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What I want for iPhone 5!!!

  • Jun 1, 2012
  • by
Now that I've traded in my smartphone for a 7" tablet, I'm looking to trade in my iPad 2 for an iPhone 5! Then I shall wait for a mini iPad! Will my dream gadget comes forth? Or will it just a dream... Samsung heats up the competition with a new 4.8" Galaxy S3 which is creating quite a bit of excitement over here in Asia. Now, iPhone 5 will have to up the game so that we consumers will all be clamoring for more of its products now that Steve Jobs is no longer in the picture! Will Apple live up to everyone's dream? Let's see what's cooking...

Screen Size

4" would be good but 4.8" would even be better.
Apple's competition, Samsung, has just launched a 4.8" Galaxy S3 (133 grams) and its overwhelming response indicates what consumers want. Will iPhone 5 up its game now that it's in Cook's hand? We shall see.

Rumors had it that 5" is not possible for Apple currently but 4" is in the pipeline. Samsung had launched a 5.3" Note few months ago and not only did it sell like hotcakes in Asia many are singing praises for it!!! 

Screen size is extremely important for me since I read magazines and books mostly on the phones and tablets! A balance is also needed between the weight and the size. I love my iPad 2 but the weight prevents me from lugging them around daily, esp. since I commute lots in the train!

My wish? iPhone 5, 5". Sounds right, doesn't it? ;-)


New design to fascinate its fans. Afterall, the last iPhone design was some 18 months old! Does anyone really want to buy something that looks the same year after year?! NO WAY!!! 
So, if Apple wants my business (instead of giving it to Samsung or HTC), it better comes up with something alluring!!!

Siri needs new fashion! Doesn't she?

Quad core processor

Whatever that is, I don't really care. But many of its competitors are having them, so might as well! HTC One X has it, LG Optimus has it, I bet Samsung S3 has it too! So, a must!!!
Retina Display as those of the new iPad! I know it takes up a lot of memory and some apps need to be rewritten! But, who cares? That's what keeps the programmers in their jobs! In fact, may be create more jobs. That's what the American economy needs, isn't it?! 

Yes, a 4.5" or more retina display would be ideal!!! There goes my iPad 2! Else, I might have to wait till the mini iPad is out in the market before I make a purchase from Apple!
We know there will be camera and there is no fuss over it. What the fuss will be on will likely be the resolution of the pictures taken. Minimum standard for a good phone now is at 8 megapixel. I'd love it (yes, truly truly love it!!!) if iPhone 5 has an even higher resolution camera on it! Considering the number of pictures we now take everyday, this is a valuable upgrade! In fact, it's so good that it might even wiped out camera makers!!!

In addition, a higher optical zoom will make it a MUST buy gadget for ME! Just the thought of it, awesome!!!
Release date
Well, the rumors said it'll be launched on June 11. So, that's some 10 days away. I don't really care when it will be launched other than the announcing of the date it will hit the market. So, I want it in my hands within the next 2 months!!! Tim Cook, will he set a new precedence now that Steve Jobs is gone? Sale is more important than anticipation, isn't it? With the Samsung S3 generating so much buzz, better send it to the market now than later!!! Unless Apple is waiting for others to trade in Samsung S3 for it if they were to be on sale in the Fall!!!

No! My prediction is that it will hit market around Independence Day. Good time for Tim Cook to assert his independence from Steve Jobs too!
Whatever Jonathan Ives is going to come up with will be fine with me. As long as he comes up with something new and not the same old design again!!!

Go, Jonathan, GO!!!

I'd love something other than black or white. Then again, that can easily be altered due to the huge casing market. Not a big problem. Still, nice to have something different!
4G Mobile Broadband
To know what it is all about, click here.

In short, it's all about download speed! And no one wants a dated one. 3G was a 2003 product, for goodness sake! How much time we wasted on downloading? Let's have 4G!!! That's in excess of 100 Mbps (download) and 50 Mbps (upload)! 

Let's get on the bandwagon! We want faster uploads onto Facebook!!! Don't we?! Get those pictures online before your bosses sneak over your back! ;-)
Of the few rumors I read about iPhone 5, not many mentioned about the price or for consumers' sake, a drop in price!!!

Yes, granted, it's a new product and granted, Apple makes the most money out of iPhones! But, in this kind of economic environment, shouldn't Apple give something back to its customers by cutting the price a little? 

Afterall, how many iPhones upgraders there are? And, didn't Apple make so much money that even Tim Cook didn't need to be paid for his work? How about some rebates, if not a drop in price. It'd be great if customers get a rebate which they can spend in the iTunes store, wouldn't it?

Samsung not only cut its price to half for the new Galaxy Tab 2, it also gives free dropbox services for a year to its customers!!! That's some saving of US$50, considering its wifi version is only US$250, that's a great saving!!! 

C'mon, Apple, do your loyal customers a service in this harsh economic environment!!!
NFC (Near Field Communication
Wouldn't it be nice if the new iPhone has the ability to take some weight off my shoulder?! Literary taking the countless of credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, VIP cards and discount cards out of my handbags!!!

Not only are they literal burden, they are also financial burden! But, we can't really do without all these cards, can we?

So, what to do?
Reinvent! Reinvent!!!

Will Apple be able to do that without Steve Jobs? Or, is this one of his legacy?!

Let's wait and see... just another 10 more days to go!!! 


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June 06, 2012
All I want is for at least a 3 year gap in between releases. This "release one every year" thing is starting to get on my nerves
June 04, 2012
From what I have been reading, flexible screens and foldable screens are coming soon. Besides the obvious special effects that flexible screens could provide, they would also be a lot less likely to break. The foldable screen could fold out to a tablet size for when you need a large screen.
June 05, 2012
As long as Apple comes up with great design I'm game for it :D Transparent phone is in the works too?! Can't wait! 

Apple better come up with something awesome! Else my money goes to Samsung Galaxy S3!
June 03, 2012
very cool. You know the iphone 4S is actually the BETA version of the iphone 5....so whatever it is lacking or glitches, it should be improved by then. I think they are creating a new smaller ipad to compete with Kindle.
June 05, 2012
Kindle is not really their competitor worldwide. Samsung is!!!
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