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Caught (The Runners, Part Two)
In the first story of this series, I mentioned that I had very much enjoyed the story although I felt it could have progressed a bit slower. I also noted that the writing style could use some work despite …
reviewed Dark Eden. September 23, 2011
Dark Eden
It may sound like a cheesy or cheap way to describe this book, but I truly have to say that it was a page-turning thriller which I couldn't put down. "Dark Eden" is twisted but only in a …
reviewed Jabra SPORT corded Stereo Sports Head.... September 23, 2011
Jabra SPORT corded Stereo Sports Headset - Earset
Although I find earbuds to be incredibly convenient and easy-to-use most of the time, they really don't work that well for exercising or doing strenuous activity. I decided to try these out for when …
reviewed Crunch - Candlelight Yoga (2002). September 23, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Crunch - Candlelight Yoga (2002)
Let me start out this review by saying that I put off trying this workout for a long time because I had tried several other workouts with this instructor (Sara Ivanhoe) and hadn't liked them. However, …
reviewed HARD WORK Conditioning. September 23, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
HARD WORK Conditioning
To be fully honest, I expected this workout to be as hard as a Jillian Michaels workout; this basically means that I expected to not be able to finish it because it was so hard. While it wasn't that …
reviewed Snakebyte Wii Premium Fitness Board a.... September 23, 2011
posted in The Gaming Hub
Snakebyte Wii Premium Fitness Board and Balance
I've never used Nintendo's balance board that comes with the game "Wii Fit," so I cannot compare the functionality of this board with Nintendo's board. What I can do, though, is …
reviewed Occam's Razor: A Short Story. September 23, 2011
Occam's Razor: A Short Story
By the time I finished reading this story, I still had no clue what Occam's Razor was or why it had anything to do with the plot (although it should be noted that it was mentioned in the story). I …
reviewed OtherWhere: The Crazies. September 23, 2011
OtherWhere: The Crazies
Because of its quirky characters and fantastic worlds, "OtherWhere: The Crazies" reminded me of both the Narnia series and "Alice in Wonderland." I truly admire the way that the author …
reviewed Checking It Twice. September 23, 2011
Checking It Twice
Although "Checking It Twice" is such a short story, the author still managed to give me a few chills in this Christmas horror story. Christmas horror isn't a genre that I get to see every …
This Totally Scary True Story About When My Aunt
For the most part, I liked the story behind this download; I really did. Unfortunately, due to some horrible (or simply lack of) editing, the story was very difficult to read.      …
reviewed Gold's Gym All Day Energy Workout DVD. September 23, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Gold's Gym All Day Energy Workout DVD
On a whim, I picked this DVD up at Walmart for 4 bucks, not really expecting anything too fantastic; I even put off doing the 3 10-minute workouts included for a few days. Imagine my surprise when I started …
reviewed The Surgeon: A Novel. September 23, 2011
The Surgeon: A Novel
While I was stuck at an airport for a few hours during a connection, I desparately needed some reading material. Having read a Rizzoli and Isles short story freebie a few months ago and enjoying it immensely, …
reviewed Gumshoe Casefiles - Case 132. September 23, 2011
Gumshoe Casefiles - Case 132
The title "Gumshoe Casefiles - Case 132" gave me the perfect mental image of this ebook-a very comical approach to a serious crime with a quirky, bumbling detective as the protagonist. I loved …
reviewed Itsy Bitsy. September 23, 2011
Itsy Bitsy
In the product descriptions for this short story, it says that "Itsy Bitsy" is "destined to become a modern classic." To be quite blunt, I don't think "Itsy Bitsy" will …
reviewed Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance. September 23, 2011
Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance
I must admit that I was a bit put off by the cover of this short story collection. I don't normally mind violence in stories, but the cover did seem a bit disgusting. Thankfully, I didn't find …
reviewed Passages. September 23, 2011
I'm not entirely sure how I came across "Passages," but I am so excited that I did! The author proved to be someone to be on the lookout for in the near future by writing some truly superb …
reviewed Specimen 313. September 23, 2011
Specimen 313
I honestly didn't even read the product description before downloading this book; the name just intrigued me so much that I thought I'd give it a try. I am so incredibly glad that I decided to …
reviewed Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash 6.78 .... September 23, 2011
Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash 6.78 Ounce.(Pack
Judging from the other reviews of this product, it seems like it works very well for some people, while it just aggravates the skin of others. For me, it was mostly the latter. I started using the product …
reviewed The Lake. September 23, 2011
The Lake
I've been looking forward to reading "The Lake" for a long time; I made sure that I had pre-ordered it in order to read it as soon as it was released. I was a bit disappointed when it turned …
reviewed The Dark, Dark House. September 23, 2011
The Dark, Dark House
