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The Sexiest Cartoon Characters

  • Oct 19, 2010
Here's my list of my favorite animated female characters.  While "sexiest" can mean different things to different people, my list is composed of strong leading ladies.  I tried not to include any comic book characters in order to narrow the focus.
Lana Kane
Lana is the badass super spy at the ISIS agency.  When she's not dealing with trust issues with the men she dates or buying knockoff fiachi underwear, she's about the only competent employee at ISIS. 

Favorite Quote: "My vulva is as smooth as a veal cutlet" 
Doctor Girlfriend
It's a little unnerving how easily I can look past that ridiculously deep voice of hers. She has made a career of being the "Number Two" to some of the biggest names in organized villainry. But whether she was Lady Ophelia, Dr. Girlfriend, or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, shealways made the villains she was with even better. We should all be so lucky as to have a strong woman like that behind us.

Favorite Quote:  "You should have replaced his blood with acid after this part. The sharks won't touch him now"

Betty Rubble
I always felt that Barney did well for himself with Betty. He must have locked that down early because Betty is way out of his league.

Indian Princess... need I say more?

Amy Wong
The spoiled daughter of Martian Buggalo Ranchers, Amy is the lifelong intern at Plant Express. She can be a bit naive since she's been sheltered most of her life, but she'll vigorously defend her boyfriend, Kif.

Favorite Quote: "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me 8 or more times, shame on me."

This was probably one of my first and favorite cartoons I watched while growing up. I may not have known why at the time, but I knew there was something special about Princess. She had a sweet motorcycle and some sort of 'Yo-Yo of Death' weapon. And when she wasn't fighting the forces of evil, she was rockin' some killer striped Bell Bottom pants. 
Marge Simpson
Who doesn't know Marge Simpson by now?  Despite all of Homer's impulsive actions, selfishness, ignorance, and cluelessness, Marge is the one person who can get through to him.  

Favorite Quote: "You should listen to your heart, and not the voices in your head"

Turanga Leela
I feel like it's cheating to have two characters from Futurama on my list, but it's impossible to include one and not the other. Leela has been overcoming adversity her entire life and it has given her very strong character. Despite having only one eye (and therefore, no depth perception) she has managed to work her way to captain of the Planet Express delivery ship.

Favorite Quote: "Your face can take a lot of punishment.  That's good to know."

Lois Griffin
The large triangle shaped nose, the nasally sounding voice, the heavy Rhode Island accent... on paper, Lois doesn't put up great stats, but she puts the whole package together very well. Her strong devotion to her husband and her family is an incredibly appealing trait.

Favorite quote: (while grabbing Peter) "This is mine! This is where my babies come from!"

What did you think of this list?

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November 17, 2010
jessica rabbit?
November 02, 2010
Excellent list, but where is Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?  I remember her character being considered too scandalous for some young'uns to watch on the screen.
October 20, 2010
This is one awesome list! Great selection of sexy female cartoon characters!
October 20, 2010
Holy crap, this list just made my day. What a hilariously creative list!
October 20, 2010
Great list! I just discovered Archer and couldn't agree more with Lana being Number One.
October 20, 2010
Love. This. List. I especially love the first two characters and actually just watched the veal cutlet episode the other night. Great list! But where's Jessica Rabbit? ;P
October 19, 2010
Ha Ha great idea for a list. I did not realise that Futuramas Leela's full name is Turanga Leela, she obviously must be named after Olivers Messians Masterpiece Turangalila-Symphonie which is one of my favorite classical works.
October 19, 2010
Nice list, and while I hate Family Guy, no way is Marge Simpson better looking then Lois. My opinion
October 19, 2010
Great idea for a list! I need to make my own LOL!
October 20, 2010
LOL! I was thinking the same thing. :)
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