold all my stuff LOL...
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