Although I do think that this story could have been really good, I'm afraid it fell just a little too short for me. Like another reviewer said, the words "dark, dark" are used overwhelmingly …
reviewed 10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pila.... September 23, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pilates with
While I'm a very avid exerciser who has done nearly every type of workout there is, I'd never really tried a DVD focused fully on pilates. This may not have been the best intro-to-pilates DVD …
reviewed Spin the Plate. September 23, 2011
Spin the Plate
After I read and reviewed the shorter form of this story, the author kindly offered me a free copy of this full version in order for me to review. It did not affect my score, opinion, or review at all; …
For Mother: A Short Story Collection of Two
I expected both of these stories to be sweet, heartwarming stories that would put any Hallmark card to shame. I was wrong. Neither story is particularly cold, but they both focus more on making the reader …
reviewed The Hour of the Time. September 23, 2011
The Hour of the Time
A reference used in the story itself perfectly describes this download. The reference is to the white rabbit from the story "Alice in Wonderland," when he is running around shouting,"I'm …
For the Love of the Gamer: A Short Story
I can't say that I've read many books that have pulled me into them to the degree this story did. By the end of this short ebook download, I cared so much for the main character that I was strongly …
reviewed Fluffs. September 23, 2011
I've never read a story that successfully combined silliness with horror, but this story does just that! Although there are stressful moments when the reader will most definitely get caught up in …
reviewed Dominance: A Novel. September 23, 2011
Dominance: A Novel
INTRO - I've never heard of the author Will Lavender before, nor have I ever read his first book "Obedience." However, I will definitely be looking out for things that he continues to publish, …
Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma
There are thousands of self help books for sale on nearly every subject imaginable. Whether you want to learn how to do yoga, how to cook, or how to run a successful toilet paper business, there's …
Runner (The Runners, Part One)
I have to agree with the other reviewer that said this was a really short read. It's so short that I don't really think it could be called a book; it's more of a short story that took me ten …
reviewed Dorrin's End. September 23, 2011
Dorrin's End
Dorrin's End is one of the shortest stories I've ever read; it will seriously take you three minutes at the most to read it. However, in those few minutes, the author manages to tell a fully developed …
reviewed The Second Ward. September 23, 2011
The Second Ward
Jason has been confined to the Greenview Psychiatric Hospital the past eight years of his life, absent from any type of life outside the hospital walls. He's forgotten his home, his parents, and most …
reviewed DanceTonic (2010). September 23, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
DanceTonic (2010)
A lot of dance workouts focus mostly on learning choreography and having fun instead of giving a high intensity workout; meanwhile most bootcamp workouts focus more on that high intensity aspect than …
Stain of Mind (The Serial Killer Journals)
Without a doubt, this is the most disturbing story I have ever read. I've read many horror stories, and I've read some that have made me cringe or feel sick, but I have never read one that forced …
reviewed AmazonBasics Silicone Case with Tread.... September 23, 2011
After having two previous iPod touch cases that didn't really satisfy me, it was great to finally find a case that I find to be perfect. My first case was an "init soft gel case," but it …
reviewed Welcome to Midnight. September 23, 2011
Welcome to Midnight
I have to say that even after finishing this story, I'm not entirely positive about what happened. Because everything in the story was complex and at the same time rushed to make sure it stayed short, …
Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes (color and
"Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes" is definitely a fun Kindle download with many entertaining aspects. I read and interacted with this download entirely on my Kindle app for the iPod touch, so …
reviewed Lorex LW2110 Wireless Digital Securit.... September 23, 2011
Lorex LW2110 Wireless Digital Security Camera
While the Lorex LW2110 Wireless Digital Security Camera is probably not something that you're going to see used in a high class department store, it's still a really good camera that can be used …
reviewed Forever Young. September 23, 2011
Forever Young
"Forever Young" was a slightly touching short story about a woman who never ages because of a science experiment gone wrong. She enjoys the ability to experience how the centuries change, but …
Active Reader: And Other Cautionary Tales from the
   It's hard to classify the three stories included in this download into a specific genre simply because they are really quite unique. I'd have to say that the first one resembles horror, …
reviewed Derelict. June 18, 2011
When I started to read this download and realized that it took place in outer space I thought that it was just going to be some silly alien slasher which wasn't going to be good at all. But as I started …
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