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More of my favorite shows

  • Jun 22, 2010
  • by
More shows that I remember from years ago or that I loved to watch. Rather then put this in the old TV show list I made, I decided to make another. All shows on here are just as good as the ones from the previous list.
WKRP In Cincinnati
A classic "workcom" that took 8 great characters, all unique and different and had them interact at a radio station at the bottom of the barrel in Cincinnati. Spaced out Johnny, the sweet and cute Bailey, childlike Arthur Carlson and one of the greatest TV characters ever in Les Nessman, a man detatched from society and culture at large, and he's the newscaster. Sharp writing about censorship, tastless promotions including flying turkeys. The show hasn't been given it's due lately cause of expired music copyrights leading to many songs and scenes clipped out, but the show is still a winner.
See the full review, ""Mind if I come in? Mind if I have my music back?"".
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Taking a darker and at times more serious turn down Star Trek street has a Starfleet crew coming into command of an alien space station owned by a religous alien race that recently overthrew their overseers. Starfleet needs to keep the peace and along the way and discovers some incredible finds in this part of the galaxy. A great cast that between the two friendly races could still lead to hostility at times and the dynamic between Odo and Quark are as good as McCoy and Spocks.
See the full review, "Space: The Wild West Frontier".
The Simpsons
It jumped the shark years ago only occasionally being redeemed by some decent episodes but in it's prime, the first 8 seasons, especially in it's ULTRA prime of the first 4 seasons, the show could do no wrong with it's stories. Even when it was corny it was watchable and entertaining.
Pawn Stars
Watching the proprietors of a Las Vegas based and family owned Pawn Shop interect with experts on antiques and other bric a brak is highly entertaining and educational. Co owner and show lead Rick, his son Big Hoss and the Old Man along with dim Chumlee look at everything from old pinball machines, antique guns to even rare finds like sunken treasure. It has the lame trappings of other reality shows except this show can at least remain interesting. A cool Antiques Roadshow.
See the full review, "TV that "pwns" all others".
In Living Color
Classic sketch comedy with the Wayans family and helped get then "James" Carey notice. Great characters like Homey the Clown, Fire Marshall Bill, Head Detective, Al McAfee and more. Had a failure of a final season and it's another show that's been crippled by music copyrights but the show as any of these is a classic.
Married With...Children
Dysfunctional American sitcoms hit it's zenith with Fox's landmark and first original show focusing on working class zero Al Bundy, his free spending wife, loser kids and obnoxious neighbors. It ran 11 seasons with the final few being killed due to bad storylines but the first few seasons were golden. Raunchy and unPC and a classic. At it's worst, it became a prototype for what accounted for years of bad television ideas.
The Odd Couple
A great TV version of the movie and it keeps it's spirit while making it better. Felix Ungar was reinvented as a truly neurotic fussbudget on TV while Oscar Madison kept his slovenly and filthy ways and both parts were played terrifically by the leads.
Danger Mouse
Old English cartoon puts a secret agent mouse, his hamster sidekick against an evil toad and his crow henchman. Awesome cartoon. Stories having the world's washing machines revolting, flooding the world with custard and more.
King of the Hill
Mike Judge shows that he had magic to create a show not just consisting of two stupid teenagers and make it beliveable. Hank Hill is the leader of the proverbial "Hill" with his wife with a huge self image and his overly awkward and chubby son. The writing of the show was awesome and the characters were unique. The at times too eccentric nature was off putting.
See the full review, ""Well I tell ya Bobby, they just don't make shows like this anymore I tell you whut"".
Brewing with piss and vinegar and running on cigerettes, John Becker was a HUGE breath of fresh air for me on television. Angry who fought for common sense over incompetence and what made it better is he was surrounded by incompetence. A nice ensemble cast tried to keep Becker down to Earth with limited success. It's final season died when Terry Farrell was replaced by Nancy Travis.
See the full review, "This show doesn't have tough love, it's angry love.".
The Henry Rollins Show
I love Henry Rollin's spoken word shows and this show gave him a chance for a steady allowance of his observations, politics, ideas and more. Guest interviews, letters to celebrities and more. Even when I don't agree with Henry, he's got enough of a voice to make me at least see his way.
Taking Japanese dubbed gameshows, cutting them up and dubbing in wacky lines made this show a winner. Even on repeat viewings, watching the contestants crash into rocks and fall off platforms for an attempt to win prizes is hysterical.
See the full review, "They wear helmets to keep their brains in when they crash into things.".

What did you think of this list?

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June 23, 2010
I super love #6 and #10!!!! I rarely ever hear anyone talk about #10 and I don't think I've ever seen it on a favorite TV shows list before, so that gets me excited :) I miss that show. Great list, John!
June 23, 2010
I love Becker too. Ted Danson is great, Shawnee Smith and Terry Farrel were cute and Bob was classic. Please tell me that you hated Nancy Travis in the final season.
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