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Least Favorite Episodes of TNG

  • May 26, 2011
A while back, I made a list of what I thought of as my favorite TNG episodes. Time for the ugly side of the coin, what I think are the worst. I'll pick an episode a season and while there may be other bad episodes that season (1 and 2 especially) the ones here are the ones I usually think of when I think of the worst.
Justice (ST TNG)
The crew of the Enterprise lands on a planet full of hard bodied and tanned peacefuls who get rubbed down and apparently have sex all day long. Theres no real reason to stop at this out of the way place other then the hard bodied and tanned peacefuls get rubbed down and apparently have sex all day long. Wesley accidentally breaks a minor law and must be sentenced to death but Picard must step in to save his live even though it's breaking Starfleet's laws........so let him die Picard, it's WESLEY and your on a planet you shouldn't have visited!
See the full review, "Hmmm, break Starfleet's chief law or kill the most annoying character on board............".
Star Trek - The Next Generation, Episode 48: Shades Of Gray
Season 2 had some pretty stinky episodes, from a cheesy alien pulp novel hotel trap, Wesley falling in love with a cute alien woman, and the ship full of idiots who still manage to threaten the Enterprise and oh yes, Troi being raped by a ball of light....they could all pail in comparison to the Trek clip show. At least the other episodes had SOMETHING going on.
See the full review, "Trek's first clip show, and it's last.".
The High Ground (TNG)
Sad that one of the few Doctor Crusher centered episodes has to be this tale of terrorists kipnapping her and trying to get the Federation involved in they're struggles. Has some action but it's one of those episodes where they talk and talk and talk more. It's not a bad episode but there are a lot of episodes that are just better from season 3.
The Loss (TNG)
Another tough one for the season, but surely the most plodding, considering how the Enterprise just keeps inching it's way towards destruction. Troi wigs out in this episode when her empathic powers leave her and she must learn to cope and utilizes some problem solving to save the day. Later this season in Night Terrors she NEEDS her powers to save the day. A moral broken perhaps?
The Outcast (TNG)
Commander Riker falls in love with a member of an androgynous race who is starting to show feminine characteristics. I like the costume and all attempts to suck any sexual nature out of the character, not to mention the energy of this episode cause this episode is SLOW. Trek has done better love em' or leave em' episodes then this. Hell Picard had a better one in next seasons "Lessons". Some people appreciate the gender/sexual orientation statements the episode makes and I don't have a problem there, it's just that they could make the episode a little more fun while they do it.

What did you think of this list?

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May 27, 2011
Great list - 'Justice' ranks high as one of the worst for me too. It was an early one as I recall, and made me think the series was going to be AWFUL. I'm a little surprised 'Skin of Evil' isn't on here...even though Yar dies in it (yay!), it's so poorly made that it's still just unwatchable for me.
May 27, 2011
I actually like Skin of Evil. I heard most of the production people hated it cause the Armus effect was so bad. I tired only going with 1 per season and picking out a bad ep from the first two is tough since there were a lot of bad eps in both ( and good eps in both).
May 27, 2011
That explains it then - the Armus effect is indeed awful, and everything planetside looked like it was shot on a set left over from the original series. The production values on that episode are some of the worst in the whole show. No wonder it bugs me so.
May 26, 2011
creative list...and this would be a good guide. Your # 1 sounds interesting though....
May 27, 2011
#1 was an interesting idea, but so contrived and badly done it just kills it. I bet they could have done it better once they found their stride later in the series.
May 27, 2011
And pick someone to die who the audience might GIVE A CRAP about. Maybe Worf or Beverly. The only one worse in that position would have been Troi since shes arguably the second most disliked character in the show.
May 27, 2011
for some reason I think I missed # 1 I need to borrow my friend's collection asap.
May 27, 2011
You aren't missing much. Please don't be lulled into any kind of entertainment by my promise of sexyness as being the excuse to watch this turd. I'll feel responsible.
May 26, 2011
Masks. BB
May 26, 2011
Masks was bad, but at least it was a little interesting and tried to be different.
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