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reviewed Thai Pepper (Restaurant). October 22, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Thai Pepper (Restaurant)
We had been to this restaurant often, especially when I'm dining with my aunts and uncles. This is their little "kitchen" and they often dine here (I was told at least once or twice a week)   …
reviewed Nahm. August 15, 2010
posted in Go Hong Kong
It was my 2nd visit to the Elements in Kowloon and my 1st lunch visit. I walked around trying to find a noodle house since I was alone and wasn't really that hungry to have a full meal. I do love …
reviewed Nasi Lemak. March 06, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Nasi Lemak
This is in fact a very simple dish which is mostly sold at the foot courts in Singapore or peddled by hawkers in Malaysia. Originally, the dish was intended as a breakfast item but it was so popular that …
reviewed Chili Crab. March 04, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Chili Crab
The national food of Singapore may be Hainanese Chicken Rice but the most popular seafood is probably Chilli Crab. This is one dish where Singaporeans would love to 'show off' and give their friends …
reviewed Haato Gelato. March 04, 2010
posted in Love Bites
Haato Gelato
Follow your heart... that's Haato's motto.      Haato is a brand of Gelato which is really not Italian but a fusion between a Japanese recipe and a Singapore manufacturer. …
reviewed Pad Thai. February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Pad Thai
Pad Thai Kung or Phat Thai Kung is Thai rice noodle with seafood (typically prawns, squids). Other than the Tom Yum soup, this has to be the most popular dish in Thailand.       …
reviewed Tom Yam. February 28, 2010
posted in Go Thailand
Tom Yam
Thai cuisine is known for being spicy & sour. Tom Yam is the soup that epitomizes all of that. Hot, spicy, sweet, sourish & a little salty. It's one soup that wakes you up though, no matter …
reviewed Gogi gui (korean barbecue). February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Gogi gui (korean barbecue)
The Singaporeans have a snack known as barbecued pork and the primary chain which sells it is Bee Cheng Hiang. It is a snack that almost every Singaporean has to snack on during the Chinese New Year period. …
reviewed Hot Pot. February 28, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Hot Pot
During the first week of the Chinese New Year, it was extremely cold and the perfect time to have hot pot for dinners. Many familes who were not feasting in restaurants chose to feast at home with hot …
reviewed Congee. February 27, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
@devora: "Congee is my favorite sick day food". Ahhh, the poor girl is down with food poisoning recently, so I thought, hmm, perhaps a congee review?       It is true, …
reviewed Yong Tau Foo. February 27, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Yong Tau Foo
A dish of Hakka origin from China (as with Hainanese Chicken Rice) has been popularized in the little island of Singapore. Named Niangdoufu (酿豆腐) in Chinese, Yong tao foo is Cantonese accent of the same …
reviewed Chawanmushi. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Japan
Chawanmushi is essentially steam eggs and a side dish in the Japanese cuisine. If you order a bento in a Japanese restaurant, you will find chawanmushi and miso soup accompanying the bento in most cases.   …
reviewed Yakitori. February 26, 2010
posted in Go Japan
Yakitori can be had at the basement of those big departmental stores when one ran out of time shopping! I did that many times during my short stayover in Tokyo.      Yakitori meaning …
reviewed Sushi. February 25, 2010
posted in Go Japan
The only place I've heard about having sushi for breakfast is at Tsukiji Fish Market, an area near to Ginza in Tokyo.   And have I had sushi for breakfast? Yep, at around 5.30 am, I do believe!   …
reviewed Sashimi. February 23, 2010
posted in Go Japan
I'm not very fond of Sushi outside Japan as I don't really like rice that much. But when in Tokyo, I've had 14-15 pieces of sushi at one go when in Ginza. So, that implies it's a case …
reviewed Sushi Tei. February 21, 2010
posted in Go Singapore
Sushi Tei
Other than chicken rice, Singaporeans love their sushi to distractions. There are many outlets serving sushi and sashimi but one popular chain restaurants which I find good enough to recommend to readers …
reviewed Hainanese Chicken Rice. February 18, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
Hainanese Chicken Rice
In Singapore, Hainanese Chicken Rice (or simply Chicken Rice) is synonymous with typical Singapore cuisine. Although originally from the island of Hainan, this staple dish of chicken and rice had been …
