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Top 10 National Parks in the U.S.

  • Jan 29, 2010
  • by
The best legacy the American government has left the world with is probably its protection and funding of its national parks. I enjoy my trip to the U.S. most simply because it has the most stunning landscapes in the world. 

THE GRAND CANYON! Oh My God, what more can I say about this wonder of the world? Yes, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, if not the most wonderful of all! 

Accolades throughout the ages; its size, its beauty, its magnificence, its eternity & it's to me a miracle! A miracle because only in this age, time & technology that we are able to experience it fully. Think of the airplane, the photographic equipment & the internet... only NOW can we all share in this miracle in a way no one could ever before! Aren't these all miracles?!?!?! 

The wonder of life never cease to amaze me, but this one has to be one of the GREATEST, the MOST AWESOME & the MOST INCREDIBLE experience of my lifetime! I love it so much so that I've been back more than half a dozen of times!!! There is really no place like the Grand Canyon where the sheer impact of one's first view is so overwhelming that it is beyond belief!!! 

"Lovely and majestic beyond the cunning of human thought, the mighty monuments rise to the sun as lightly as clouds that pass. And forever glorious & forever immutable, they must rebuke human pride with the vision of ultimate beauty, and fulfil earth's dream of rest after her work is done." --- Harriet Monroe, 1899.

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The most beautiful park in Utah and away from crowd mostly. When Ann and I was there, we practically have the place to ourselves. The vistas are magnificent and awe-inspiring. Many Americans don't venture here either and that makes this a hidden gem. We felt like we found ourselves a paradise here! Driving around the huge park was great too. I love the Mesa Arch and the views from Island in the Sky. Stunning!
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK - where the earth's living pulse is being felt & observed!

Every national park has a soul & we as beings are learning & attempting to get in touch with it through our limited imagination. Here, it's the core of the earth in action, the heart of a living organism where life abounds & surprises.

The Big Island, & all the other islands of Hawaii for that matter, is the newest land on earth geologically. The Hawaii Volcanoes N. P. comprises of 2 most active volcanoes on earth: Kilauea & Mauna Loa. To tell you the truth, I was so fascinated with the documentaries I saw on TV especially with regards to a helicopter ride over molten lava that I was making this trip.
Bryce Canyon
BRYCE CANYON - The Paiute Indians called it Unka-timpe-wa-wince-pock-ich ("Red-rocks-many-standing-holes"), I called it Fantasia in the Desert. Why? For the simple reason that it begins in another land, at at time in the distant past & involves flooding on a grand scale. It is the geologist's song. Once upon a time (don't ask me how long, too long for us to fantasize...) all the continents of the world were one. Somewhere in time, this supercontinent break apart. About 200 million years ago, the pieces moved & oceans, swamps, & deserts came & went. So the story goes. Well, what's important to you & me is that roaring agents of erosion scoured the canyons & carved them into a series of cliffs which the geologists call the Grand Staircase. Bryce Canyon is however not a single canyon but a series of amphitheaters faced by countless little canyons. 
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Awesome! Incredible! Unbelievable! Out of this World! That's what it is... 
so rare, so beautiful, so unique!

The landscape is just indescribable... its vastness, its depth, its timelessness...

Speechless! That's my first reaction when I saw it! WoooooooooW! Ooooooooh! OMG!!! & continuing clicking the camera shutter! I NEED more films!

Arches National Park
The drive to Arches National Park was extremely scenic. With some snow on the many arches in the park, it's a great sight for those who love photography. My most memorable moments were the strenuous hike up to the Delicate Arch. We got there just before sunset and enjoyed the view from up there with numerous hikers. The sights were spectacular!
Monument Valley

Remember the first few scenes from "VERTICAL LIMIT"? Yeah, here it is! The excitement of being in MONUMENT VALLEY & seeing  it with my own eyes amount to sheer pleasure! 

A land of profound beauty & pride. The Navajo and unknown tribes before live with the land. The Valley has monuments, lots of them! 

Carlsbad Caverns

750 feet below ground (!!!), referred to as "The 8th Wonder of the World" & one of the 20 World Heritage sites in U.S., is a marvel sight; not only because of its size & dimension but because of the undying human spirit of exploration! 

Found by a cowboy named Jim White in 1901 when electric lights were still not invented & elevators were non existent, his adventure of this amazing find lead us to a world of wonders, discovery & courage.

The cave is one of the largest I've seen in the world to date. Formations of stalagmites & stalactites are massive. THE BIG ROOM as it's called is at least the size of 8 football fields. It took us more than 2 hours to walk through the entire fantasyland! It was a nice & relaxing walk with the underground temperature being a constant 56°F year-round with plenty of fresh air & oxygen. It's still a marvel to me as I think about the depth of the caverns - 750 feet below ground & the way it was discovered (found by a cowboy with lanterns & ropes)!!! Phew, that is something beyond my capacity!

Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK is the world's first national park. Grand Canyon is the national park which I'm most impressed with in the United States. Ever since the visits to Grand Canyon & the Canadian Rockies, I was hooked! This happened more than 5 years ago. It's strange... before this, I was only interested in city-hoppings. I have never had any inclination to visit the parks, let alone a national park. But the Grand Canyon changed all that.

Established on Mar. 1, 1872 & preserved for posterity, Yellowstone is an extravaganza of all the unthinkable: mysterious geysers, mud pots, volcanic steam vents, hot springs, waterfalls, petrified forests, bison, elk & bears... It is a surreal quadrant of steamvented land where geysers abound; as many as 350 geysers are concentrated here, the world's largest collection! A fantasyland of mud volcanoes, colorful canyons, plunging waterfalls & hot molten rock (magma) only 1 to 3 miles below the earth's crust, Yellowstone embraces a supernatural aura which is not likely to be experienced in any other national parks in the world!
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Grand Tetons National Park
Grand Tetons was taken on the same trip with Yellowstone. It was a bit of a rush for us as the sky was going to pour and I had managed to get a glimpse of it from afar. Still, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes I've set eyes on with the Grand Teton being the tallest mountain in the Teton Range. Grand Tetons is part of the Rocky Mountains which extends all the way to the Canadian Rockies. Wish I could spend more time in the grandeur of this national park!

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December 14, 2010
I've been to five of your ten listed here. Like you, I hit Yellowstone and Grand Tetons at the same time. Yellowstone was cool, but I'd rank Grand Tetons just ahead of it. Grand Canyon and Carslbad Caverns were great, but I found Monument Valley to be somewhat of a ripoff when I visited there. How convenient is it that the roads were poorly maintained but Jeep Wranglers for rent were waiting to bring us all down at $25 a pop after paying to get into the park!
January 29, 2010
I was born inside the mouth of # 3...LOL! nice one. I've only been to 3 of these places and I live right here in the U.S. ;-P
January 31, 2010
Get out of Lunch & start traveling (in real, not in movies) ;-)
January 29, 2010
Whoa, Sharrie, I'e lived in the States all my life and have never been to any of these before!  Time to get started.  Thanks for sharing!  I'm always envious of your travels :P
January 31, 2010
Start young, Debbie! There are plenty to see in the world; just not enough $$$ ;-)
February 02, 2010
I did travel a lot most of my life, and I was really lucky to have been able to do that because now I don't have time! Making a mental list of places to visit based on your recommendations though ;)
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