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Big Stars, Good Movies

  • Sep 21, 2011
The same stars, but lets look at some GOOD movies they have done shall we?
Okay "good" is stretching it, but how about damn entertaining as all hell? Arnie plays a super beefcake dude from a former sooper dooper special forces team who has to rescue his little daughter from a deposed dictator and his homo-erotic bodyguard. This movie rocks.
See the full review, "Lacking 30% less nutrition then other action movies but has lots of high fructose syrup and sugar.".
Jackie Brown
Samuel L Jackson plays a gunrunner who wants to retire rich but there are a few too many hands trying to reach out for his prize and that includes a desperate flight attendant who got caught running his cash. Tarrantino's laid back film has it's haters for the reason that this movie isn't like Pulp Fiction but give it another look and it's cool as a rule.
See the full review, "It doesn't have to live up to past expectations to be great".
28 Days
Sandra Bullock is a party girl with little responsibility for herself or those around her which means she can drink and pop pills the night away until rehab comes calling after Bullock gets into a car accident. Some scenes you can call a mile away and others that you don't play strongly. Don't confuse this for a comedy though, never mind the lighter scenes.
See the full review, "You know whats funny? DRUG REHAB!".
Rocky Balboa
The movie that no one thought would be good and proved just about everyone wrong has Stallone putting to bed his famous boxing hero the right way, with a little dignity and genuine closure as Rocky Balboa, now a widower yearns to get into the ring to chase his demons away, the current champion needs a career boost since he's hated by the boxing fanbase for winning to many easy fights. The two meet and it's time to give em' one more match.
See the full review, "Give 'em one more round Rocko!".
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Whoa, wait, a Seagal movie thats good, and a SEQUEL?! You bet. Falls into "Commando" territory for again maybe not being good, but at least being very entertaining. The plot about a stolen Killer Satalite that can create earthquakes is jackass and a lot of the special effects are below par even by the times, but the movie's pace, action scenes and cast are all good. Roll your eyes, but have fun doing it.
See the full review, "And to believe Amtrak didn't get in on a gold mine in the "action movies on trains" business!".
Beverly Hills Cop
Eddie Murphy made it super big in 84 with this fish out of water story about a reckless but talented cop from scummy Detroit going to posh and flakey Beverly Hills to catch his friend's killer. The culture clash is fun, Murphy is great and his scene with Bronson Pinchot is classic. The sequels were loud and lame, but this one is great. Murphy still wants to make a 4th movie-only if he acts like he did here will it work.
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Clooney's first run with the Coen Brothers is this "old timey" tale where three convicts escape they're chain gang and run into adventures across Mississippi so that Clooney can get home to his wife. Singing and dancing and other stops along the way occur in this weird adventure that isn't in the least taken from "The Odyssey."
See the full review, "Out on the Big Rock Candy Mountain, George Clooney met Homer.".
Happy Gilmore
Rambunctious hockey player needs to make big money fast to save his grandmother's house from the IRS and learns that he has the talent to hit golfballs and ends up on the pro tour, much to the chagrin of a snooty golf pro. One of Sandler's better early movies.
Men in Black
G Men keep aliens under wraps as quietly as they can, but a big, ugly and nasty one is causing trouble in New York and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones need to put it to a stop. Fun tongue and cheek humor with action.
Monster's Ball
A bigoted death row guard meets and falls in love with a now widowed black woman in this dramatic turn where I'll admit Barry does a good job, but really, best actress of 2002?
Die Hard
Rock on with this classic movie where Bruce Willis kicks internation terrorist butt in Nakatomi Plaza. Few movies are as awesome as this one.
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Jim Carey wasn't any funnier, or dumber then he was here in this comedy about two idiot pals who go across the country to take back a briefcase to a scoialite and have stupid adventures along the way. So many classic moments, it's great.
See the full review, "Exactly what it says on the tin.".
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Uma Thurman continued to kick ass and take names in the second half of the Kill Bill saga, with The Bride closing in on Bill, she must first deal with Bill's beer swilling brother Budd and the mirthless Elle Driver. Vol 2 isn't lacking in the story telling that Vol 1 was lacking and has enough action to keep things moving.
Demolition Man
I tried thinking of something good that Rob Schneider was in, and then I remembered that he had a bit role in this Stallone movie, and wouldn't you know it, Schneider still sucks here too but at least the movie was good. I almost went with The Animal, but then good taste prevailed.
See the full review, "The movies IQ is set a shade or two above defrost".

What did you think of this list?

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October 01, 2011
Great list, John! I've enjoyed most of these films. I love Happy Gilmore and the bar scene with Shooter lol. Jackie Brown is a great film and definitely one of Jackson's best. I think that Coming to America would be Eddie Murphy's best and I loved Halle Berry in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.
September 26, 2011
John, Great to see Demolition Man make your list. Die Hard and Beverly Hills Cop are two of my favorite movies. (Great minds think alike) For the Arnie movie I would have picked True Lies. As for Rocky Balboa it was so good because Rocky V was so bad. I did prefer Kill Bill 1 over 2 (the fight with the 88's was a classic). Would be cool if they combined the two films and put them in sequential order.
September 26, 2011
The big put together Kill BIll has been talked about for a while but never done and if it was, it went out of print immediately. It was called, "The Whole Bloody Affair". Rocky Balboa is great and I love Demolition Man. True Lies would have been a little better if that half hour or so in the middle was trimmed down.
September 21, 2011
Commando is good LOL! "Let off some steam Bennett" LOL!
September 22, 2011
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