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Repeat Pete - Can you Do What Pete Does Without Missing a Beat

10 Ratings: 3.3
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The Patch Products Repeat Pete is a fast-paced family game where players repeat the actions of other players before time runs out. If you accomplish the feat then other players will have even more to remember and repeat. You will take turns being Pete … see full wiki

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10 reviews about Repeat Pete - Can you Do What Pete Does...
review by . October 06, 2008
posted in The Family Room
The basic idea of this game is fun, and, I think, educational. A huge stack of cards, each with an action or phrase or sound. Each player picks a card and does what it says (Say "Way to go!"; Honk like a goose; rub your hand on top of your head, etc.); the next player repeats after the first, and then picks another card and does what it says, and so on until someone messes up. That part of the game is actually quite fun. I played with my three kids and was amazed at the ability of my 6 year old …
review by . December 25, 2008
OVERALL: A great group game full of family fun. It is very easy to learn, fun to play, and quickly involves everybody. Going around in circles with each person repeating the motions and silly sounds of those who went before, nobody can stay serious or stand aloof for long. It brings out the kid in everybody. It is simple enough for children about 8 years old an up to play and perfect for groups between 4 and 8 people, nothing inappropriate or risque. It is probably not a game that you'd want to …
review by . October 14, 2008
Repeat Pete is a fun and slightly silly game. It is the type of game that kids and even high schoolers will enjoy. Thank of it as "Concentration" meets "Charades" . In Repeat Pete players are given a card that describes an action or sound that must be made. As the play goes on each player must perform the sound or action in the correct order...i.e "Smile", "Meow like a cat", "hop on one leg" and so on until someone gets the sequence wrong.     While this is fun for families, …
review by . October 13, 2008
This game is a cross between those old electronic memory games of the 70s (like Simon), and charades. Basically, you draw a card that tells you an action to do (like make a particular sound or act like a certain animal). You then do the actions that came before from other players, one at a time, in order, followed by the new action.     The game requires quite a bit of concentration to remember the earlier actions, as well as the ability to enjoy acting silly. And that can be …
review by . October 12, 2008
Patch Products Company - The same company who brought us "Buzzword", the card game "Swap" and Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be Redneck" boardgame now brings "Repeat Pete" to families. Repeat Pete is part old school charades,and monkey see monkey do.     But who IS Pete? The player who performed the last action is always Pete, and the next player must repeat what Pete did plus add a new action. The more players who draw a card and succeed means other players have to remember even …
review by . September 30, 2008
"Repeat Pete" is a fun little game. I don't remember the old kid's game it is obviously based upon. Someone performs an action, the next person has to perform the same action and a new one and the person after that performs both the prior actions - and a new one.     So the game goes until someone makes a mistake and the turn passes to the next person.     With several adults in, er, "party" mode, I can see this as being fun for a while. The publisher says …
review by . September 30, 2008
The aim of Repeat Pete is simple: as each player draws a card, they add the action onto the string of actions until one player performs it incorrectly or out of order.    What I like about this game is the creativity -- for some of them, you must do the action WITH sound. For others, you must NOT use sound, and you have to do it right. There are animals, objects (race cars), phrases (Sweet!), and actions (wiping your brow). This keeps it fun and interesting.    There …
review by . September 29, 2008
Patch's Repeat Pete board game takes the simple concept of memorization and makes it very difficult. All you need to do to advance to the finish line is repeat every action or phrase of all of the people before you in order and then add your own action at the end. Mess up, and you roll the die to see if you move one, two or three spaces back while everybody else moves forward based on the number of action cards in front of them.    The game is very easy to play, but the actions …
review by . September 25, 2008
I really like the concept of this game...having to act out the words or pictures on the cards and also remember everyone else's words/actions. It is a game that keeps your mind going, while still having fun.  BUT, there are a few reasons that I gave this game 3 stars:  1) The game board and the packaging are not especially exciting, and while I am not a marketing major I have purchased many, many board game and would not have been the least bit drawn to this despite being offered …
review by . September 23, 2008
We don't play too many games in our house, but this one will be a keeper! We all had a great time playing, and my son's comment is the title to this review. The age range is from 8-Adult, but our son is 7 and it worked fairly well.     The game has virtually no set-up...we're talking 3 minutes, max. Open the box, open the board, pick your game piece and put it on the board, and open the card boxes to put them on the board. Simple. The cards have a large variety of categories …
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