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reviewed Gamer. August 12, 2011
movie poster
   1.   In 1992 Neil Esterbrook wrote “cyberpunk is dead,” stating that most cyberpunk authors had moved back into mainstream science fiction.  Cyberpunk exists …
reviewed The Last Exorcism. September 05, 2010
The Last Exorcism
      The horror documentary--a brilliant bit of filmmaking if done right, a curious experiment if not.  Either way, the mocumentary filmmaker is ahead of game because idea …
reviewed Repo! The Genetic Opera. August 10, 2010
Repo! The Genetic Opera
"It's almost Shakespearean," I said.   "Comedia de l'arte," Lady Dinwhistle replied.   "Grand guignol."   I was out of theatre references …
reviewed Batman: Under the Red Hood. August 02, 2010
Batman: Under the Red Hood
   This is by far the most violent Batman cartoon I've seen and if it weren't for the lack of blood, this film could rank among the more violent movies I've watched in terms of body …
reviewed The Human Centipede (First Sequence). May 08, 2010
The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
I thought the trailer gave too much away.  It made me uncomfortable, though, and that was something.  A feeling I couldn't shake for a couple of days, some kind of unnaturalness--different from …
reviewed Smash Cut. April 20, 2010
Smash Cut
I once asked a question of Lee Demarbre at a panel.  I don't remember the answer I got, but I do remember the panel members made a point of letting me ask my question.  Also, I wore pink. My …
reviewed Dead Space: Downfall. April 10, 2010
A prequel to the EA video game Dead Space. Which I don't know anything about.      Alissa Vincent is the chief of security for the Ishimura, a spaceship tasked with recovering a very …
reviewed Das Experiment. March 28, 2010
Das Experiment
Psychology.  It's what you take in undergrad when you don't know what to take.  And it's kind of interesting.  Especially the really weird stuff.  But you have to slog through Skinner …
reviewed Left in Darkness. March 24, 2010
Left in Darkness
I sat all the way through Left in Darkness, I felt I should probably review it.  But how?  What words to use?  The movie left me feeling kind of incomplete.  Not because it lacked …
reviewed Incident at Loch Ness. February 08, 2010
Incident at Loch Ness
It would seem that I'm slowly working through a list of titles compiled over years of browsing the shelves at Rogers Video.  I came across this one quite some time ago but never got round to renting …
reviewed Creep. January 25, 2010
My friend and I came into contact with Creep while browsing the racks at the video store. The art looked cool, the copy read well, so we went for it. She only watched it that one time. I took it home …
reviewed The Butcher. January 22, 2010
Where to begin? The the man-rape, the bear trap, or the chainsaw?      I was curious about this movie, but kept putting off watching it. I felt I needed to be in just the right mood …
reviewed Hell House: The Book of Samiel. January 08, 2010
If you've ever taken a gander at the movies I've reviewed or listened to TheAvod, you'll know that I have a pretty high tolerance for crap. Ominous words to begin this review, but I want you to understand …
reviewed Black Jack: The Movie. January 08, 2010
Black Jack: The Movie
This is what happens when you've got a hankering for anime but a) can't bear to start in on a series, and b) are too much of a lookist snob to watch anything that predates 1988. You end up cuing up a …
reviewed Santa's Slay (2005). December 09, 2009
Santa's Slay (2005)
My general dislike of Christmas extends, unsurprisingly, to Christmas movies. I do my best to stay the hell away from all holiday-themed comedies, though I have of course seen a few of the staples. I'm …
reviewed Perfect Blue. December 06, 2009
Perfect Blue
When I lived in Toronto, a friend and I would always go to this one comic book store for anime.  This place had a great anime section and the guys who ran the store would shut off whatever was playing …
reviewed Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie V.... December 03, 2009
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
I have complained at length, here and on TheAvod, about self-reflexive cinema. In the post-Scream era, a lot of people jumped on the postmodern bandwagon, but it seemed they forgot why that movie was …
reviewed Ink. November 30, 2009
Some time ago while reading some random movie sites, I heard mention of Ink. I was curious, but ultimately too lazy to really do anything about satisfying my curiosity. And then I got wind of Double Edge …
reviewed The Echo. November 17, 2009
The Echo
Recently I posted a rant about remakes of foreign horror movies. I complained they were unnecessary and, by definition, of low quality. Well, I might now have make room for a large serving of humble pie …
reviewed It Waits. November 07, 2009
It Waits
I've done a lot of cross-country diving recently, and though I do love a good coastal route, nothing compares to the beauty, majesty, and isolation found on the mountain road. That might be why I can't …
reviewed Ghostwatch. October 28, 2009
The Early family live in a housing estate in Greater London and are being tormented by a poltergeist. On the night of October 31, the BBC set up a live broadcast to investigate the haunting. As journalist …
reviewed The Gate. October 28, 2009
The Gate
I saw part of this movie a long time ago.      The tree in Glen's backyard is felled in a storm leaving behind a big hole in the earth. After their parents leave home for a few days, …
reviewed iMurders. October 26, 2009
Though McLuhan's "global village" was a conceptual space in which the instantaneous transmission of information heightened people's awareness, the village was a place of disagreement and discontent. …
reviewed The Hills Run Red. October 23, 2009
Hills Run Red
*Please note, this reivew has been edited for content on 23 October 2009 at 12:57 EST.      An open letter to the movie The Hills Run Red.       Dear THRR,   …
reviewed Trick 'r Treat. October 22, 2009
Trick 'r Treat
Sadly, this film got stuck in distribution hell as no one would pick it up for a theatrical release. Now, a year later and after having played very well at festivals, the film is out on DVD.   …
reviewed 976-EVIL. October 22, 2009
Movie poster
Directed by Freddy Kruger, 976-EVIL, mildly entertaining though it is, hinges on a profound misunderstanding of irony.      Spike, who may or may not have flunked out of school, and …
reviewed I Sell the Dead. October 22, 2009
I Sell the Dead
Never trust a corpse, advises Dominic Monaghan. Words to live and die by.      As Arthur Lake sits in jail, awaiting execution, he's visited by Father Duffy who asks him to recount …
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