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Some things I both LOVE & HATE

  • Jan 4, 2010
As they say, I'm hard to please. There are things which I both love & hate. Same thing, different reaction. It's no wonder men called me an enigma. Complicated enough? Judge it for yourself ;-)
I gave Money a +5 rating in my first review of the year & you can read all about why I love it there. So, why do I hate it? I hate it when people use money as a weapon. Yes, a weapon. That's when it destructs and destroys everything good that is associated with it. People do it unconsciously, I've seen it happen many times. Between husband and wife, parents & child, friends, associates, colleagues at work. It happen in areas whereby there's a conflict of interest mostly. I repeat, I hate it when it's being used as a weapon!
See the full review, "The Color of Money".
Love splash
I wrote another review on Love and as with money, it was a +5 rating. Love gets into trouble when people uses love as a means to an end. It's like if you love me, you have to do this. You know what I mean.
See the full review, "Love is ....".
I have had a distinct encounter with jealousy when I first joined VirtualTourist.com. Both from others and both within myself. I've seen what others do and it was evil. It was to the extent some people were crucified for it. And I mean it for real. I've also seen it in myself but how I eventually overcome it. Overcoming jealousy, well, when you've done it, then you really know what it means to love it. That's self-defeating, in a good way. And that's when you know you can be proud of yourself.
See the full review, "A Tale of Two Faces".
A little greed is good. It is what makes this whole world propels to new levels in terms of technology, creativity and development. It's like I'm greedy, I want to see at least a hundred countries before my life ends. I know, I know, that's greed. You do agree it's not something that's harmful to the society at large, don't you? I like to think of myself as a major contributor to world economy, hehe... I spent whatever I can in those countries, not to mention it keeps many people in their jobs! If more of us do so, the world would be a better place. We learn about others' cultures & in understanding, we have less to fight about! I can never understand why people fights about religions, I mean, look, I was born in a Muslim country, brought up by Buddhist family (my grandparents were but my parents aren't religious) and educated by Catholic schools. All these can coexist as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps Greed has something to do with all the fightings? Not religion per se!
See the full review, "Mirror mirror on the wall".
For one, I love "Ladies first". For another, I hate it when the westerners get first class treatment on Singapore Airlines! It's a case of (in terms of priorities): 1. westerner men 2. western women 3. asian men 4. asian women! That sucks! And they call themselves an Asian airline? That's why SIA didn't get to the top of the list as far as I'm concerned! They are not too subtle about this. Otherwise I'd say it's a great airline.
See the full review, "Are You a Victim?".
I love work only in areas that interest me. I've been lucky in that except for one fact, going to work early in the morning, by that I mean 9 am official time, is a drag! I am a night person, not an early morning person. My brain doesn't function until the afternoon at the earliest. It's no wonder I don't do so well in day jobs! I need to find work that starts in the evening instead. Perhaps time to work offshore markets instead! Work is something I love to do though (as long as I've control over its hours of operation, hehe...). It's not only fulfilling, it pays for all I've ever wanted and more. Trust me, you will love work when you go without it for a few weeks or months. I've a friend who used to complain about work but as soon as she had chance to rest for weeks, she's looking forwards to work! It's a case of can't live with it, can't go without it ;-)

What did you think of this list?

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January 04, 2010
Nice concept for a list, Sharrie!  I have love/hate relationships with some of these things myself.  In terms of jealousy though, I say don't get jealous; get even! ;P
January 05, 2010
OH NO, Debbie! That's what happened back then. The party concerned got even and it was not through legitimate means. No, do not get even. Conquer it and examined why you're jealous to begin with. Look within is always the best way :-)
January 10, 2010
Oh, I don't mean get even through means like revenge. For instance, if you're jealous of someone's trip to the Bahamas, instead of being jealous, go to the Bahamas yourself! ;P
January 11, 2010
The problem I believe back then wasn't the trips. It was the rating system & how some abuses that. Competition does that to people.
January 04, 2010
Now that is one thought-provoking list, Sharrie. I especially liked # 7 and # 2. Parents we love because we do have to but once we reach adulthood, they seem to forget that we are adults and they tend to treat us like children still. Love, well, I know that better than anyone. Hm, maybe I'll make another list that includes a little sumthin'-sumthin'...y'know what I'm saying. My creative sense is tingling again LOL!
January 04, 2010
Haha... yep, I think I'm beginning to know you a little bit. Glad that inspires you to greater heights ;-)
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