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#FF 01222010

  • Jan 22, 2010
  • by
Disclaimer: This list is compiled in alpha-numeric order.
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Art Rojas (art_tweetguru)
Art Rojas (art_tweetguru) on Twitter
1 part fierce, 1 part compassion - this boy makes it #werq like most can only dream of. ***Please check out his main twitter account: @ArtemisRex
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Barnel02 (Barnel02) on Twitter
Sweet boy. Heart the size of the sun.
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Billy (Billy3G)
Billy (Billy3G) on Twitter
Proud keeper of Mr. Hugshire. Outstanding and a blast.
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brybry (brybryy)
brybry (brybryy) on Twitter
If he can make this emo-punk smile, he's bound to have you grinning from ear to ear!
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CharlieBoy808 (charlieboy808)
CharlieBoy808 (charlieboy808) on Twitter
Front runner in my casting for a Fag Stag: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fag+stag
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chich (chich) on Twitter
Giant nerd. Yay! We like giant nerds!
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Dallas Nagata (dallasnagata)
Dallas Nagata (dallasnagata) on Twitter
This girl is teh sex! Oh, and she happens to be @iamwhite's handler.
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J. Smookler (DJSMOOK)
J. Smookler (DJSMOOK) on Twitter
Smookie is pretty much made of sunshine and gumdrops...
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dearfrank (dearfrank) on Twitter
Look... at... that... smile...
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Ilka Kelekolio (eggiepuff)
Ilka Kelekolio (eggiepuff) on Twitter
Imagine if you took a cute l'il bunny then pierced it, tatt'd it and filled it full of bad-ass... yeah, that's her.
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Jojo Teodoro (FlipChilln)
Spark Thumb
LOL. He's amazingly fun and entertaining (and forgiving). Look Jojo! I finally stopped putting the extra "i" in your name!!! Hehe.
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Frank (franknstud)
Frank (franknstud) on Twitter
Hey! Stop staring at him like that! STOP! Okay... I know it's hard (not like that you perv!), but really the boy's got so much more than looks going on.
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Lance Grant (golougo)
Lance Grant (golougo) on Twitter
He's always got a good beat for the soundtrack of life...
In The Loop Series (InTheLoopSeries) on Twitter
I am in love with this series. It's amazing. Seriously, you need to check it out on YouTube.
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Edward White (iamwhite)
Edward White (iamwhite) on Twitter
Another front runner in my casting of a Fag-Stag: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fag+stag He's also kept by @dallasnagata; he's cute but don't tell him that because he's already annoyingly egocentric as it is. LOL. J/K. He's totally the epitome of humility.. wrapped up in charity... in Darfur... while giving blood.
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InkedPnoi (InkedPnoi) on Twitter
We're totally gonna make food pr0n. LMFAO. He'sgreat.
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its Yanyan (Afoolishmind)
its Yanyan (Afoolishmind) on Twitter
This boy ain't no fool... smart as a whip, and sweet as... well, yan-yan!
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JD (jdyates)
JD (jdyates) on Twitter
Cute. Gay. Loves Sci-fi. *Schwing*!
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Kevin (kayoungche)
Kevin (kayoungche) on Twitter
I appreciate any white boy who can nom teh Filipino... food. ;)
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Logan Rosca (Logan_R)
Logan Rosca (Logan_R) on Twitter
Esq. to be. Smart. Witty. Sweet. Adorable-sauce.
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Marko Salonen (msalonen)
Marko Salonen (msalonen) on Twitter
Souls don't come truer or more amazing... Also, @willofmyown's soulmate.
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Maybelle M. (maybellem)
Maybelle M. (maybellem) on Twitter
She's a FAD. No... she's THE FAD... What's a fad? Why, it's a Filipino American Diva, of course! Gay boys... follow her at your own risk, cuz I might get jealous. ;) LOL.
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metromix808 (metromix808) on Twitter
AC is teh best. She's like bacon wrapped chocolate, whilst having sex and watching cartoons.
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norcalvlog (norcalvlog) on Twitter
Remarkably handsome. Remarkably smart. Remarkably talented. He (and his videos) leave me in awe, quite often.
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Dan Heagney (PakisDan)
Dan Heagney (PakisDan) on Twitter
Ever watch someone who you just knew was an old, inspired soul? He's not typical in any way at all...
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pixonu (pixonu) on Twitter
Davey is the prize at the carnival that you want to win... The sweetest, cutest plushie that you wanna just hug to bits!
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Sam Tsui (SamuelTsui)
Sam Tsui (SamuelTsui) on Twitter
This boy gives good voice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o90NocSDYJ0
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Laurie Medeiros (santasgift73)
Laurie Medeiros (santasgift73) on Twitter
Laurie is a future Guiness Book record holder. Hehe. Also, she's got more flavors (of hug) than Baskin Robins has of ice-cream!
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Rebecca White (the_daemon_)
Rebecca White (the_daemon_) on Twitter
@iamwhite's sister. Made of Awesome.
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Megan Williams (WhoTheEff)
Megan Williams (WhoTheEff) on Twitter
A cute woodland critter with the heart of a mythical beast of lore... having hot chocolate by a crystalline waterfall...
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Rob Kalani Zilla (ZILLALAND)
Rob Kalani Zilla (ZILLALAND) on Twitter
Guardian of my second home (Maui). He's a superstar, the world just doesn't know it... well, actually it does, but it's playing it cool...
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Will Malherbe (Willofmyown)
Will Malherbe (Willofmyown) on Twitter
@msalonen's soulmate. Heart made of spun sugar and falling stars...
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Dale (Not Helix) (808Helix)
Dale (Not Helix) (808Helix) on Twitter
Dale is super sweet guy who's heart is as big, as he is shy - at times... It's really kind of cute. Hehe.

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January 22, 2010
Ow ow! You may as well rename this the hot list :P Following a few of these tweeps. Thanks for sharing! :)
January 22, 2010
Number 21???? Geez!
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