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My Twitter Man-crush List (Bromance Hopefuls)

  • Oct 8, 2009
A Man Crush is just a guy's way of saying "thanks for being you", without sounding all lame and sappy. These are the guys you want to spend Sunday with watching football games, out in the water catching waves, or on the golf course lying about your scores.
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Jack Bauer (jackbauer)
Jack Bauer (jackbauer) on Twitter
if you have to ask why Jack Bauer is #1, then you've obviously never watched 24. Jack tends to tweet more often when he's "in season", but it's nice to be able to "get inside his head" now and then through his tweets:

"Think about it. Chloe once said I could come and talk to her about anything, even Audrey. See the look I gave her? Screen Saver material."

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BrettFavre (brettfavre)
BrettFavre (brettfavre) on Twitter
Despite his Green Bay treason, it's hard to deny that he's still got it. Some gems from the Green Bay Minnesota game:

"We got 6 sacks tonight. And you can't figure out why I wanted out of Green Bay?"

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Don Draper (don_draper)
Don Draper (don_draper) on Twitter
He's such a complex man. In case you can't figure out what's going on with "Mad Men", it seems you can just go directly to the source and ask Don, "What's up?"

"Going over the copy and artwork for Bacardi. Glad to see some headway was made."

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Kelly Slater (kellyslater)
Kelly Slater (kellyslater) on Twitter
It's kinda tough to give updates from the lineup, so Slater lets his management team handle the day to day tweets. Great source for getting your Kelly Slater news fix:

"Check out the link in our last tweet for a Surfline feature on the champ's board selection!"

Michael Ian Black (michaelianblack) on Twitter
If I laugh at things that I know are inappropriate, does that make me a bad person? Michael Ian Black makes me ask myself that question every day.

"If I don't like a certain ethnicity, does that make me racist? Or just prejudiced? Italians need not reply."

"I think the term "murder spree" makes it sound like a lot of fun. "It wasn't a rampage, officer, it was a spree!"

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Dr. Drew (drdrew)
drdrew (Twitter Feed)
If my conscience had a good Twitterer and an evil Twitterer, Dr. Drew would be the good one. I feel like I'm helping to make a difference by reading what he posts -- I guess I could be more active, too. I'm impressed by the number of people he responds to directly. The guy is a class act.

"Support Breast Cancer Awareness, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - http://bit.ly/WGcGz"

"RT @MoxiePink21: "@drdrew Do you only help celebrities and wealthy people? Honest question"No that is only a few weeks out of my year."
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Darth Vader (darthvader)
Darth Vader (darthvader) on Twitter
This guy totally pwnes the Galaxy, and tweets as he goes:

"Dear SNL: The Emperor does not share your optimistic appraisal of your new season."

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Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll)
Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll) on Twitter
Is there anything not to like about this guy? His success and commitment on the field is just a fraction of the contributions he has made to the City of Los Angeles. If you don't believe me, check out this article -- http://www.lamag.com/article.aspx?id=6918

"talked to @stafon13's dr's & he's progressing ahead of schedule... he's aware of everyone's good wishes, so keep em coming!"

"best of luck to the #dodgers tonight... great matchup against another all-time classic team... gotta love oct. baseball!"
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Bill Simmons (sportsguy33)
sportsguy33 (Twitter Feed)
I just like to watch the tantrums this guy throws when any Boston team loses. You have to admire his dedication to his city.

"My reverse jinx prediction: Angels in 2."

"Great, extra innings. So much for my exec. producing career. I guess it's back to directing amateur porn under a pseudonym."

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Aragorn (Aragorn) on Twitter
Don't let the dreamy long hair and quest to destroy the One Ring fool you. Aragorn has a funny side, too.

"All that time spent getting to Mount Doom, and they forgot the marshmallows... Still not King"
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jerry_seinfeld (jerry_seinfeld) on Twitter
If you can't get enough Jerry in syndication on every other network on television, you can have some "fake Jerry" sent directly to your phone.

"No more complaining about Kanye. Did you expect him NOT to cause a scene? You don't go to a movie and get surprised when the lights go off"

"What's the deal with TGIF? Why not TGIS? After all, Saturday is clearly the better day."

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Tiger Woods (tigerwoods)
Tiger Woods (tigerwoods) on Twitter
While Tiger is still #1 in my heart, the lack of tweets on the official twitter page drops him to the bottom of my list As far as tweet quality, he really doesn't even deserve to be on the list, but I just couldn't make a "Man Crush List" without Tiger.

What did you think of this list?

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November 14, 2009
Dude. You may be my favorite follow. Always leave me laughing. I'm adding a few of these now. I mean, Jack Bauer? That's good stuff.
November 04, 2009
Love this list! I might have to use it as an example in one of my TwitterList pitches. ;)
October 13, 2009
great list - original idea!
October 09, 2009
Awesome list Andrew. When i saw the title...i got to admit... i wasn't sure where you were going with it, but after reading i get it. Very funny... and really well done!
October 09, 2009
This list makes me want to have man crushes too! Although in my case I guess they'd just be crushes...
October 09, 2009
The only thing that would complete this list for me is if Anderson Cooper were on it.  Jack Bauer almost made the cut for my Most Awesome Fake Twitter Accounts to Follow list.  Almost.  Great list.  Love it! :D
October 08, 2009
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