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reviewed High Lane. February 04
posted in Movie Hype
High Lane
“High Lane” is a French horror movie made in 2009 about five people who go hiking/mountain climbing in the mountains of Croatia. I am not certain if the movie was indeed shot and filmed in Croatia, but the scenery was quite breath taking. I guess this is a good of time as any to say the dubbing in the film isn’t that bad, not great, but not bad. Anyway, out of the five folks involved, …
reviewed The Thing (1982 film). August 10, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Thing (1982 film)
My first encounter with John Carpenter's The Thing was back around November of 2001, where I only saw a snippet of the movie on TNT. Just my luck, I tuned in at one of the most gruesome scenes in the movie. Even at the age of 14, when I was more seasoned to creepy films, still found it too disturbing to follow through the rest of the movie, and just tuned in to something else (probably The Simpsons). …
posted a Quick Tip about The Thing (1982 film). March 16, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Thing (1982 film)
John Carpenter's The Thing is one of my absolute favorite horror movies.  Even though the movie came out in 1982, Rob Bottin's special effects still look absolutely disgusting and amazing all at once.  Though it's not just stellar animatronic puppets and other effects that make this movie such a masterpiece, there's such strong senses of dread, tension, and isolation in …
reviewed Severance (movie). July 26, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
** out of ****    In "Severance", weapons manufacturing corporation Palisade's European division is on its way - by bus - to a lodge for a team-building weekend full of activity and inter-sex bonding. The members of the division are goofball Steve (Dylan Dyer), much-sought after blonde Maggie (Laura Harris), tubby but enthusiastic Gordon (Andy Nyman), snobby Harris (Toby Stephens), …
reviewed The Thing (1982 film). June 07, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
The Thing (1982 film)
         Apparently John Carpenter saw Alien and thought, "Hey, I can do that, and I can toss in bits of The Thing from Another World and Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well." It is unfortunate that he didn't do it as well. John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) has none of the impact of those classics.      The story is the now-familiar …
reviewed cabin Fever 2 spring fever. May 31, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
cabin Fever 2 spring fever
**1/2 out of ****    The production of the long-awaited sequel to Eli Roth's 2003 horror hit "Cabin Fever" was a long and over-complicated one, in which most of the juicy details have since been kept under wraps. We know not of exactly went on in the editing room that would make director Ti West want to disown the film, although the fact that he would want to do that in the first …
reviewed Frontièr(s). May 12, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
*** out of ****    Horror directors are a peculiar breed. With "Frontier(s)", director Xavier Gens has taken the Paris riots and envisioned the cruel aftermath through heads exploding, tendons being cut, parts of the neck being bitten clean off, and terrible death by gas chamber. In a sense, Gens might just be blowing off a lot of steam with the amount of carnage that he chooses …
posted a Quick Tip about Bad Moon. February 06, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Bad Moon
If you are looking for a good movie to watch one night check this out, matter of fact buy it don't rent. It really is that good.
reviewed Bad Moon. February 06, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Bad Moon
      BAD MOON      I have been a werewolf kick lately going back through the collection to watch all my werewolf films. Of course The Howling collection is in there as well as others like the classic Wolf man and such. But when I came across this lost classic I had to watch it again, this is honestly one of the best werewolf movies of all time. Based on the …
reviewed Hatchet II. January 28, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Hatchet II
** out of ****    Making "Hatchet II" work wasn't much of a task. I was almost sure that Adam Green - returning for the sequel as both writer and director of Victor Crowley's legacy - was more than up to the challenge after seeing and in many instances just down-right loving the original "Hatchet"; but it would seem that he's gotten lost in his own mythology. There are as many …
posted a Quick Tip about I Spit On Your Grave. January 04, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
I Spit On Your Grave
I'm not the kind of person that is turned on by the posters for this movie but they ALL advertise falsely, I mean don't expect to see the poster chick in the movie ... It's the kind of bait and switch that leaves you cheering for the bad guys.
reviewed Halloween (1978 movie). November 06, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
**** out of ****     I like taking long walks in the night; preferably before winter is upon us. It's just a personal past-time; I enjoy the cold air, the ominous winds, and of course, the lights that illuminate the front porch of every house. So, given that I take so many nighttime strolls, it should come to no surprise that I find John Carpenter's "Halloween" to be one of the …
reviewed The Exorcist. October 31, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Exorcist
**** out of ****     When the end credits suite from "The Exorcist" begin to play, all questions that we might have had regarding the movie have been answered; and we finally understand its power. Even after the credits run their course, some might sit down and think for a while about what they have witnessed; and they will either go back mentally or literally to certain scenes …
posted a Quick Tip about Hatchet II. October 29, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Hatchet II
This film while good feels a like a bit of a step down though for some reason. All the elements of the first film are there but it just doesn't seem like it is on the same level. I think that while the humor is there it just isn't as humorous. That was my favorite thing about this first movie. Don't get me wrong this is still a very good flick and very fun, you know, turn the brain off …
reviewed Hatchet II. October 29, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Hatchet II
      HATCHET 2      After the first film was released it started to gather that all important cult fan following. That was more than enough for Adam Green [Hatchet, Frozen] to get his sequel financed. Of course he already had plans on doing that any way so it worked out. Now this time around he is looking to add to something that was already loved by many. …
reviewed The Thing (2011 film). October 14, 2011
posted in Forbidden Planet
The Thing
After the success of a videogame based on the original film, rumors of a sequel arose many times but never came to fruition, with creative differences between Universal and John Carpenter cited as the main reason. It was oft-speculated that Carpenter made a deal to write and produce a sequel provided he got to name has director. But when he opted to name himself director the studio balked and the …
posted a Quick Tip about Sorority Row. October 10, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sorority Row
The acting is everything you would expect from this type of film, which is good because that is what this type of film calls for. The leader of the sorority is wonderfully evil here, especially in the aftermath scene of the prank. Any way this is a good enough flick for a rental I would guess and who knows you may like it better than me. Was this a classic, no, but was it fun, yes.
reviewed Sorority Row. October 10, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sorority Row
      SORORITY ROW      Ah remakes, those pesky little things they just keep on popping up on us. Well this one is a few years old but still I think you know what I mean. This of course is a remake from the slasher pic "House on Sorority Road" and is not all bad. I went into this expecting another horrible film and came out kinda liking it. Now it …
reviewed Eden Lake. September 10, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Dvd cover by Dimension Extreme
*** out of ****     "Eden Lake", like "Saw", "Deliverance", and many others before it; is marketed and consistently labeled as a horror film, but feels more like a thriller than a film of that one genre. While it does deal with things genuinely horrific, and the presence of bloodshed, it thrills appropriately and dishes out the brutality that you've come to expect. Horror sites …
reviewed The Wrestler (2008 film). August 27, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Wrestler
One of thing things I learned after following pro wrestling a few years back is what happened to those names I used to hear about all the time like Jake Roberts and Lex Luger.  I never heard about them dying considering what big names they are, and then I learned a bitter truth.  Those big names and they're big lifestyles came crashing down.  Jake Roberts and Lex Luger were the …
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