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Favorite Action Movies

  • Jul 19, 2010
Corny or not, unbelivable or not, if theres action out there for gun battles knife fights or stuff getting blow'd up. My favorites go here. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
The pinnacle of bad 80's action movies of big beefy men with big guns who stand in open air to shoot and shoot with badguys who can't hit the broadside of the barn. Arnie is John Matrix a former sooper dooper soldier who's cute little daughter has been kidnapped by the vile Dan Hedaya and Vernon Wells, a former parner of John's. All hell breaks loose in the finale that has to be seen to know how stupidly awesome it is.
See the full review, "Lacking 30% less nutrition then other action movies but has lots of high fructose syrup and sugar.".
Sly Stallone dusted off HIS 80's action star character for this blood letting movie about Rambo taking mercenaries into blood soaked Burma to save Missionaries. Violence is through the roof as well as the sadism of the Burmese army bad guys who in the final 10 minutes of the movie, when Rambo grabs his 50 caliber and shreds them like bloody wheat, you WILL be on your feet cheering him on.
See the full review, "The missionaries brought bibles and medicine, Rambo brought bullets.".
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Arnold never made a better movie then this 91 juggernaut of an action film that explores the ideas of time travel and changing the future as Arnold returns to protect a young John Connor from the steely eyed, evil and unrelenting T-1000 who is played to perfection by Robert Patrick who makes for one of the most unbeatable and infamous villians in movie history. Lots of action and set the bar high for believable special effects that not only look good but aren't intrusive. As good as the first one.
See the full review, "I judge thee awesome".
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Regardless of what you think of Steven Seagal, this was not as bad as you've beeen led to believe as far as the action goes since it moves at a good clip and stays on the side of realistic for the most part. As far as the STORY goes, about a satelite that uses a particle ray to cuase earthquakes, yeah it is dumb. It's dumb, but it IS fun.
See the full review, "And to believe Amtrak didn't get in on a gold mine in the "action movies on trains" business!".
Die Hard
No one can forget this movie. DIE HARD. Action, suspense and lots of asskicking and one liners from hero Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman is an awesome villain and if you haven't seen it in a while, you need to see it again.
It was nice to see Stallone play a "normal" guy who isn't a special forces guy, or a seal or maverick cop. He was a mountain climber who needs to use his wits to stop a hamtastic John Lithgow and his goons from stealing a large stack of cash that went missing in the Rockies. Some nice moments of tension really make the movie suspensful and seeing a "normal" guy fight the criminals was nice.
Marked for Death
The other Seagal movie to make the list is often forgotten about cause it wasn't as lame as Out For Justice or as good as Under Siege. Seagal is a narcotics cop who tries retiring from a life of being a crooked cop but gets called back into action when a group of Jamaican gunslingers invade his neighborhood led by the wicked Screwface who uses voodoo and hard drugs to control his army. Corny but fun.
The Legend of Drunken Master
I'm cheating in putting a karate movie on the list but this one is phenominal. Put out in 94 but realeased many years later in the states with a hysterical dub, Jackie Chan again plays folk hero Wong Fe Hung who practices the eccentric, offbeat but powerful art of Drunken Boxing. Fantastic martial arts fighting that is breathtaking to watch and Jackie Chans fight with Ken Lo (The man with the crazy foot) at the end is gold. No Jackie Chan fan is a fan unless they've seen it.
See the full review, "If this movie merged with Beer Fest, it would be scary.".
The sequel to the original shocker about shape changing beasts from outerspace made of acid and fangs picks up the threads nearly 60 years later with Ellen Ripley suspended for questionable conduct from the previous movie and having nightmares from the creature she met. Accompaning a squad of marines, they find the Aliens. Proof that a directors cut CAN be better then the original and proof that women can kick ass in an action movie.
See the full review, "The other movies after this one mostly suck....mostly.".
A movie that tried to shake Keanu Reeves "whoa dude" image before the Matrix put it back in for him. It showed that action movies don't need to be full of blood and guns to be good, not to mention that not all hero cops have shouting matches with they're superiors. Reeves tries to keep a bus going over 50 mph lest a mad bomber's bomb go off and kill people. Needs to be seen at least once and it does have a brain, despite what Dennis Hopper, the movie's villian tells us.
See the full review, "My brain can beat your bomb.".

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July 19, 2010
whoa. I saw all the movies in this list! I'll have to make time to read your reviews on # 1 and 2. You didn't like Under Siege 1?
July 19, 2010
Under Siege 1 is good, with Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Buesy, Erika Elaniak and even Colm Meany, I just liked the second one more. I SHOULD watch the first again though since it's been a while.
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