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Best Episodes of Deep Space Nine

  • Jul 1, 2011

Deep Space Nine, by Trek fans is often called the best of the show even though it's pop culture flags are much smaller then those of TOS and TNG. Much like my favorites list for TNG, I'm going to take one episode a season for my favorites list.
Past Prologue (ST DS9)
It was a tough choice between this and "Duet" and both feature Kira as a central character. When a Bajoran freedom fighter is wounded by the Cardassians and chased into the station, he asks for asylum, but Sisko hears that he might be a terrorist with Kira in the middle. Does she help the man who wants what she wants? Or does she do her job in the name of what the government wants? Or, will more facts come to light? Great episode which also features the first appearance of Garak.

The Die is Cast (ST DS9)
Tain has set into motion a fleet of ships to destroy The Founders and test Garak's loyalty by having Garak try to get information out of Odo. Odo's torture scene is chilling and eye opening to Odo's character and the finale is a blast, literally. Gotta love the Defiant's machine gun phasers.

Call To Arms (ST DS9)
Sisko decides to make a stand against the Dominion and barracades the entrance to the wormhole with mines which angers Weyoun and the rest of the Dominion with the ultimatum of "take down the minefield or risk war." Sisko risks war and we get another great station defense sequence like we did in Way of the Warrior. The episode ends with some hope for the war, before season 6 opens telling us just how sour things got.

In the Pale Moonlight
A pure love it or hate it in the fandom cause of how much it goes against the grain of Roddenberry's ideal future for mankind, otherwise it' a great drama. Sisko makes sacrifices of character, beliefs and morals and even decency to get the Romulans into the Dominion War. Sisko and Garak working together is great and Garak telling Sisko about his bargain shows how awesome Garak is. Infamous for the "It's a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKE!" internet meme.

What you Leave Behind (ST DS9)
Season 7 was just too good a season with the drama, action and tension mounting until it reaches.....this head: the end of the war. Every main character gets a send off, closure or finale that is appropriate. I hated the reused battle footage but it's minor. It's obvious that there wasn't going to be a movie, but maybe it's just as well.

What did you think of this list?

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July 13, 2011
Great list! I would have put In the Pale Moon Light higher but hey. There are so many good DS9 episodes I don't know which other ones I would have picked.

Oh yeah, Rapture.  I would have put that one in.
July 14, 2011
It's by season. Pale Moonlight is from S6, Neccessary Evil S2, and the like.
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