reviewed Curry. February 17, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
It's cold this winter and during this Chinese New Year, instead of soups and feasting on Chinese goodies, I'm actually craving for some hot & spicy curry!      Curry can …
reviewed Chè. January 23, 2010
posted in The Rice Table
No, it's not Cuban, nor is it Che Guevara. It is Vietnamese sweet dessert, in the form of soup or pudding. There are quite a wide varieties of Vietnamese desserts that embodies the term Che, however …
reviewed Indonesian Cuisine. November 19, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Indonesian Cuisine
Appetizer: Gado Gado / Pecel, Sayur Lodeh.   Soups: Sup Buntut, Soto Ayam.   Main Course: Ayam Panggang, Ayam Goreng, Kari Ayam, Goreme, Sotong Panggang, Udang, Rendang, Kangkong Belacan.   …
reviewed Hong Kong (style) desserts. November 02, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Hong Kong (style) desserts
         I love desserts. Desserts are colorful, cheerful and delightful. Yes, all kinds of desserts, especially those from Asia. I wrote about Indonesian and Thai desserts …
reviewed Thai Dessert. October 31, 2009
posted in Go Thailand
Thai Dessert
When it comes to desserts, Thai desserts probably rank the most exotic, colorful, adventurous & exciting in the world. Looking at Thai dessert buffet spread alone (yes, there's one as the Thai …
reviewed Kolak. October 27, 2009
posted in Go Indonesia
Kolak is a dessert I grew up eating when I was living in Indonesia. Our domestic helper used to cook it every week and I found myself looking forward to them every Wednesday. The beauty of living in …
reviewed Turkish Cuisine. October 14, 2009
Turkish Cuisine
When in Turkey, go Turkish. Well, like it or not, you are going to get lots of it while there. Almost no chance of escaping unless you go looking for McDonald's. Even that is not available in every little …
reviewed Wasabi. October 12, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Wasabi is a restaurant in Richmond Hill, (Toronto), Canada which serves good quality AYCE Japanese & Chinese buffet feast. Yes, it is indeed a feast if you are venturing here. The location caters …
reviewed Passion Fruit. October 02, 2009
Passion Fruit
Gotcha! It's not about M & M chocolate, but Markisa & Mojito :-)      Markisa (ie. Passionfruit) is one of my fruits passion. Other than Durian, Mango, Soursop, etc...   …
reviewed Laksa. September 30, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Curry Laksa
As Asians begin to travel to the rest of the world, Asian food begins to make their ways around the world as well. If not in restaurants, they can be found in prepackaged mix gravy or the likes.   …
reviewed Sate Padang. September 27, 2009
posted in Go Indonesia
Sate Padang
Sate Padang (Padang is a city of West Sumatra) is my favorite street vendor food.   I had this since I was a kid and remembered all those days where I looked forward to either the recess or …
reviewed Nasi Padang. September 27, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Nasi Padang
It's known as rijsttafel in the Netherlands but Nasi Padang in Indonesia (where it's originally from). This is a feast fit for the king and one diner (even if you are merely dining alone at the …
reviewed Pho. September 26, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Pho (Phở )is a staple food in Vietnam. It's probably the most famous and popular Vietnamese food outside & within Vietnam. When I first arrived in Canada, I was surprised to find so …
reviewed Shochu. September 15, 2009
posted in Go Japan
After the last review on Nanotech, I need a little diversion to loosen myself from the seriousness of the matter discussed. Iichiko Shochu is a great way to relax oneself with. I was introduced to this …
reviewed Vietnamese Drip Coffee. September 12, 2009
posted in The Rice Table
Vietnamese coffee
I love coffee and have had my fair share of coffee everywhere in the world. For most part, it is the coffee beans or powder that makes the aroma and taste special. In Asia, we are blessed with many good …
reviewed Limeade. September 12, 2009
In this summer & tropical heat, the best thrist quencher (other than my favorite Diet Coke) has to be Lime Juice. Lime can be found almost everywhere in Asia and to a great deal in America. It's …
reviewed Mooncake. September 11, 2009
posted in Go China
Alright, dieting is certainly off the chart this month and with the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival (or popularly called Mooncake Festival), it's time to shop for mooncakes for friends, families …
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