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Best to Worst Batman movies

  • Oct 1, 2009
  • by
Excluding the Batman movies based on the TV series, taking a look at the Batman films made from 89 till 08. All are fun in one way or another and some are clearly better then others.
Edgy and genuinely dark film has Batman utilizing all of his skills and just barely able to get his hands on the maniacal Joker who was reinvented into a truly psychotic lunatic by Heath Ledger. The limits people will go to and the sacrifices that people will make to succeed are tested and the ending is powerful as well. A sequel to top this movie will be very hard indeed.
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Deluxe Edition DVD cover
Batman reinvented after an ugly backlash at 1997's Batman and Robin the build up was 8 years and worth every bit of it with a new Batman, a realistic and in depth look at the beginnings of Batman from his parents murder, to his training where his equipment came from and his first major mission to save Gotham city and his quest for justice. Solid all around.
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Batman (1989 film)
Blockbuster of the late 80's has a new imagining for Batman to erase the camp 60's shows. Jack Nicholson rules the movie and brings the film up to a new level as the vile and eccentric Joker. An artistic look with plenty of cool James Bond sets and gadgets but the movie's script could have used a polish in defining the stories.
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Batman Forever
Everything from the director, star, sets, props, and the general look of the film was set to help erase from the mind's eye Batman Returns which cast such a dark cloud over Batman. Maybe a little too playful, commercial and glammy for some but not as bad as many would remember. Val Kilmer is to me a great Batman and should have done another.
See the full review, "As long as it's a little, razzle dazzle and neon isn't too bad.".
Batman Returns
Stylish and beautiful as an onyx but just as dark has a tale of hurt feelings and sadness overlaying the surroundings with a great cast of characters from the disgusting Penguin and the seductive Catwoman and the very elusive Batman. Best story out of the original four movies but too brooding and pained for it's own good.
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Batman & Robin
Ramped up too much of the playful and colorful aspects of Batman Forever and added plenty of corny jokes, cliches, and is a little too kid friendly to make Batman and his dark edges an afterthought. Anrold hams it up in an awful Mr. Freeze costume and Uma Thurman sexes it up as Poison Ivy and George Clooney is ineffective in making a difference in the poor material. 8 years later and Batman was redeemed.
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July 06, 2010
My only disagreement would be your placement of Batman Returns and Batman Forever. Sure, Catwoman was lame, and the "raised in the sewers by pengiuns" nonsense was complete crap. But at least Returns had Christopher Walken in it! Besides, what Val Kilmer and did to Bruce Maybe was surpassed only by the damage the writer and director did to Two-Face.
July 17, 2010
I like Christopher Walken too, but his placement in the movie is weird and he was supposed to be Harvey Dent originally. I don't hate Batman Returns but like I said it's too dark and too brooding to be enjoyable, even if Batman is supposed to have that attitude and it's what makes the characters. Also I do like Batman Forever, not as much as I used to but it's too fashionable to put both Schumacher movies on the bottom. After Dark Knight, it's hard to look at Tommy Lee Jones seriously in that movie and now he's just a colorful thug.
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