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Top Electronics Brands

  • Apr 22, 2011
  • by
The brands dominating this list is mostly from Japan. For the last 5 decades, the Japanese excels in electronic goods and had made it possible for almost every family to own one of their products. Competition is heating up though and we see the Koreans and Chinese entering the market in the last decade. 

Who do you think make the best products and gadgets? 
This is my personal favorite. Over the last 3 decades I've had more Sony products than any other brand combined. So, I'm a Sony fan. From the earliest tube TV to portable gadgets like the Walkman, the MD player, the PSP and the latest laptop, Sony reigns as far as I'm concerned. Granted, the Sony I'm talking about may offer the American audience a little less than desirable experiences. The Sony products I bought could be different from those that Lunch members bought too. The difference lies in the country of origin! Most Sony products I've had were Made in Japan and that speaks volumes!

Sony is lesser know for best value. It is known for designs and innovations. Lately though, that limelight has somewhat been "stolen" by Apple! Still, my favorite brand remains Sony as it covers more area of my life than Apple products.

My favorite brand of PC and laptop is still Sony! I'm hoping they'll make a tablet soon! I'll definitely support Sony!
Apple Inc.
The hype is what Apple excels in. And the icon is more Steve Jobs' presentation than anything. Other than the Apple Mac Mini and the Macbook Air, I don't have any other Apple products. Yep, I'm not the 'proud' owner of any of the iPhone or iPad. Though, I may consider buying the iPad 2 in the future. The improvement is still not up to my satisfaction for the iPad though. I may change my mind and buy the iPhone 5 though, as soon as I move to Hong Kong!
See the full review, "Just another suicide? It's not just Foxconn's problem!".
Panasonic is a reliable (not seductive like Sony or Apple though) brand. It is of good quality and offers stability. You can almost always trust Panasonic product to do its job without any fuss about the branding. Panasonic is also value for money and the best one I've had and had bought repeatedly is the Lumix cameras from Panasonic. Lumix is one of the most innovative, great quality and value for money camera from Japan. Again, it has the Made in Japan stamp on it!
For those who needs SLR or more professional cameras, Nikon is THE brand to go for. Personally, I don't own any Nikon products. I do know that you'll have to look at the top range of its gadgets to get the quality you're looking for. Cheap is not its motto though. So, never go cheap on Nikon!
Again, another Japanese brand. The Japanese dominates where electronics are concerned. At least in the domestic and portable electronic gadgets. Canon is well known for its printers and its "smallness". It sells very well in the Asia markets. I've had Canon SLRs before and they are a tad lighter, that's why I like it. Being small and light are some of my top priorities when it comes to gadgets!
Sharp reigns in monitors and tv screens. Apparently, some of the best screens are from Sharp. At times, I was told you may buy an LCD under another brand but it's still a product from Sharp! Sharp exudes bright and lively colors. In fact, the LCD is so great that I've had at least 3 LCD screens from it and my first LCD TV was also from Sharp! The latest, I've been told, is a 4-tube LED TV which gives a much brighter and lively color. I'm contemplating on buying one. I think Sharp's screen is worth every penny of its price!
Bose is in a world of its own. The world of sound. Nothing beats Bose as far as I'm concerned. If you know something better, let me know about it!
The only country that's been able to compete with the Japanese and price and quality is the Korean brands. Samsung is great for the cellphones and the tablet. It is the first brand to compete effectively with Apple with its introduction of Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you are not in it for the hype of marketing, you'd find the Galaxy Tab a better hardware than the iPad. Naturally, Apple fans will disagree on this count. However, I'm relatively satisfied with my Tab especially when it comes to traveling with it. It's only 380 grams and definitely much lighter than the iPad.

I must say that the iPad and iPhone (Apple products) have the advantage when it comes to the Apps. Android apps are still relatively new and possibly not as cool as the Apple Apps for now. Yes, Apple is cool, that's why it's on the #2 of this list. Granted, I'm still susceptible to the cool factor ;-)
LG Corp.
This brand is fast becoming my favorite brand for cellphones. I know, it may not be as cool as the iPhone or the Sony Walkman phones. However, LG is light and portable and the battery life is good. LG is also a Made in Korea product and unlike some Japanese top brands which had some products made in China (as with Samsung which marketed under the brand of AnyCall in China) and hence a drop in quality, as far as I'm aware, all of LG products are Made in Korea, which is fast becoming associated with quality and good value. That's what LG means to me. Plus, great designs too!
Ok, I'm adding this in after a reminder from William! Actually, I had forgotten about a Toshiba I owned and it's the Toshiba netbook I bought when in Canada. For some reasons, I thought about Toshiba household electronics rather than gadgets when I was writing this review. I don't have anything from Toshiba in that range. I do own some SD cards from Toshiba which works as well as those from Sandisk and Sony.
Hitachi is not a brand known to most outside Japan. In Japan though, it has some fanciful and interesting gadgets. So, when you go to Japan, makes sure you check it out. One consideration you must remember about buying gadgets in Japan (if you're not living in the States and Canada) is the voltage. Japan shares the same voltage with America but different from the rest of the world, aka Europe and Asia!

What did you think of this list?

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April 23, 2011
Great list! I am a big fan of Bose as well as Canon, Nikon, Apple and LG. Thanks for sharing :)
April 24, 2011
You're welcome, Sam! And thanks for taking time to check them out! Happy Easter!
April 22, 2011
Nice list. I would argue that apple corp. should be a little lower (if you're ranking) since they have music, computers and phones only as of this moment. Canon has more stuff now than Nikon, but then again it is your list. Where is Toshiba? It is funny that LG stands for "Lucky Gold" (formerly Goldstar)
April 24, 2011
As you said, it's my list, LOL... Yeah, I missed out on Toshiba! I don't recall buying anything from Toshiba, strange enough. The name is definitely more prominent than Hitachi!
April 24, 2011
Hitachi did come out with the first plasma television, though Pioneer perfected the technology. Pioneer's plasma technology is owned by Panasonic now since they left the TV-making business. Since then, Panasonic has been winning the best HDTV awards in the market here. Shame on you, missed Toshiba--they have a wide range of products that matches Samsung and Panasonic LOL!!
April 22, 2011
Great list, Sharrie! At one point or another, I've owned electronics from every single one of these companies and have had cellphones from three of them. And I did not know that the U.S. and Japan had the same voltage. Good to know! :)
April 24, 2011
Yep, you can buy safely from Japan! Are your parents back home yet?
April 24, 2011
Yup, my folks came home this week. They're leaving again next week though!
April 25, 2011
Wow, that's a great life! :) Where are they heading? Europe?
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